It’s all you could think of: hitting the beach and dipping in the refreshing waters. The beach bug has come to bite you and there’s no escaping it. You’re so consumed by it, you know practically every beach destination worth noting. From the lesser known Puka Beach in Boracay to the world-famous Balangan Beach in Bali. Now that you’ve graduated and are enjoying a newfound freedom, the pull of the travel bug has become stronger than ever. Here are twelve signs you need to give in to your wanderlust.

You find airports exciting

Most people find airports stressful, but not you. The whole thing excites you. And you’ve mastered it to a T. You know which of your toiletry items are small enough to pass through security. Your travel bag is always ready to go (just in case!) and you have a playlist in your phone that is perfect for flights. You’re even ready with your chic beach vacation outfits! You also know just how much time it takes to travel from your home to the airport. And you always leave just enough time to lounge at the airport’s coffee shop and do a bit of people watching. Airports are never stressful for you because you know how to take your time and just love every minute of it.

You are always daydreaming about the sea and the sand

Daydreaming about traveling and lounging at the beach consumes your waking day. When you are not dreaming about future trips, you are reminiscing about past vacations. You love going through old photos and just reliving the time you’ve spent on the beach. You also spend a lot of time on your bed with your nose buried in a travel book, your mind escaping to faraway places where the horizon is wide, the sand white, and the waters crystal clear.

You are always researching about the best beaches in the country

You are always scouring the Internet for the best places to go. You know all about the best beaches in the country, even those you’ve never been to. You’ve also done your homework, and know just how to reach those places. You’ve researched about the best hotels, restaurants, and things to do in these destinations. Your itinerary is ready by the time you take the trip. You are also always on the lookout for the best travel deals. You are subscribed to all the relevant travel and airline websites, and agencies. When they have an exciting deal, you are always the first to know. And you’re always ready to grab it! Surely you have heard of the white and pristine sand of Puka Beach while doing your research. It will amaze you. You may also opt to stay at Alta Vista de Boracay for a worry-free vacation while intaking the beauty of the sea.

Your bookshelf is filled with guide books

book for beach travel planning

One look at your bookshelf and people would already know what you’re all about: travel and beaches. You’re a wanderlust who is always craving for the beach and the sun. Guide books to all the places you’d like to reach someday occupy most of your shelf. It’s also filled with all the travel journals you’ve taken from the places you’ve visited. And your Pinterest account is not any different. Just one glance at your boards is enough to tell everyone just how much of a wanderlust you are and how passionate you are of beaches and tropical islands!

You love trying new things

One of the things you love about traveling to places you’ve never been to before are the new experiences that await you. You are especially enthusiastic about trying new food. You also find meeting new people exciting. Talking to people who speak different languages and who hold varying beliefs is one of the highlights of your trips. It’s almost just as good as the feel of the sand on your feet, not to mention that it widens your horizon and makes you a better person!

You are obsessed with travel channels

Beyond just reading travel books, magazines and blogs, you also can’t get enough of travel shows. It’s just delightful to watch people having a good time at the beach. You are also subscribed to a handful of Youtube travel vloggers who let you experience water sports and adventures vicariously.

You are always cooking up a new trip

Even while you are on your current trip, you are already planning your next summer vacation. You were even cooking up a trip at the time you were supposed to be studying for your last major exam before graduation! It’s a compulsion you can’t avoid. Your newfound freedom after graduation has propelled you to concentrate even more on planning your next trips. With adulting responsibilities on the horizon, you know you deserve to have a good time.

You dream of making a career out of travel blogging

When you are not daydreaming about traveling, you are reading about it or planning your next trip. You also have a way of steering just about every conversation to the topic of traveling. You’re just so passionate about it, you’ve toyed with the idea of creating a career out of it. You’re perusing just about every travel blog out there, considering having one of your own. It’s a career you’d gladly pursue.

You can’t imagine dating someone who hates to travel

Your ideal mate is someone who is just as passionate about traveling. A negative attitude toward traveling or the beach is a dealbreaker for you. You’d rather be single than be with someone who hates traveling. You can’t wait to meet someone who would willing jump off of a cliff with you and dive into the deep seas. You’d love to live a life of adventure with someone special.

Your bucket list is filled with beach adventures

Your bucket list is all about adventures in the seas — from deep sea diving to barefoot skiing. The more thrilling it is, the better. You are also all about sharing your passion with other people. You are always convincing your friends to join you in your adventures. You want them to experience the same broadening of horizon and perspective.

Your entire savings account is budgeted for travel

It’s the only reason you have savings at all — so you could pursue your travel dreams! And you do not mind making sacrifices for it. Even if it means doing your own laundry, you are all about setting aside as much money as you can for your future beach adventures.

You will only consider a job if it will let you travel

While you love your newfound freedom after graduation, you are wary about landing a job that could possibly keep you from taking the time to travel. Extensive vacation time is a must-have before you would even consider signing a contract. You know you will need to get down to your adulting responsibilities, but you always take your traveling plans into consideration. Any career plan should be able to accommodate your passion for traveling and the beach.

Make your dream summer getaway happen! Adulting will soon catch up with you, so seize the moment! For your next travel, consider going to Boracay for that perfect blend of nature and exclusivity brought to you by Alta Vista de Boracay.