Some people travel to recover from an emotional trauma. Others simply want to break away from their toxic routinary life. Whatever your reason may be, it's undeniable that traveling is good for your mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, hitting the road for leisure time helps in your ability to handle stress by removing you from your sources of distress. You need a couple of days away from your office desk. The Framingham Heart Study, which involved females aged 45 to 64, also suggested that taking pleasure trips every six years or less reduces a woman's risk of developing heart problems.

Solo travel has been a trend in recent years especially among women. Samuel Nassimov, Managing Director at Premier Hotels & Resorts, noted the many advantages of traveling solo. “No disagreements over destinations, being able to explore a location at your own pace and, of course, that liberating sense of freedom.” However, not everyone's okay to go alone. A group travel, whether with family or friends, has its own share of plus points including cost-sharing, discounts on group travel tours and of course, the more the merrier.

Here are some travel ideas for different types of travelers.

The scholarly solo traveler

scholarly solo traveler

A scholarly traveler is one who finds joy in exploring historical sites, museums, and other destinations that offer a journey to the past. Read up helpful facts about your destinations. Think of it as attending a lecture in school. Interactions with tour guides or acquaintances is so much better if you could offer meaningful points in conversations.

Visit Museo it Akean in Aklan, a two and a half hour travel including a ferry boat, before heading to Alta Vista de Boracay. It is a repository of archeological artifacts from the prehistoric era, memorabilia from the Spanish regime, and artistic works from contemporary Aklan artists. The museum is housed in a century-old building.

The companionless daredevil

Thirsting for that surge of adrenaline in your blood? Boracay is the perfect destination for daredevils like yourself. You can go water skiing, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling or parasailing. In Boracay, there's no shortage of high-energy activities for you.

How to travel hassle-free alone? Remember to bring a first-aid kit with you. Engaging into sporty activities expose you to unnecessary injuries. It doesn't matter if it's just a small cut. You wouldn't want an infection to ruin your vacation. Better be prepared than sorry. Take safety precautions and follow the instructor or guide.

The single nature lover

single lady nature lover

Traveling by yourself is a needed change in your overly-connected life. Being around people all the time, at home and in the office, can be emotionally draining. Set a regular me-time in your schedule. Even if you're not traveling, simply walking to the park or savoring a cup of coffee on your own can help you recharge from all the noises around you.

Reconnect with nature in Boracay. Walk the pristine shores of Puka Shell Beach or relax on the quiet waters of Diniwid Beach. You can also engage in a one-hour hike at Mount Luho while staying at Alta Vista de Boracay.

The artistic duo

It's a blessing to fall in love with someone who shares the same interests. If you and your partner are into photography (and not only for Instagram), Boracay offers the landscape and vibe for your portfolio. You can both explore isolated spots such as the Lapuz-lapuz Beach, and the Lugutan Beach. The sleepy coastal towns of Boracay, and the locals going about their daily activities are interesting photography subjects. You can also capture the beauty of the mangroves and the charm of the Dead Forest.

The laidback couple 

laidback couple silhoutte

Younger couples may prefer backpacking and camping under the summer sky, but for older people, a comfy room in a premier hotel is the way to go. When planning a trip for two, it's important to let your travel companion know about your plans. You may want to surprise your wife with a trip to Boracay, but make sure that she's okay with your choice of accommodation. Pamper your partner for a luxury stay in a topnotch hotel like Alta Vista de Boracay with access to infinity pool, and other lifestyle amenities. Reserve slots in a spa and just let both your worries fade away.

The well-prepared vacationers

If you're a single millennial, traveling with your parents offers a lot of benefits. Sure, you're likely to be the designated tour guide/baggage handler/helper but you're vacationing for free! Mom and Dad wouldn't settle for cheap inns or convenience store food. So be an ideal child and plan your family summer getaway well. First, book your rooms in a premier hotel like Alta Vista de Boracay in a quieter part of the island to ensure your parents are able to truly relax. Then, check out restaurants that serve their favorite cuisine and dishes. For your activities, you can go island hopping or mountain trekking. Perhaps your Dad would be interested in a night scuba diving?

The frugal group explorers

frugal group explorer

Traveling in a group is recommended if you want to save on expenses. You can share the transpo, accommodation, and even the food costs. Many travel agencies and hotels also offer discounts to large groups so you can enjoy extra savings. Traveling with your cousins or friends can also help foster good relations. The new environment can encourage personal interaction and merriment that you may not have the time for because of your busy schedule.

The food loving barkada

food loving barkada

If there's one language that everybody understands, its the language of good food. Have a food crawl in Boracay with your closest friends. You can start your gastronomic journey at L'Altura, which offers a fusion of foreign and Filipino cuisines. Have a bowl of spicy modern ramen and sriracha chicken.

Try the famous Calamansi Muffins and omelettes at the Real Coffee & Tea Cafe. For refreshing drinks, check out Jonah's Fruitshake & Snack Bar. You can never go wrong with a mouthwatering serving of Chori burger, made of chorizo, at Merly's BBQ. Discover the best of comfort foods at Los Indios Bravos. Your barkada can feast on the Seafood Platter, Mediterranean Mezze, and Beer Battered Fish and Chips.

Traveling offers a lot of benefits for your mental and emotional health. It resets your mind, gives you the chance to set aside your worries, and aids in finding new inspirations. Whether you want to be alone or accompanied by family and friends, just go and hit the road.