Most people make their travel plans with family and friends in mind. It certainly is fun to go to fascinating places and have someone else to share the experience with. Group traveling is definitely loads of fun especially when you go to a slice of paradise like Boracay but solo traveling also has its merits.


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Understandably, not all people are keen on the idea of traveling alone but those who have already experienced its perks will tell you that it’s something that one should experience at least once in their lifetime. The uncertainties that you may feel in the beginning are certainly worth it compared to what travelling alone teaches you about life.


Why You Should Overcome Your Fear and Try Solo Travel

Being a solo traveler involves getting out of the comfort zone that group travel in Boracay provides and relying on yourself for your survival. Here are some of the awesome benefits of travelling alone to Boracay which will put your mind at ease and encourage you to just pack your bags and go.


You can do whatever you want

Traveling with a group means putting into consideration what each person wants to do when making the itinerary. This shouldn’t be a problem for a group of two to three people but it can get tricky when there are more people involved. You or another person in the group may have to make compromises in order to satisfy everyone. Now this will never be a problem if you’re on solo travel to Boracay. No one will stop you if you just want to bake in the sun all day at the beach or if you want to go shopping for souvenirs for hours on end.


You meet new people

Without the constraints of a tight group, you get the chance to meet and make new friends in the exotic locale. You can talk and socialize with whoever you like, for as long as you like. Hanging out with a perfect stranger in Boracay can be unnerving at first but lots of solo travelers meet long-term friends through encounters like this. Plus, making friends with a local definitely has its perks since he will be able to show you around places that tourists may not know.


You can find a kindred spirit among fellow travellers.

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You learn to be independent

Without a travel companion, you are forced to rely on yourself. With the help of a Boracay solo travel guide, you learn how to budget your cash, make wise choices on accommodations and food, and make important decisions about your safety. The experience allows you to discover things about yourself that you may not know existed.


If you’re already convinced of the joys of traveling solo, it’s now time to make your solo trip to Boracay and make it an experience to remember. Boracay is famous for being a heaven on Earth for couples, especially honeymooners, but it can also be a paradise for the solitary traveler. As a solo traveler, you will have the chance to explore every nook and cranny of Boracay without having to worry about other people’s time and preferences. Here are some best solo travel tips to Boracay to make your vacation as enjoyable and convenient as possible.


Where to stay

Picking the right accommodation will depend on the type of vacation you want to have. If you’re after the frenetic night life that Boracay is famous for, then you should pick a place in Station 2 or 3. The hotels and resorts here are just a short walk away, which is definitely convenient if you had one drinks too many and you need to crash to your room as soon as possible. This is also the perfect place for budget travelers since the accommodations here are the cheapest in the island. If you don’t mind sharing a room with other people, then you can stay in a dorm or hostel. This is also an excellent way to meet other tourists and make friends.


For those who want a more peaceful and relaxing vacation, Station 1 is the place for you. The pricey, more exclusive hotels are located here so prepare to shell out more for luxury and privacy. You can also walk over to Station 2 from this area if you get bored and want to party instead, which is just a fairly short distance depending on where you’re staying.


Now if you really want something safe and exclusive, then the hillside haven that is Alta Vista De Boracay is the right place for you, which is located 15 minutes away from White Beach. Beach bumming in private is not a problem because it has exclusive access to the secluded Puka Shell Beach.


You have everything you need at this gorgeous hillside property.

What to Do

Island hopping can be fun even when you’re alone but it can be inconvenient in terms of budget. The affordable packages are mostly available for group travelers while solo travelers have to pay the full price, which is something you shouldn’t do. The best solution here is to get to know other tourists in the island who are willing to take you on their group package (you’ll pay your share, of course) so you don’t have to shoulder the entire package rate. Even with the company of strangers, you can enjoy the beauty and adventure in those snorkeling and island hopping tours.


For most people, bar hopping alone can be a drag. If you really want to party but find it awkward to go to bars alone, consider joining the Boracay Pub Crawl, a bar-hopping event that lets you party with 30 or more people for just PHP 690. Aside from the company, this gives you a minimum of five free liquor shots or one per bar that your group visits. It’s your chance to make new friends or at least great drinking buddies that you can hang with during your vacation.


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Safe Option for a Solo Traveler

If you’re looking for a great accommodation package that will take the worrying off your hands and let you enjoy a hassle-free vacation, check out the luxurious rooms at the Alta Vista De Boracay. This sprawling property has everything you need for a great solo Boracay vacation – secluded beach spot, swimming pool, various outdoor activities, sumptuous food, and friendly staff. If you’re staying at Alta Vista De Boracay, you can easily get the assistance you need to plan your activities. You can ask the concierge for suggestions on the fun vacation activities that are safe for Boracay solo travelers like you. They can also help make reservations on your behalf.