06 AUGUST, 2019


Boracay, the world-famous island in the Philippines, is known for its white beaches, exciting sports activities, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking sunsets. It is only about one hour via plane from Manila.

This being said, Boracay is the perfect place for that outing your company needs.  But planning a business trip for a large group of people under your company is not an easy task.  These 9 crucial points will help you prepare for your exciting company excursion in Boracay: 

1. Have a clear goal for the trip 

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Ask yourself: “Why are we making this business trip, in the first place?” Knowing the desired outcome of your business excursion is fundamental to tailor-fitting the activities you are planning for your group. 

Is it to boost their morale? Is it to create business liaisons and expand your company’s reach in Boracay? Or is it merely for pleasure? Being able to pinpoint the exact purpose of your business will help you and your team land on target in your agenda. 

There are many team-building activities that you may try. If your goal is to promote camaraderie within your group, then you might want to check these Team Building tips: 

2. Discuss your plan with your team’s best interest in mind

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There are many kinds of travelers. Knowing your group’s various personalities will help you predict what they are expecting from the journey. When you already have set the goal of the business trip, discuss with your team the ideas you came up with or let them be a part of the brainstorming process.

This will not only help them realize that the company is listening to them, but it also helps them create ties with one another, even before the trip begins.  Your team-building needs to start at your own office. 

3. Plan your company’s transportation

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There are several ways to get to Boracay from Manila. Two main transportation types are via air and sea travel. It is advisable to travel via aircraft; so you can save hours of travel time for your business trip.

There are daily flights from Manila to Caticlan. You can catch a 1.5-hour flight to Caticlan, then take a 15-minute ferry ride to Boracay. You could also pre-arrange transport services from Boracay Airport to your hotel or to your first destination, once you are there.

Boracay has a high tourist rate. In fact, it has attracted 619,000 tourists in the first three months of 2019. Considering this data, traveling to Boracay should be a breeze since local officials find ways to make the island more accessible.

4. Plan your team’s hotel accommodation

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Perhaps the most crucial element of your business trip is your hotel accommodation because this is where your company will rest after a long, tedious day. It should be large enough to accommodate a team composed of 10 to 12 persons, with facilities that suit your professional needs.

Hotels such as Alta Vista de Boracay offer a quaint selection of rooms at a competitive price. Most importantly, your company also gains access to facilities that will cater to your needs. 

Alta Vista De Boracay offers several facilities your group could use if your party doesn’t feel like spending time outside. There are karaoke rooms that your team could rent all night long if they are not up for Boracay’s busy nightlife

Their Dinara View Deck also allows your team to witness the breathtaking Boracay sunset, which is perfect for taking photos and groufies.

Finally, if you don’t want to mingle with lots of people at the White Beach, then you may access Alta Vista de Boracay’s exclusive Infinity pool that opens up to a fantastic view of their golf course.

5. Plan for your group’s meal and refreshments.

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There is a wide selection of restaurants in Boracay you can choose from, depending on your team’s activity. If you are feeling adventurous, you may want to try dining near the beach at Kasbah or Boracay Toilet, where your food is served on dainty ceramic toilet plates.

Some of the busiest restaurants include Natalia’s Kusina, Seabreeze Cafe, and Gasthof Cafe Lei. These restaurants and cafes don’t just offer competitive rates for their food, but they also garnish and prepare the food to be ‘Instagrammable’—perfect if your team wants to take take a lot of photos.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an elegant and classy dinner venue, consider the L’Altura Restaurant housed in Alta Vista De Boracay.

6. Check your team’s dietary preferences and medical/health concerns

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Know your group’s personal health concerns and dietary preferences, as you plan the trip. You could consider discussing it in a group setting or using an online form or survey if they’d rather keep things private. And as we cannot avoid these concerns entirely, at least knowing the common travel emergencies and how to alleviate them is important. 

7. Devise a buddy system

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A lot will be on your mind during your business trip. You won’t have the time to micromanage and look after every individual during your stay nor should you do so. Consider devising a travel buddy system wherein each individual in your team will be paired up with someone to keep an eye out on his/her buddy. Each person could also be assigned to make sure that the other person is always on time during business hours.

8. Set up working committees within your team

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You do not need to work alone. Divide your team into smaller groups to help out with planning and help ensure that the company trip will go smoothly. 

For example, assign one committee that will take care of food and where to eat. Another committee can help you organize needed props, items, and paraphernalia for your team-building activities. Always have a committee that is assigned to documentation and recording the minutes of the meeting. 

Letting others share the planning load will not only lighten it considerably, but it will also make the rest of the squad more invested and committed in your business trip. Also, remember that you don’t have to micromanage and stress out on every small detail. Trust your team, as they trust you.

9. Make time for leisure

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Boracay has lots to offer, other than its world-class beach. Even though you are strictly going there to follow a well-organized company outing, allot time for you and your team to explore and have fun. Let your team members explore the island on their own. 

There are tons of things you can do without having to go far from your stay at Alta Vista de Boracay. You may try a simple as relaxing on the beach or go wild with Isla KiteSurfing, go diving with Fisheye Divers, and party hard at the Boracay PubCrawl.

Planning a business excursion is certainly stressful, but don’t worry! Boracay’s wonders can compensate for your hard work. Just remember to follow these 9 steps to help you keep things organized.