Traveling to Boracay will truly give you your tropical paradise fix with its powdery white sand and scenic beaches. This island is definitely one of the reasons why you should visit the Philippines. The best way to make the most out of your trip to this world-famous island is by making sure you know the ins and outs even before you go.

No tourist would like a trip where they are unprepared. Taxes you are not aware of, the different fees such as environmental and terminal fees, as well as the new island guidelines that have been implemented since Boracay’s rehabilitation will definitely startle you — that is if you haven’t done your research.

Don’t shotgun your trip by going unprepared. With these fast facts about Boracay, we can help you properly prepare for your trip by giving you special insights. Read on and learn more about the wonderful island of Boracay!

1. New island guidelines

boracay white sand cleanPhoto courtesy of tttboram via Pixabay 

After closing down for rehabilitation, Boracay island has reopened to the public last October. However, don’t get too excited traveling to Boracay as changes have been made. In particular, there are new island guidelines that both local and foreign tourists must follow.

The most notable one is the visitor quota. According to the new guidelines as cascaded by Cebu Pacific, only 19,000 tourists are allowed on the island. This means you have to plan and book in advance so that you’re not caught up by the tourist limit. Other guidelines are the prohibition on different beachside activities such as eating, drinking, and smoking. Boracay has also temporarily suspended water activities such as jet skiing and parasailing. Even sandcastle-making is regulated by island authorities.

If you want a trip that doesn’t get you into trouble, all of these are important things to know before going to Boracay.

2. Getting to the island of Boracay 

Tourists will normally want to make the most out of their travel experience — especially when money is involved. If you are one to go for the cheapest option, then you can book your flight going to Kalibo instead of the flight to Caticlan. Of course, you will be letting go of a shorter trip since Kalibo is farther than Caticlan.

If you do not mind spending a few extra bucks on booking a flight to Caticlan, then the quicker route is definitely worth it. Just factor in the terminal fees for both airports and you can plan your trip to Boracay properly.

3. Payment methods in Boracay

money rates airportPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The beaches of Boracay are supported by establishments and different water activities that enhance that tropic feeling. This island vibe of Boracay is one of the reasons why you should visit the Philippines. So to prepare you for all that you will be shelling out, you need to know what modes of payment are accepted in Boracay.

It is important to note that not all establishments on the island accept debit and credit cards as payment. Usually, those that do accept cards are the top-end ones. So to be safe, it is important to have some cash readily available. This won’t be much of a problem since the island is dotted with ATMs and banks where you can get cash.

4. Important hours to remember

open signage small business boracayPhoto courtesy of Kaique Rocha via Pexels

Sticking to the theme of preparation, one thing you should add to your information must-knows are the operating hours of the establishments in Boracay. From the restaurants, the clubs, the banks, and different offices, knowing when these establishments open and close is crucial in avoiding hassle when you are traveling to Boracay.

The operating hours of most shops in Boracay are from 10 AM up to 10 PM from Monday to Sunday. Banks and offices are only open from Monday to Friday starting at 9 AM up until 5 PM.

You can also ask the concierge or information desk at the hotel where you are staying at to know when the establishment you would like to visit closes so you can prepare accordingly. If you are staying at Alta Vista de Boracay, the staff can assist you with your concerns regarding operating hours through the concierge’s desk.

5. Tipping during your trip

tipping dollarPhoto courtesy of Lukas via Pexels

Of course, just like any other tourist, you will have some questions about the standard practice of tipping. When traveling to Boracay, it is important to remember that most establishments already include the 10% service charge in your bill. If you notice that there isn’t one included, you can just tip with the same 10% of your bill.

If you are still unsure how much you should tip, it’s best to ask your local concierge.

6. Fees you need to prepare

dollar cash walletPhoto courtesy of rawpixel.com via Pexels

Aside from the usual airport and terminal fees, you need to be aware of the different fees that you will be paying once you set foot on the island. The environmental fee is a one-time payment you will have to make upon entry. The environmental fee varies but it is around Php75 to Php120 per person.

As per the terminal fee for international flights, the latest is at Php700 per person. For domestic flights, the Php200 is already included in the ticket price you will be paying for. If you will be coming from the Caticlan Jetty Port, the terminal fee is at Php100 per person.


alta vista de boracay lodgeBoracay boasts a wide range of accommodations that will offer you a stunning view of the beaches. What’s great about the selection is that you can find one that fits your budget. There are luxurious hotels, cozy inns, and cheap hostels around the island.

If you are looking for a place that offers world-class amenities to make the most out of your budget, consider Alta Vista de Boracay. Situated on top of a hill, Alta Vista de Boracay will give you a place to relax while looking at a tropical paradise. What’s great about the hotel is that they offer really low reservation rates when you book at their website.

Now that you are equipped with information to take on the sandy shores of Boracay, you better start looking at flights because summer is just around the corner.