10 APRIL, 2017


Boracay is undoubtedly a popular beach destination for solo travelers. Some visit to enjoy the upbeat party scene, make new friends, and do exhilarating water activities like parasailing. But did you know that Boracay is also a great place for the hopeless romantic? Whether you're finding solace while gazing at the breathtaking sunset or soul searching while exploring the powdery beaches, Boracay offers so much heartening ventures for solo travelers.

Staying at Alta Vista de Boracay makes for a romantic journey because of the accessible location, quiet ambience, and well-appointed accommodation. With the resort’s picturesque views of the island, anyone can feel inspired to find “the one” in such a remarkable place. Reconnect with yourself  with this 4D/3N Boracay itinerary for solo travelers.

Day One

Daydream as you walk along the beach

Take your sandals or slippers off and daydream as you walk along the famous Boracay white sand beach. Digging your toes into the powdery white sand can feel relaxing. Bring water with you or try the local fruit shakes for refreshment. Long walks on the beach help you envision your goals as you experience the simple joys in life. How do you want your life to be like in five or ten years? What do you seek in an ideal partner? Let your imagination run free as you enjoy the view in Boracay.

Swim and explore under the sea

Another Boracay must-visit are the many diving and swimming spots around the island. Take a swim after a long walk White Beach is the biggest and most popular beach in Boracay. It’s divided into three sections: Station 1, 2, and 3. Each station has it’s own charm but they all have everything you need like restaurants and rental services for water activities. For a quieter swimming experience, go to big cliff at the back of Puka Beach. It’s a quieter spot but it retains the beauty of the island. It’s also ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and under-the-sea experience.

 Day Two

Go beach hopping


Solo travelers should not limit their schedule to just the well-known tourist spots in Boracay. Apart from White Beach and Puka Beach, there are lots of other beaches for solo travelers. Most of the beaches are only a short ride away from the center. Three spots you shouldn’t miss are the Bulabog, Diniwid, and Ilig-Iligan beaches. Bulabog Beach is the place for kite and windsurfing. It has plenty of beginner-friendly kitesurfing centers for solo travelers. Diniwid Beach is a smaller beach and is only a short walk from Station 1. There’s a floating wooden deck that you can use for sunbathing or as jump off point for a quick swim. If you’re up for more adventure, Ilig-Iligan Beach serves as a gateway to two secret beaches not many tourists know about.

Have a relaxing massage by the beach


After all the swimming and beach hopping, solo travelers would need a relaxing massage to revitalize the senses and ease your tired muscles. There are lots of spas in Boracay, but having a great massage by the beach can be a memorable experience. The massage therapists  have set up massage stations while some approach you on the beach. The fee is negotiable, but it’s typically between 300 and 400 pesos. They offer different massage techniques but try the traditional hilot to soothe sore muscles, improve circulation, and put you in blissful state of mind.

Day Three

Pick a spot for sundowners

Nothing can more romantic than watching the beautiful Boracay sunset. There are so many benefits of sunset viewing, from slowing down your perception of time to making you feel more positive about life. Catch Boracay’s breathtaking sunset from any spot along the beach. If you’re in a festive mood, consider joining one of the sunset cruises that depart daily. .Boracay sunset’s burst of colors and the interaction of light and sea is a sight to behold.

Sample a vast array of culinary options

A Boracay itinerary is incomplete without savoring the cuisines the island offers. Solo travelers can choose from a wide array of options from  fresh seafood to international dishes. Consider restaurants at the beachfront so you can enjoy the sea breeze while listening to music. When the temperature heats up, have a cold drink or a refreshing bowl of halo-halo. Relaxing on a lounge chair after a Mediterranean feast  can be a relaxing after-dinner experience.

Day Four

A quiet time by the beach


Writing your experience in a journal is romantic and productive. Your soul-searching itinerary is all the richer if you think through your emotions in a creative way. The beach has been inspiring poets and artists since time immemorial. With Boracay’s stunning views, it’s easy to be inspired and to tap your creativity. Write poetry by the beach or snap an Instagram-worthy photo to share your experience. Listening to a romantic music while writing can also help you express your feelings and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Traveling alone doesn’t have to feel lonely. This itinerary aims to help solo travelers have a great time and enjoy the romantic spots in Boracay. Keep your hopes up: finding the right person is possible in a place that makes visitors feel inspired.