If you’re getting tired of the all-nighter parties, the drinks, and the Boracay beach party scenes, it’s time for you to broaden your horizons. Try going for the less busy side of Boracay that still has the same pristine view, but only this time, in a stress-free and cozy vacation spot.

Are you clueless where to find this less busy side?

Here are 7 reasons why visitors must go on a real vacation and indulge in the less busy side of Boracay.

Stress-free, Year-round Summer Vibe

boracay stay summer vibe

Photo courtesy of JayMantri via Pixabay, creative commons

Exploring the entire island of Boracay and nearby neighboring areas would take you more than a day. These areas can be better accessed through boat rides especially if you plan on island hopping. Plus, there are other beaches nearby that are equally exquisite than the usual venues in Station 1 and 2.

If you’re hunting for a laidback and more private beach, head over to Puka Beach. Compared to popular beaches in the island, Puka Beach is located far from the popular beaches and remains untouched, providing a more calm and refreshing experience. Other spots worth exploring include Diniwid Beach and Crocodile Island.

Quiet, Affordable, and Luxurious Accommodation

boracay stay infinity pool

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

When you choose your place to stay, go for affordable Boracay accommodations that give you upscale facilities to maximize your budget. Choose a hotel that would give you a worry-free beach experience away from the more busy side of the island.

At the same time, your hotel should be able to provide luxurious facilities like indoor pools and clubhouses, giving a more intimate setting for visitors. The less busy Boracay hotels are usually those that ensure all guests are given the ultimate experience with the best service.

Bring Your Kids Out and Spend Quality Family Time

boracay stay family time

Photo courtesy of sarahbernier3140 via Pixabay, creative commons

Having that real, stress-free vacation would also mean bringing your family with you to spend quality time together. Leave your work phone and your children’s tablets and toys at home.

Give yourself and your kids some break from technology and go out to play under the sun and sand. This will not just be good for your health, it also allows you and your kids to do things aside from the daily household routines.

Check if your accommodation provides both indoor and outdoor amenities to maximize your vacation. After all, you want a break meant to take the stress off from the daily grind. Use the available amenities and easily move from an outdoor to indoor setting.

During the day, bring your kids out at the beachfront and enjoy the sun. At night, move into the playroom or go night swimming at the indoor pool. Surprise your partner by taking him/her out on a dinner date while enjoying the scenic view of the sea and enjoying each other's company.

Pamper Yourself And Have Some ‘Me’ Time

boracay stay relaxation

Photo courtesy of rhythmuswege via Pixabay, Creative Commons

Relax and give yourself some space to enjoy the good things in life. Choose activities besides from partying and opt for the peace and quiet ones found on the less busier side of the island.

Since your aim is to have a vacation that will take your stress off, make sure you have the tools with you. Read the book you've been meaning to finish at the beach or make the most of the sunny weather by getting tanned for girls. Learn to play beach volleyball and meet fellow vacationers at your resort. Have a more relaxing day, book a spa session, and get a soothing massage. Top the day off with a nice swim at night with a bottle of wine waiting for you at the poolside.

Go and reward yourself with that worry-free vacation you always wanted. This does not only relax your mind, but also gives you a renewed vigor when you go back to the daily grind at home or makes you more productive as you work.

Appreciate Nature That Is Boracay Island

boracay stay swimming with fishes

Photo courtesy of Hannah Rika Villasis via Flickr, Creative commons

Apart from pampering yourself, it’s time to let out the real tourist in you. Staying out of the bustling side of the island allows you to see the place for what it is: a tropical paradise with lush trees and crystal-clear waters with rich marine life – very different from the towering buildings of the metro.

Go on a hike to downhill from your hotel and explore the island’s peaks. Schedule a boat ride and explore the other beaches on nearby islands like Diniwid Beach and Crocodile Island. Go helmet diving with your friends. Explore the island’s coral reefs, and learn about the island’s marine ecosystem.

Experience the Rustic Boracay Countryside

boracay stay souvenir shops

Photo courtesy of brownpaw via Flickr, creative commons

Explore the towns and meet with the warm and friendly locals. Try out their various delicacies like Lechon or suckling pig, have coconut water, and don’t forget to head to Jonah’s to order a fruit shake as refreshment from your travel to town.

Head down to the wet market or Talipapa and buy some freshly caught seafood, a strong staple in the island. Don’t forget to get a souvenir from your stay on the island and bring it with you as you go back to the daily grind.

Worth Your While

They say there’s always two sides to a coin. For one, Boracay is a well-loved destination that visitors both foreign and local don't really mind visiting. Today, it is becoming a booming business  destination. The tiny vibrant island now houses a good number of hotels and spas, bars and dining places , as well as numerous establishments catering to water sports and other commercial activities. It has been the venue of numerous corporate events and annual parties especially the now-dubbed Labor Day LaBoracay party, making the island a highly dynamic and lively commercial and tourist destination.

More than the usual beach parties, Boracay has definitely more in store for the weary vacationer. Try going for the less busy side of Boracay and have a more quiet and stress-free vacation. Go for something out of the predictable itinerary associated with the busy side of the island and give yourself a real vacation.