The reopening of Boracay is just around the corner! It’s time to plan for your much awaited Boracay vacation. Learn about the best ways to go to Boracay and the activities you must take part in. Here’s an itinerary for 3 days and 2 nights in Boracay. From finding the best accommodation and transportation options to having water adventures and relaxing massages, you’re set for a marvelous time in the newer and better Boracay.

Arriving in Boracay

airplane boracay escapade route

Here are two of the best ways to get to Boracay. A 50-minute flight from Manila to Caticlan offers a faster route, after which you take a fifteen-minute ferry ride to Boracay. Another option is to take a flight from Manila to Kalibo. The flight also takes 50 minutes, but you will have to take a road trip to the Caticlan Jetty Port, which will take another 1 ½ hours.

Although the second option takes longer, many travelers choose the route because it is cheaper, with air tickets offered between Php1,300 to Php2,500. Tickets to Caticlan, on the other hand, can range from Php7,000 to Php10,000.

Traveling to your hotel

alta vista de boracay infinity pool

A popular tourist destination, Boracay offers a wide range of accommodation options. Whether you seek a cheaper inn or luxurious accommodation, you will find exactly what you need. An increasingly popular choice of accommodation on the island is Alta Vista de Boracay. Guests keep coming back to the hotel for its well-equipped and comfortable suites, breathtaking views, and tranquil location. Located on an isolated yet accessible hilltop location, Alta Vista de Boracay offers worry-free escape vacationers crave for. It’s just the respite you need after a day of taxing Boracay exploration. Located in Yapak, this sprawling property is at the quiet northern end of the island near the secluded Puka Beach and approximately 15 minutes from White Beach.

Alta Vista de Boracay provides free airport pickup or transfer service to its guests. The hotel also offers a 24-hour shuttle service that will take you to White Beach.

Getting around Boracay

Once you reach White Beach, getting around the island’s main attractions becomes much easier. You will find several tricycles that will take you practically anywhere you’d like to go. It’s best to flag those that are already occupied and that is driving by the main road, as they will charge you a much lower fare. Taking those that are waiting by the terminal will require expensive special rates.

If you have time to spare, you might want to explore Boracay on foot instead. You can walk along White Beach to reach other stations. Taking this route will not only spare you transportation expenses but you also get to burn some calories while enjoying the beautiful sights of the island.

Getting the island look

boracay island tattoo

While walking along White Beach, you will find several locals offering to do the henna tattoo and braid your hair. Jump right in, and get that island look. It’s just what you need to have the perfect shot for your Instagram. Set against the backdrop of turquoise waters, white sand, and blue and white paraws, your look will be golden.

Sunset sailing in a paraw

Speaking of paraws, they’re not only there for your viewing pleasure. You can actually get into one and enjoy the island beyond just the road trip and beach walks. It’s also an awesome way to enjoy the island’s famous sunset. You don’t have to pre-book to avail of the experience. You will find several boat operators and tour agencies along White Beach just waiting to be at your service.

An iconic Boracay feature, paraws are a unique type of boat that accommodates only one rider in its very narrow haul. This means only the boat captain can be in it. However, the boat has outriggers with a netting that can carry around four to six passengers. You get to comfortably sit back as you enjoy the stunning views. The best time to enjoy a paraw ride is around 5:30 pm or as the sun is setting.

Taking part in a pub crawl

The best way to cap off your first day on the island is to join a pub crawl. Offered from Wednesdays to Mondays, the Boracay Pub Crawl is a bar-hopping tour around the beach that actively encourages participants to mingle with the crowd and make new friends. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. You get the chance to experience pub crawl with around 50 to 150 people from all over the world. You get to spend the night sharing stories, laughter, and shots with many interesting people.

The night will definitely be exhausting, albeit exciting, one which makes escaping to your relaxing accommodation at the Alta Vista de Boracay for a restful sleep all the more worth it.

Water activities on the island

After a restful night, your second day in Boracay will be perfect for water activities. Island hopping tours usually begin at 9 am. You can have the hotel’s shuttle drive you to White Beach where you’ll find several tour operators. These tours often include a barbeque and seafood lunch. They will take you to nearby islands, including the Crocodile Island, Magic Island, and Puka Beach.

There are several Boracay activities you can do. While on the island hopping tour, you can go snorkeling and helmet diving. If you can’t swim, you can go glass-bottom boating to get a glimpse of the beautiful corals and colorful marine life. You can also go stand-up paddling. Once you’re done with island hopping, you can spend the rest of the afternoon mermaid swimming. Simply head over to Fisheye Divers in Station 1, White Beach, where you’ll find the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy. It’s located right beside Starbucks.

Relaxing time on the island

On your third day on the island, make sure you experience the beautiful sceneries at your hilltop hotel. You can greet the morning with a few yoga poses. You should also take a dip at the infinity pool Alta Vista de Boracay is famous for.

Take the hotel shuttle to White Beach once again and experience the massage offered by the locals on the beach. This should help ease the muscle tension from the days of island exploration. Make sure you drop by the D’Talipapa for a delicious seafood meal. Much like Dampa, D’Talipapa is a wet market that lets you buy fresh seafood and have them cooked at nearby restaurants. A short tricycle ride will take you to the place.

After a sumptuous meal, it’s time to head back to the hotel and get ready to go home. Talk to the receptionist, and request for a ride back to the airport.

Start planning your three-day Boracay itinerary now!