01 FEBRUARY, 2018


Now that school is out and long weekends lie ahead, a trip to the beach is simply too enticing to refuse. Skip the holiday-induced stress in the city and fly to the calming seas of Puka beach in Boracay. You can invite your barkada or your significant other for a fun weekend. You can also go solo for some quality me-time. Alta Vista de Boracay offers premier accommodation for single, duo or group vacationers.

After reserving a room in your Boracay hotel, head to your closet and start planning a beach outfit for every activity in your itinerary. A maxi dress is perfect for relaxing strolls on the shore, but it can be troublesome for nature walks. Here are five trendy Boracay outfit ideas suitable for the sea goddess in you.

Essentials that go with any outfit

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Let's start with the essentials that go with any outfit and any activity. Pack a bottle of sunscreen lotion with SPF 30, which can block nearly 97 percent of harmful UV rays. Being on vacation doesn't mean that health precautions are also on break. You should know by now that staying under the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., increases your risk of skin diseases such as cancer. Is getting tan lines worth risking your skin health? No. Aside from protective lotion, make sure you have a pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for extra shield against UV rays.

How to choose the right sun hat? For ultimate UV protection, get yourself a 7-inch brim hat. This will save you from slathering on the sunscreen every 30 minutes. A microfiber hat is airy, comfy, and easy to clean. Pair the brim floppy hat with your one-piece bikini for an afternoon lounging on the shore.

Match your body shape with a stylish bikini

Photo courtesy of Adam Kontor via Pexels

No outfit screams beach vacation more than a bikini. Choosing the right bikini can be a cause of anxiety for many women mainly because this skimpy outfit can expose one's body flaws. Not everyone is proud to show her cellulites, dark spots, and belly flabs. While it's true that life is all about embracing one's uniqueness, it's also a fact that people want to look fabulous in their beach photos. The key is in matching your body shape with the proper bikini design.

A strapless bikini, also referred to as bandini, suits women with hourglass-shaped bodies. If you have broad shoulders, a bikini top with multiple strings is both flattering and trendy. A trikini has a triangular pieces of fabric that cover the breasts and a bikini top. It is recommended for skinny ladies. Regardless of your body shape, the tankini is a stylish choice of swimwear. It consists of a tank top and a bikini bottom considered to provide “modesty closer to a one-piece suit.”

Go for a comfy and jazzy maxi dress

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Not everyone is comfy with baring too much skin. True, one of the hottest Boracay clothing styles is the bikini, but it's not a must. What's important is that you choose outfits in which you feel comfortable. After all, the best accessory is self-confidence.

The maxi dress is a long informal dress that drops to your ankle. This favorite beach outfit is form-fitting above the waist and free-flowing at the bottom. A maxi dress is typically made of soft cotton that is cool on the skin. Bold color combinations like sapphire blue ruby red and will make you stand out. Pair your maxi dress with white sneakers for an afternoon exploring the merchant markets in Boracay.

You can never go wrong with cover-ups

Photo courtesy of Riccardo Bresciani via Pexels

Planning out “outfits of the day” ahead of a vacation doesn't work out for everybody. Sometimes, you can only decide on the day itself depending on the weather, your mood or any other factors. It can help to pack clothing pieces that you can easily mix and match. Cover-ups are worn over bikinis or jeans cut-offs. These can instantly transform your daytime fashion into an evening ensemble. Check out Nordstrom.com for design inspirations such as off-shoulder, tunic, crochet, and boyfriend shirts. You can also buy a pair of cover-up flyaway pants or jumpers.

Fashion combos you can play with

Photo courtesy of Adam Kontor via Pexels

Don't know what to prep for your December Boracay adventure? You can draw inspiration from Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and Olivia Palermo. Take Instagrammable Boracay photos with these chic combinations from fashion icons:

  1. One-shoulder one-piece swimsuit + cotton waist pants + espadrilles + bucket bag
  2. Two-piece halter top bikini + linen long-sleeved shirt + jeans short skirt + slip-ons
  3. Multiple-strap bikini + sarong wrap + beaded anklet
  4. Two-piece bikini with laced top + linen dress + woven sandals
  5. Trikini + kaftan + woven sandals + cruise tote
  6. One-piece swimsuit + mid-rise denim shorts + mini waist pouch
  7. Slouchy t-shirt + print cotton shorts
  8. Linen rompers + laced up espadrilles
  9. Cropped top + twill pants
  10. White tank top + denim cut-offs + duster jacket

With these fun and classy combos, the only element you need for your pictorial is the backdrop, which is abundant in Boracay. Take a shot on a deserted spot on Puka beach, around the amazing rock formations on Crocodile island, around the greenery in the eco park and in the common areas in Alta Vista de Boracay, which sits on one of the island's highest peaks. This Boracay Puka Beach accommodation features stunning picture-perfect amenities such as the Dinara View Deck and infinity pool.

Whether you're channelling Miranda Kerr or Rihanna, what really matters is you sport beach outfits that make you feel comfortable, confident, and happy. You don't need to splurge on expensive brands. Just keep in mind that bikinis should match your body shape, the colors complement your skin tone, and the fabric feels cool on the skin under the Boracay sun. Most importantly, have fun!