Are you planning a trip to Boracay soon? Boracay isn’t just known for its crystal clear water and its white sand beaches; it’s also famous for the food. If you want to know the best restaurants in Boracay this 2019, here’s a list that will surely hit the spot. Take a look at these restaurants so you don’t have to go through the trouble of researching where to go and enjoy a food trip. You’re welcome.

Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar

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You won’t get the full Boracay experience if you don’t try Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar. The sweet, tasty, and creamy shakes from this humble stall are one of the first things that every tourist must try when they arrive in Boracay. As such, the store is packed with both local and foreign tourists.

Jonah’s offers cold fresh fruit shake that’s rich in flavor, perfect to cool you down. Prices range from as low as P75 to as high as P160, but most products are priced at P90. It’s one of the best cheap finds on the island considering Boracay prices. Sadly, they serve it in plastic bottles or cups so it would be best to have it dine in or if you want to take it out, bring your own reusable container to avoid being a burden to the environment and lessen your carbon footprint.


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Do you like to eat healthy, organic food? If you’re looking where to eat such dishes, Nonie’s is your answer. It’s a restaurant that infuses Filipino classic cuisine with a fresh and healthy twist. Vegetarians or those who simply want to eat healthier would love to dine here.

Their best sellers include Munggo Soup (P220) for appetizers, Chicken and Pork Adobo (P420), Bistek Tagalog (P440), and Fish and Prawn Curry for main dishes; and Pineapple Pandan Pancakes (P280) for their all-day brunch. If you want to view their whole menu and their prices, visit Nonie’s Facebook Page to check them out.

Mañana Mexican Cuisine

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Who doesn’t love burritos, tacos, guacamole, and tequila? If you fancy dining in a Mexican restaurant in Boracay in 2019, then Mañana Mexican Cuisine is the place to be. They have all the classic Mexican entrées you’ve ever heard. This restaurant is also known for being vegan-friendly.

Mañana is also known for its serving size, authentic Mexican taste, and the overall atmosphere of the establishment. What makes it better over the other restaurants is its location right by the beachfront.

Enjoy the Mañana Taco Platter at P352 and Mañana Burritos Platter at P363 to taste their specialty dishes and sauces. The restaurant also serves nachos, fajitas, and ensaladas to complete the Mexican feast.

Sunny Side Café

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Looking to have a long night partying and drinking in Boracay this 2019? If so, then it’s most likely that you’ll be looking for comfort food the following morning to nurse a hangover. And the perfect restaurant for that will be Sunny Side Café.

The restaurant has an all-day breakfast menu that includes their bestsellers like Bacon and Mango Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P395), flatbread pizza, and their signature Sunny Side Champorado (P295). What makes the Champorado extra special is that it’s made out of caramel ice cream, mango, candied bacon and the famous award-winning Malagos Chocolate from Davao. The chocolate is Tree to Bar made from the efforts of many farmers and processes just to give it a distinctive taste.

Mama’s Fish House

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Craving for seafood? Mama’s Fish House is one of the best yet cheap restaurants in Boracay that serves seafood. This restaurant has everything from salads, soups, and even Filipino favorites mixed with tuna or other kinds of seafood. If you have kids, you’ll be happy to know that they have menu choices for kids like fish and chips, hotdogs, and mashed potatoes.

Prices range from P200 to as much as P480. It may sound like a lot for some, but good, fresh food with a generous serving can cost a whole lot more—especially in Boracay.

Dos Mestizos

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Dos Mestizos is a family-run Spanish-Filipino restaurant that offers some of the best Pinoy comfort food you’ll want to eat in Boracay. Bring your friends and family here if you want to enjoy a sizable meal in a rustic setting Filipinos are so familiar with. Or you can wait until nightfall and go on a romantic date with your special someone.

The menu is a bit confusing because it’s mostly in Spanish, but the main ingredients are written in English. As Dos Mestizos is located near the sea, they are best known for seafood dishes like Bakes Oysters Al Espagnola (P320), Oysters Al Ajillo (P320), and Ostras Fritas (P320). But if you’re not a fan of oysters, don’t worry they have a wide variety of other dishes. Just check out their menu and prices at their website to choose in advance what interests you the most.


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Do you want to feel what it’s like to eat at a Filipino home? Instead of the usual restaurant theme, you enter an establishment that’s decorated to look like the Filipino homes of old. Subo’s interior is mainly hardwood, capiz shells, and long dining tables where everyone has a place at the table.

The food at Subo is definitely on the adventurous side as it takes on a unique twist. Each dish is served unlike what most Filipinos are used to. It might taste a little bit different, but those who dare sample its sumptuous fare will leave Subo with a smile.

Their best sellers for appetizers are Laing Fishballs (P380), Croquettas (P380); for mains are Beef Buko Puso Salad (P380), Paro-paro (P760), and Bagoong Rice (P320). One of their must-try desserts are Mango Queso Cake (P200) and Coconut or Cucumber Sorbet (P120). Looking for more of their specialties? Visit their Subo’s website to learn more.

Aria Cucina Italiana

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Are you looking for a good pizza place in Boracay? Instead of going to the usual pizza parlors, why not try the Aria Cucina Italiana for the authentic experience? This restaurant serves Italian classic eats such as homemade, oven-baked pizza.
Along with the authentic Italian menu, Aria Cucina also has one of the best restaurant atmosphere on the island. With its beachfront location, enjoy their must-try food: Carbonara (P380), Rotolino Marchigiano (P410), Tiramisu (P290), and Ceasar Salad (P380).


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If you’re looking for a restaurant full of Portuguese BBQ or “Peri-Peri” in Boracay, then SpiceBird has got you covered. Making their own Peri-Peri sauce in house, they serve classic BBQ favorites such as Peri-Peri chicken, shrimp, pork, and even Peri-Peri vegetables. It’s no wonder that TripAdvisor has ranked it as the 13th best restaurant on the island.

SpiceBird is located conveniently at the Boracay’s very own D’Mall at Station 2. You should check out their best sellers such as: Piri Piri Chicken Board with rice (P295), Piri Piri Pork Board with rice (P320), Piri Piri Pulled Pork Sandwich (P295). Once you’re done dining on these amazing eats, talk a short stroll by the beach which is just a few steps away from D’Mall.

Lemoni Café and Restaurant

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After all the eating you did, wouldn’t it be nice to top it off with tasty dessert or coffee? This chic café serves American-Filipino meals including breakfast, light snacks, salads, and sandwiches. But what it’s really known for is its shakes and coffee as well as its pastries and bread made in-house at Lemoni’s Cafe’s own bakery

You can’t Lemoni Cafe without trying their bestsellers: For all your all-day breakfast cravings they have Pinoy Tapa (P350), Eggs Benedict (P260). If you’re just looking for a Watermelon Ginger Crush (P100).

Whether you’re a foodie or not, knowing where you can get delicious food at any price point will help you have an even more memorable experience in Boracay. In case you don’t have enough budget to try it all in one trip, know that you can always come back again and again.