04 SEPTEMBER, 2019


If you’re looking for travel inspiration to add to your travel bucket list, a movie marathon might be the answer to that. There are plenty of Filipino-themed travel movies with stunning backdrops of beaches and lush landscapes that will surely bring out the wanderlust in you. 

These movies tell stories that offer a sneak peek of great destinations to visit. Check out the list of Filipino films below that will inspire you to travel and to keep on traveling:


1. Everyday I Love You (2015)

Director: Mae Cruz-Alviar

Main Actors: Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Gerald Anderson

Location: Bacolod

Photo courtesy of hitesh choudhary via Pexels

“Everyday I Love You” is one travel movie that infuses the urban and the rural mindsets. The movie revolves around a young woman (Liza Soberano) torn between two men: one is her fiancé (Gerald Anderson) who is in a coma, and the other is Ethan (Enrique Gil). Ethan is the “go-getter” type who works for a TV company in Manila, while Tristan (Gerald) is an easy-going haciendero. Audrey (Liza) is from Silay, Bacolod and portrayed as a “romantic with an old soul.”

Bacolod, dubbed as “The City of Smiles,” became this movie’s setting featuring some of its famous landmarks such as “The Ruins.” Director Alviar chose this is the perfect place for the movie’s plot because it evokes a sense of history and mystery.  Another reason to visit this place is the MassKara Festival held every 4th Sunday of October.”

2. Close To You (2006)

Photo courtesy of Christine Wehrmeier via Unsplash

Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Main Actors: Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Sam Milby

Location: Bohol

The love story of Manuel (John Lloyd) and Marian (Bea Alonzo) will give you that typical romantic plot of unrequited love between best friends. Marian is in love with another man named Lance (Sam Milby), leaving Manuel broken-hearted. 

The movie features scenes shot in Bohol which will truly captivate you with its stunning beaches and scenic views of Panglao Island and the Chocolate Hills. The Hinagdanan Cave is another must-visit tourist spot in the province.

3. Suddenly It’s Magic (2012)

Director: Rory Quintos

Main Actors: Mario Maurer, Erich Gonzalez

Location: Ilocos Norte

Photo courtesy of Aleksandar Pasaric via Pexels

The paths of Thai superstar Marcus (Mario Maurer) and a Filipina baker Joey (Erich Gonzalez) crossed when Marcus visited the Philippines to escape a toxic career. He met Joey, whom he later falls in love with, in spite of their cultural differences. 

Ilocos Norte never fails to impress tourists with its local sites such as the Sinking Bell Tower, the Lapaz Sand Dunes, and the Paoay Church. The place also has a rich cultural heritage and offers local cuisine that is truly Pinoy, which puts it on the list of top destinations for travelers.

4. Can’t Help Falling in Love (2017)

Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

Director: Mae Cruz-Alviar

Main Actors: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Matteo Guidicelli

Location: Cebu

This romantic movie shot in Cebu is about Gab (Kathryn Bernardo) who is supposed to marry her long-time boyfriend Jason (Matteo Guidicelli), but found out she’s already married to another guy named Dos (Daniel Padilla). Her situation changes, and so does her heart when she falls in love with Dos. 

Cebu is one of the popular tourist destinations that has to be in your itinerary. There are several historical sites to visit in the city, white-sand beaches, and spectacular diving spots. The city itself offers a vibrant nightlife with its long string of bars and restaurants perfect for romantic dates or fun getaways.

5. That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

Photo courtesy of Chris Sanchez via Unsplash

Director: Antoinette Jadaone

Main Actors: Angelica Panganiban, JM de Guzman

Location: Sagada

This love story is about Mace (Angelica Panganiban) who meets Anthony (JM de Guzman) in an airport in Rome and decides to travel together upon arriving in the Philippines. The two develop a special bond, as they both try to heal from a painful past.

Sagada has been known as a “prayer mountain” and frequented by visitors who seek solitude and comfort. It’s also popular for its local tourist spots such as the Sumaguing Cave, the Bomod-ok Falls Waterfall, and the Lumiang Cave for the famous burial sites.

6. You’re My Boss (2015)

Photo courtesy of Rene Padillo via Unsplash

Director: Antoinette Jadaone

Main Actors: Coco Martin, Toni Gonzaga

Location: Batanes

If you’re looking for more travel movies to watch, “You’re My Boss” is a highly recommended movie. In this romantic comedy film, Pong (Coco Martin), an executive assistant, and Georgina Lorenzana (Toni Gonzaga), AVP for Marketing Affairs, were tasked to close deals with foreign clients. Pong ended up pretending as the boss to meet the client’s request. 

Batanes, with all its cinematic and breathtaking views, made it to the latter part of the films’ scenes, making it as one of the travel movies best for getting those adventure inspirations. Some of the local spots featured are the Ivana Port, the Sabtang Port and Lighthouse, Marlboro Country, the Chavayan Village, and the Alapad Pass. These beautiful landscapes created a stark contrast against the corporate setting of some of the movie’s scenes.

7. I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)

Director: JP Habac

Main Actors: Maja Salvador, Paulo Avelino

Location: La Union

I’m Drunk, I Love You is about the friendship of best friends Dio (Paulo Avelino) and Carson (Maja Salvador). Carson is secretly in love with Dio for the past seven years. Dio, however, doesn’t know, which makes it an unrequited love. 

La Union set the tone for this movie, with its romantic landscapes. If you’re interested to know what La Union has to offer, visit the Ma-Cho Temple, the Tangadan Falls, and the Gapuz Grapes Farm.

8. Sakaling Hindi Makarating (2016)

Photo courtesy of Muffin via Pexels

Director: Ice Idanan

Main Actors: Alessandra de Rossi, Pepe Herrera, Therese Malvar

Location: Zamboanga

Sakaling Hindi Makarating is a travel-themed Filipino movie portrays the story of a young woman named Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi) who travels throughout the Philippines searching for the author of the hand-illustrated postcards. She then forms a friendship with her neighbor Paul (Pepe Herrera) who helps her in her quest. 

Zamboanga is one of the places that Cielo visits in the movie. Highly-urbanized, you may find this city similar to Metro Manila, in terms of modernity. It also boasts of pristine beaches and islands such as the Pink Sand Beach and the 11 Islands a.k.a. Onse Islas.

9. Forever and a Day (2011)

Photo courtesy of Archie Binmira via Pexels

Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Main Actors: Sam Milby, KC Concepcion

Location: Bukidnon

The movie is a story between Eugene (Sam Milby) who travels to Bukidnon to take a breather from his job and meets Raffy (KC Concepcion). They traveled together and form a friendship, which ends with Eugene falling in love with Raffy. 

The quiet and lush mountains of Bukidnon is an ideal getaway if you want to commune with nature. The 2nd highest mountain in the country is located here, which is Mount Dulang-dulang. There are several other mountains you can explore if you are in for a hiking adventure.

10. When Love Begins (2008)

Photo courtesy of Bambi Corro via Unsplash

Director: Jose Javier Reyes

Main Actors: Aga Muhlach, Anne Curtis

Location: Boracay

One of the great travel movies to watch is “When Love Begins.” The movie is about two lovers, Ben (Aga Muhlach) and Mitch/ Michelle (Anne Curtis), who develop strong feelings for each other yet are both afraid to commit. What started as a casual relationship between them becomes complicated later on in the movie. It gets even worse when the environmental group that Ben is affiliated with has a disagreement with Michelle’s dad who is working on a real estate project.

Included among the popular settings of this travel-based movie is Boracay. In this movie, Boracay captures the heart of the love story and proves to be the perfect setting in depicting the conflicts. 

The movie also portrayed the iconic Boracay sunsets, the pristine waters, and the white sand beach that Boracay is famous for. You also get to enjoy exclusive accommodations on the island with Alta Vista De Boracay’s panoramic view of the beautiful Boracay beach. 

Nothing is as inspiring as the idea of lounging inside the comfort of your Asian-inspired room with just the right tropical island vibe and a picturesque view.

11. Siargao (2017)

Photo courtesy of Abigail Lynn via Unsplash

Director: Paul Soriano

Main Actors: Jericho Rosales, Jasmin Curtis-Smith, Erich Gonzales

Location: Siargao

The movie “Siargao” revolves around three persons whose lives get intertwined in the northeastern coast of Mindanao. Diego (Jericho Rosales) finds himself torn between an old flame (Jasmin Curtis Smith) and a new one (Erich Gonzales) when he comes back to his hometown in Siargao.

Siargao can be described as a rustic surfing island with breathtaking reefs and white sand beaches. Other than surfing, island hopping is also one popular activity here. The most popular tour is the visit to Naked Island, an exposed sandbar in a vast ocean.

12. Trip (2001)

Director: Gilbert Perez

Main Actors: Marvin Agustin, Onemig Bondoc, Paulo Contis, Julia Clarete, Kristine Hermosa, Desiree Del Valle, Heart Evangelista

Location: La Mesa Nature Reserve

If you have friends who are always on the go, you might be able to relate to this movie. It is about a vacation among friends, which results in a series of adventures. They also encounter several realizations that change their lives forever. 

One of the places featured in the movie is the La Mesa Nature Reserve. It is a virgin forest that is a perfect place for hiking and mountain biking activities. It isn’t only suitable for a group of friends, but it is also ideal for families with young kids.

13. Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

Photo courtesy of Belle Co via Pexels

Director: Mae Cruz-Alviar

Main Actors: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla

Location: Mt. Pinatubo

This teenage romantic comedy movie is based on a love story between two strangers who meet during a community outreach in Mt. Pinatubo. An unusual bond is formed between them, which leads to a happy ending. 

Mt. Pinatubo is frequented by hikers and tourists, alike. Among the most popular are tour packages that offer adventure trips to the crater. Sightseers get to witness a display of picturesque views for Instagram-worthy photos.

 14. Mr. and Mrs. Cruz (2018)

Photo courtesy of Adnorf via Pexels

Director: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Main Actors: JC Santos, Ryza Cenon

Location: Palawan

“Mr. and Mrs. Cruz” made it to the travel movies list with its iconic representation of the island as a breather away from the bustling metro. In this movie, Raffy (JC Santos) and Gela (Ryza Xenon) share the same surname: Cruz. They travel to Palawan separately, and what was initially meant to be an “alone time” for both of them ends up in a surprising romance.

This travel adventure movie will awaken the beach bug in you and the itch to explore the wonders of Palawan. Palawan has always been known for its irregular coastlines, sugar-white beaches, rocky coves, and a long line of mountain ranges and virgin forests. Indeed, nothing beats the carefree, laid-back island life as an excellent venue for stories on healing and rejuvenation.

15. Baler (2008)

Photo courtesy of Blake Hunter via Unsplash

Director: Mark Meily

Main Actors: Jericho Rosales, Anne Curtis

Location: Baler

“Baler” is a love story between Feliza (Anne Curtis) and Celso (Jericho Rosales) during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. It portrays the struggles of the couple’s forbidden love as well as the political tensions during that time, including the “Siege of Baler.”

Baler is a popular tourist spot for surfers. As it is the home of the famous surfers in the country, it’s only best to try out surfing as well! It also hosts several heritage sites such as the Museo de Baler, the Aurora Quezon House, and the Baler Church. You can also explore the Sicasalarin Cove and the Diguisit Falls if you’re not into surfing. 


16. Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)

Photo courtesy of Aleksandar Pasaric via Unsplash

Director: Olivia Lamasan

Main Actors: Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo

Location: Barcelona, Spain 

A definite must-see in your collection of travel movies to watch is “Barcelona,” starring Ely (Daniel Padilla) and Mia (Kathryn Bernardo). It’s a love story about Ely who juggles his studies and works in Barcelona where he meets Mia who is looking for a fresh start. Their journey together reveals answers to both their questions about forgiveness and confronting the past. 

Barcelona is one of the recently released travel movies on Netflix, that showcases the classic beauty of this city. As one of the world’s leading contributors to tourism, economic growth and trade fair, fashion, entertainment, and the arts, it has become one of the top tourist destinations all over the world. It is recognized globally as one of Europe’s most successful cities, in terms of business growth and improvements.

17. My Ex and Why’s (2017)

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Unsplash

Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Main Actors: Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil

Location: Korea

The movie is about the love story of Cali (Liza Soberano) and Gio (Enrique Gil). Gio wants to prove to Cali that he’s no longer a womanizer and that he’s a changed man. Cali tests this, but things don’t go as planned. 

Some scenes in the movie were shot in Korea. You’ll love visiting Korea for its folklore museum and seawater saunas located in Jeju-si. You can also find temples and lush greeneries in Busan, while Jeju-do has the Hallasan Mountain and cave-like lava tubes.

18. Milan (2004)

Photo courtesy of Bruce Mars via Pexels

Director: Olivia Lamasan

Main Actors: Piolo Pascual, Claudine Barretto

Location: Milan, Italy

The story starts with Lino (Piolo Pascual) going to Italy to search for his missing wife. He encounters Jenny (Claudine Barretto), and their relationship soon evolves from that of a mentor-mentee relationship into a blooming love affair. The reality, however, has put their relationship to the test.

The story is set in the romantic city of Milan in Italy. You will find Milan as a city with picturesque skylines, intricate classical architecture, and parks for those romantic walks. It also has a thriving and vibrant culture, especially in music, fashion, arts, and cuisine.

19. Alone/Together (2019)

Photo courtesy of Vlad Alexandru Popa via Pexels

Director: Antonette Jadaone

Main Actors: Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil

Location: New York

A romantic drama film, “Alone/Together” portrays the love story of Christine (Liza Soberano) and Raf (Enrique Gil). Their long-term relationship is put to the test because of personal ambitions as well as bad choices made. Even though they pursue different paths, they manage to end up together.

One of the scenes in the movie was shot in the bustling streets of New York City. The cityscapes and architecture are one of the highlights you can include when you visit the city. Other must-see places are the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

20. Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)

Photo courtesy of NextVoyage via Pexels

Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Main Actors: Kathryn Bernardo, Alden Richards

Location: Hong Kong

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” is a story of a young woman named Joy (Kathryn Bernardo) who works overseas to support her family. She meets Ethan (Alden Richards) whom she hates at first. Ethan persists and continues to pursue her. In the end, they promise to keep their love for each other in spite of pursuing different paths in different countries.

Hong Kong serves as the setting of some scenes in the movie. There are several tourist attractions that you will find in this country such as the Hong Kong Disneyland, the Victoria Harbour, the Ocean Park, and Victoria Peak. 

These travel-themed movies will surely ignite that spark in you, in terms of going on an adventure. Whether you plan to travel solo or with your friends and family, nothing should stop you from hopping on that plane or riding that motorbike; so you can weave your own stories of love, fun, excitement, and hope in these places.