16 MARCH, 2020


Getting around Boracay to feel its powdery white sand and witness its unforgettable sunsets is anyone's dream. Even persons with disabilities (PWDs) should also enjoy Boracay and the rest of the world despite their particular needs or limitations. Remember the tear-jerker movie "Me Before You"? Both life and traveling become more beautiful, meaningful, and memorable when you're with those people that matter and are truly special.

But, who are considered as PWDs? These are individuals who have long-term physical, sensory, mental, or intellectual impairments, which pose a hindrance to their full and active participation in society and the environment. 

That said, they will be needing specialized help or assistance in exploring and experiencing beautiful places like the world-famous Boracay Island. 

Are you planning to visit Boracay this summer together with your family member or friend with a disability? If so, maybe you are wondering, "Is Boracay PWD-friendly?" The answer is, "yes."

This guide will let you learn all the best ways that you can enjoy getting around Boracay with your PWD family member or friend, hassle-free. Plus, learn what activities they will surely enjoy!

Planning your PWD-friendly Boracay trip

Photo courtesy of Anas Aldyab via Pexels

Whether it's your first time in Boracay or you've been on this island paradise a couple of times, traveling with a PWD requires a lot of careful planning. Make sure that they are comfortable and safe throughout the trip, and be prepared for any emergencies that may arise.

Mention to their doctor of your traveling plans and itineraries so that they can gauge if your family member is fit to travel. Ask them about the medications you need to bring with you to the trip. Prepare for the journey by sharing your plans with them, and allow them to contribute to the planning process. After all, there might be activities and places they would want to do and go to with you, as well.

Moreover, do not forget other personal essentials for your disabled companion. Before packing, please make a list of their needs so that you will not forget anything. It is ideal for packing extras of their needs as well as yours so that you'll be safe than sorry if things don't go the way you plan. Do not forget to bring with you their PWD IDs so that they can avail of and benefit from mandatory government discounts during your vacation.

Going around Boracay

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

There are different ways to reach Boracay. The easiest way, of course, is by plane and a quick boat ride to the island itself. If you’re making arrangements with a travel agency for your trip, let them know, in advance, that you are traveling to and around Boracay with a PWD.

This way, they can make the necessary special arrangements for you. Plan your Boracay trip itinerary beforehand so that you'll know which places to visit, what to do there, and how to get around Boracay the PWD-friendly way. This will help you maximize your time, money, and energy.

When getting around Boracay, make sure that your PWD family member has his or her name and your contact number memorized or on their things so that if in case they wander around and get lost, people who find them will know who and where to call. Wherever you go, bring with you all the medications they may need.

When getting around Boracay, people usually walk to and from beach stations. If you find yourself having difficulty, for example, maneuvering their wheelchair or walking them around in Boracay, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the locals. They will be happy to help you and your company, to make their Boracay vacation memorable and hassle-free. You can also opt to tour the island by renting a tricycle taxi to go around in.

Where to go and what PWD-friendly activities to do

Photo courtesy of ELEVATE via Pexels

Boracay island is seven kilometers long and one kilometer wide. It has 13 beaches, including the White Beach, Bulabog Beach, Yapak Beach, and Diniwid Beach, where everyone can enjoy. The island also offers different pubs, restaurants, and cafes. 

Seafood cravings can be satisfied at the D’Talipapa located at Station 2. Here, you can shop at the wet market for your favorite seafood and have it cooked for you for a reasonable price. At night, you can relax at the beachfront; or, maybe, you can bring them along bar-hopping to try the top 10 classic Boracay drinks on the island and experience its nightlife. Don’t forget to stop by at the D’Mall to purchase some souvenirs from your trip.

Aside from gastronomic adventures, you can enjoy island-hopping in Boracay. You can rent a boat and have others help you carry your disabled family member or friend aboard the boat when needed. This way, even though they're not able to do some water activities such as the banana boat ride or helmet driving, they can still enjoy the salty water, breeze, and view together with their family and friends.

For a laidback PWD-friendly activity on the beach, why not let them try getting a henna tattoo and have their hair braided? Don't forget to take snaps of them with their new look, coupled with their summer beach OOTDs, so that they have something to show or tell their family and friends back home after your Boracay island vacation.

You can also let them sit on the white sand beach so they can get their tan done or let them wade on the shallow parts of the beach so that they can enjoy the cold waters of the beach. If they can swim, don't allow them to swim alone without supervision, to ensure that they are safe at all times.

To cap off the night, watch the sunset with them and the whole family or group of friends. Remember that when doing activities with your loved one and friends, never leave them alone. Always look for ways for them to be part of your activities. This way, they’ll never feel left out during your vacation.

Smooth-sailing accommodation

Photo courtesy of Asad Photo Maldives via Pexels

If you only planned a three-day itinerary in Boracay, you may be tempted to do a lot of things to maximize your stay. Keep in mind, though, that your companion may need rest. So aside from planning how you can get around Boracay, find a PWD-friendly accommodation as a primary concern. 

There are several hotels on the island that are PWD-friendly. One of which is the Alta Vista de Boracay. This hotel is at one of Boracay's highest peaks. It offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the whole island and its sunset without the need to hike to see these views.

Not only does this hotel offer an unforgettable view and comfortable modern rooms, but you can enjoy the hotel’s amenities such as an infinity pool, a relaxing spa, a karaoke bar, and a restaurant. So, if your companion wants to spend the day in the hotel to rest a bit instead of wandering on the island, everyone can still enjoy their staycation in Boracay.

Plan a hassle-free Boracay adventure

Getting around Boracay with a PWD can be a challenge. Extra planning may be required. However, as you make sure that they enjoy their Boracay vacation, you must enjoy yourself, too. After all, you are in Boracay, everyone should be able to enjoy the vacation!

No matter how you think you are prepared for your Boracay travel with a PWD, don’t expect that it’ll be perfect. You may face some challenges along the way, so be patient and enjoy the moment instead of being negative when things don’t go your way.

Now that you know the best ways for you and your PWD companions to get around Boracay, book your trip to the island and enjoy summer in this paradise!