One of the reasons to visit Boracay is the island’s stunning beauty, but the pressure to look your best can be overwhelming. What do fashionistas wear in Boracay? Will a classic one-piece swimsuit do the trick, or is a chic cover up more fitting?                                                                                                              

In 2015, Boracay’s White Beach was named the best beach in Asia by global travel website, TripAdvisor. The Department of Tourism said the recognition is significant because it is based on “the quantity and quality of millions of traveller reviews and ratings.” Boracay is not new to accolades. It’s been hailed as one of the best islands and tourist destinations in the world in the past years.

Here are 10 of the hottest items you should have in your Boracay fashion guide.  

The essential hat and sunglasses


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Let’s start with beach necessities. Regardless of your beach style, you should always pack a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses. This duo will help protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays that can lead to skin damage, or in worse cases, skin cancer. Moreover, a study by the National Eye Institute suggests that chronic sunlight exposure can increase the risk of developing cataracts.

Oversized tote bag for your necessities


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A bag is part of every female’s identity. One cannot leave the house without a handbag or even a small pouch. Going to the beach is no different. Make sure you have everything you need before going to the beach by buying a roomy tote before your trip. It should fit a towel, a tube of sunscreen, a book, some snacks and other beach essentials.

All-around denim cut offs


Photo Courtesy of Josh Willink via Pexels

For first-timers, Boracay is not only about swimming or taking selfies by the shore. There’s a lot of activities: boating, sailing, eco-tours, go-karting, and island hopping. While jotting down your Boracay itinerary for 2016, it’s a smart idea to pair every activity with an outfit. This will help ensure that you don’t pack everything in your closet. A good pair of cut off jean shorts is perfect for outdoor activities, whether on land or in the water, plus it’s an outfit first-timers can feel comfortable in.

Mind your footwear


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Most of us are too engrossed with our swimwear and summer dresses that we forget an essential fashion element: footwear. Fashion experts recommend a pair of neutral sandals. “Your wardrobe choices are exponentially multiplied when you’ve got a pair of shoes that go with almost everything in your closet,” according to Lauren Conrad. Don’t forget to bring a pair of trendy flip flops designed for beach rendezvous.

The one-piece that never goes out of style


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As every girl must own a little black dress, one should also have a one-piece swimsuit. This outfit is amazingly flexible. You can wear it as is, with denim cut-offs or cover up. A one-piece is also preferred by girls who want to avoid unwanted attention yet still be beach-trendy. Check out off-the-shoulder one-pieces that you can wear with any bottoms.

Mismatched bikinis


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Matching outfits are reserved to your ordinary days in the office. When you’re on vacation, you have the liberty to play around with colors, textures, and styles of clothing. Experiment with mismatched bikinis in Boracay. Fashion blogger Vanessa Rodriquez advises: “Don’t start off with zigzag ikat bikini top and a gingham hipster bikini bottom. Start off slow and you’ll feel more comfortable strutting around in a mismatched bikini.”


Cover up under the sun


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Your Boracay itinerary will likely involve a lot of swimming, a bit of island hopping, and parties. You don’t need to change outfits for every type of activity. Let a cover up do the job for you. Put on a sheer cover up with your two-piece bikinis for a morning trip to the beach. Stripped cover ups are perfect with jeans cutoffs for your afternoon island tours. For a long night of partying, a lace cover up with a one-piece will do the trick.

Maxi dress for all beach-goer types


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Although the Philippines is surrounded by water, not all Filipinas are as comfortable strutting in bikinis as other nationalities. If you don’t feel okay baring much skin, this doesn’t mean that you have body image issues. It may just be a cultural thing. If you’re a first-timer Boracay tourist or you want greater freedom to wear whatever you want without unwanted attention, it may be good idea to stay in less crowded spots (Boracay can get insanely crowded in summer!).  You can also opt for a flowing maxi dress to go with your beach bohemian style.



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A beautiful pair of earrings completes any outfit like a cherry on your favorite ice cream. Don’t forget to pack a pair of giant hoops to go with your swimwear and lightweight crystal earrings with your white sheer cover ups. Silver cuffs are hot this year, as well as silver bracelets with cute pendants.

There’s nothing like a good paperback


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What to do in Boracay this 2016? Swim, snorkel, try the banana boat, and relax under the warm atmosphere. Before zipping your luggage, don’t forget to bring a book with you. Boracay is best enjoyed lounging by the shore, sipping a fruit shake, and indulging in a good book. This is your ultimate chance to finish those books you’ve been neglecting for months. Bring a Flaubert or a Tolstoy. Perhaps some New York Times bestsellers by Nicholas Sparks or Ann Patchett?


Finding the right set of outfits for your Boracay adventure shouldn’t be stressful. Otherwise, what’s a vacation for? Just remember the essentials such as a floppy hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. More than fashion purposes, these will keep you from the unhealthy effects of excessive sun exposure. In choosing a swimwear, choose pieces that will make you feel comfortable. You can check online fashion blogs for the ones that suit your body type, as well as trendy accessories to boost your style. When you’re comfortable, your confidence will exude—and that’s what truly makes a pretty beach girl.