Many Boracay backpackers follow a rule: “Leave nothing but footprints, and take nothing but pictures.” It’s really lucky for us that they do, because the images that they share help inspire even those  who can’t personally  see the beauty of the place, and help those who are planning their own visit.

Of course, some destinations just aren’t as appealing as others. Boracay backpackers’ accommodations range from “good enough for decent sleep” to “doing Boracay right.” If there are any footprints you want to follow, it’s the ones that lead to the best experiences. To get an idea of what those are, check out these 23 Instagram photos of travelers who know how to quench their wanderlust.


The Lap of Luxury

Welcome to Summer


Photo courtesy of xrayxliangx via Instagram

The ideal Boracay vacation spot isn’t just somewhere to sleep after a long day of beach-bumming. It’s got to be magnificent in its own right.

Soak in the Awesomeness


Photo courtesy of monjahrenel via Instagram

Soon after touchdown, you can take in the infinite blue-and-white above as you soak in the infinity pool below.

Put Your Feet Up


Photo courtesy of monjahrenel via Instagram

There’s nothing like being able to put your feet up in a plush, well-furnished suite with a breathtaking panoramic view.

Find Enchantment


Photo courtesy of daniel.draghici via Instagram

Even the uneventful nights are better, especially when you have the time you need to fully capture magical moments.

Dip Your Toes In


Photo courtesy of jmaec7 via Instagram

Take a dip, take a stroll, or do both. Your soul will appreciate the opportunity to go slow for once.

Chill at the lounge


Photo courtesy of chef_in_heels via Instagram

People-watching at the hotel lobby can be fun, too. And you get plus points for taking glam shots while you’re at it.

Recline with Poolside Refreshments

Instagram Boracay Poolside Refreshment

Photo courtesy sherlynler via Instagram

A backpacker in Boracay doesn’t have to keep sweating and moving. A sumptuous  lunch by the pool is a great way to recharge.

Swim Under the Ultimate Night Light

Instagram Boracay Ultimate Night Light

Photo courtesy of longedecasaau via Instagram

Not sleepy? No worries. Being an insomniac just means you have more time to indulge in some night swimming.


Recreations Galore

Going Beyond Sandcastles

Instagram Boracay Beyond Sandcastles

Photo courtesy of iamjeefree via Instagram

The fine, white sands of Boracay can inspire some amazing art. You can make your own, or you can capture the awesome work that you see.

Surf and Turf

Instagram Boracay Surf and Turf

Photo courtesy of parasiangirl via Instagram

The beach lets you enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea. It’s simply a pleasure to find yourself in the middle of it all.

Quench Your Need for Speed

Instagram Boracay Need for Speed

Photo courtesy of itsgelay via Instagram

Who says Boracay is all about staying still and chillin’? If you find the right spot, you can also catch some great thrills.

Stroll Under the Sun

Instagram Boracay Stroll Under The Sun

Photo courtesy of sweet_nics via Instagram

No Boracay itinerary is be complete without a healthy, balanced dose of sunlight, sand, and vitamin sea – the key ingredients to ease pent-up city stress.

Visit a Virgin Island

Instagram Boracay Virgin Island

Photo courtesy of iamjeefree via Instagram

A white-sand strip located away from Boracay tourist crowds, Puka Beach is a great getaway for those who really want some seaside serenity.

The Best Theater Ever

Boracay Island Best Theater Ever

Photo courtesy of travelwithlani via Instagram

No plot, no action, no soundtrack, no teams, no players. This isn’t an arena or a cinema, but it does have front-row seats to some amazing spectacles.  

Refresh and Relax

Refresh and Relax

Photo courtesy of longedecasaau via Instagram

Sitting beachside while sipping summer coolers next to that special someone – truly a priceless experience.

Sharpen Your Drone Flying Skills

Instagram Boracay Flying Drone Skills

Photo courtesy of xrayxliangx via Instagram

The abundance of scenic tourist spots in Boracay makes it a great place to practice drone photography. The only wasted shots are the ones you don’t take.


Take Things Slow


Instagram Boracay Ships

Photo courtesy of daniel.draghici via Instagram

The Boracay sunset is a sight to behold. Catch the dusk at the right time, and you’ll be treated to a riot of pink, blue, and purple that’s simply impossible to find in the city.

Clear Blue, Powder White

Instagram Boracay Powder White

Photo courtesy of ehmjake via Instagram

The best places in Boracay give you moments like this: the rolling surf to your right, the clear sky reflected in your Ray-Bans, and the perfect sun exposure for an IG-worthy selfie.

Celebrate the Sand

Instagram Boracay Celebrate the Sand

Photo courtesy of travelwithlani via Instagram

Boracay’s powder-fine sand will be your feet’s best friend. In this place, fashion footwear is optional: the earth gives all the arch support you need.

Find Your  Summer Groove

Instagram Boracay Summer Groove

Photo courtesy of thecookiejarooo via Instagram

In Boracay, there are no deadlines; you’re not rushing to get back to work. Don’t hurriedly sip your shake. Savor the vacation you’ve earned for yourself.

Soak with Your Sweetie

Instagram Boracay Soak with your Sweetie

Photo courtesy of implegalura via Instagram

No tourist spot in Boracay is truly complete without a loved one to share it with. And there’s hardly a more beautiful place to bond with your baby than in Boracay.

Summer Days, Drifting Away

Instagram Boracay Drifting Away

Photo courtesy of karlabadarlaa via Instagram

A trip to Boracay always feels too short. Before you know it, you and your friends are spending your last day on the island, capturing the last beautiful sunset you’re likely to see in a long, long time.

Say “See You Again”

Instagram Boracay See You Again
Photo courtesy of ehmjake via Instagram

The view from the plane will give you mixed feelings: it’s hard to say goodbye to such a wonderful place. The best most people can do is to say “Farewell for now.”

So as you’ve seen from these Boracay photos, the best of summer is out there. The beauty and power of social media is in letting people share a taste of their awesome experiences. Maybe you’ve been there already, but it’s definitely not a “been there, done that” kind of place. There’s always something new to do, and always another sight or adventure to come back for.

IG photos help you  find the perfect Boracay tourist spot, but that’s only the first step. Whether you feel FOMO or yell YOLO, you have to go yourself. There’s no reason to keep postponing your Boracay adventure.