Are you the designated planner for your next vacation with your friends? As the person in charge of your upcoming trip, it’s inevitable to feel the stress of preparing the perfect getaway for ourselves and others. In a 2011 report by Time, it is found that 25% of happiness relies on how well you can manage stress. Take a look at this list on how to plan a vacation trip without feeling overwhelmed.

Plan ahead

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There’s an old saying, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” The same goes when thinking about going on a vacation with your family or friends. In a 2012 research on vacation stress, it is found that the planning stage is the most stressful part of the trip.

Make a “planning a vacation” checklist of the things that you need to deal with before, during, and after the trip. It can be anything that can help make the trip smoother such as the things your group needs to bring, the budget, what not to do, some information about the place you’re visiting, and emergency scenarios.

Planning ahead of the trip will help you prepare for the expected and the surprises in between, as well as reduce the stress you need to deal with.

Have everyone commit to a date

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Imagine this: you already have the itinerary prepared and booked hotels and flights for everyone only to find out that one or a few people in your group aren’t available on that date. Kind of stressful, isn’t it?

You can avoid this by planning ahead of time and having your group commit to a certain date. If needed, they have to file their vacation leaves early. And in case some of them can’t, you still have enough time to adjust the travel date to accommodate as many as you can in the group, if not all.

Prepare all the requirements ahead of the trip

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One of the stress-free vacation ideas that everyone should take seriously is preparing all the requirements well ahead of the trip. Secure travel documents such as passports, visa, insurance, tickets, and its printouts to avoid any added last-minute stress. Don’t forget to bring additional identification cards and a list of emergency contact numbers.

Break it down to bits and pieces

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Whether solo or with a group – planning a trip could be a daunting task that may cause stress. In the same 2012 study mentioned earlier, it also showed that financial concerns, packing, preparing the itinerary, and booking travel arrangements produced the greatest travel stress during the planning stage.

A good solution to this is to make sure you know what’s needed for the trip. Find out what needs to be prioritized. Create an itemized checklist. Make a plan of attack and stick to the time frame or beat it. Breaking things down into smaller tasks can help you in managing travel stress levels.

Take a break

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All that price comparisons, late night flight booking, and making a fun itinerary for all can be stressful and take up a lot of your time. It may sound a little bit counterproductive, but it is important to take a break every now and then while planning a trip.

In an article from MIT Sloan, an experiment by software startup Draugiem Group found that their most productive employees worked in 52-minute sprints with 17-minute breaks during business. Travel stress can be reduced by taking regular breaks. It helps you refocus your mind and get more things done. Just make sure these breaks involve some level of work like talking to a friend who is coming with you on the trip.

Be ready for the unexpected

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Unless you’re a mutant, it’s a known fact that none of us can control the future. Be ready for the unexpected, such as traffic and sudden document mishaps. Finish completing the requirements as soon as possible, including the tickets, passports, and visa.

Place all documents needed for the flight in a common bag for ease of access. Allow enough time in the itinerary for heavy traffic. And if something happens that someone can’t join anymore, accept it and try to enjoy the rest of the trip so you don’t feel stressed.

Make a flexible itinerary

When planning a trip for a group, it’s a hard task to make everybody happy, but it is possible. Allow some leeway for surprise adjustments during the trip, like a quick trip to the market or a relaxing day at a local spa.

In case your itinerary is bound to change entirely and your budget permits it, why not request for adjustments from your accommodations. After all, you can do it on-the-go anyway. According to Sojern Global Travel Insights, 72% of all mobile bookings made by U.S. travelers were made within 48 hours prior. You don’t have to follow your itinerary to the letter. Learn to adjust to accommodate everybody on the fly. Maybe it would turn out to be a better trip.

Seek help from someone

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By now, you probably know how stressful planning a trip can be. If you need something to battle the travel stress symptoms, then it would be best to call in a friend. After all, two heads are better than one. Now you have someone who can help you plan the trip and be a travel stress reliever. Just make sure the both of you are focusing on the bigger goal.

Talk to a travel agency

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One of the best ways to go on a stress-free vacation would be to talk to a travel agency. These businesses probably know the ins and outs of your desired destination more than you do. Their research and tie-ups make it easier for them to paint a clearer picture for you and your friends, providing an itinerary fit for all.

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There are many ways to plan a trip without stressing over it. Hopefully, these tips will keep you from being overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a vacation planner.