02 SEPTEMBER, 2019


Going to the beach is definitely at the top of any traveler’s checklist. After all, merely seeing the beautiful clear blue waters can instantly relax you. Plus, there are lots of beach benefits that are guaranteed to boost your holistic wellness.

If going to the beach already has a lot of benefits, what more if you go there in the early morning? Besides enjoying the sunrise and having more time to enjoy the day, waking up early has more benefits. And you can enjoy all of the benefits more if you are in Boracay. 

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

1. Enjoy a unique brunch

The best way to start your day is to go for a healthy and delectable breakfast. Breakfast provides you with the energy that you need for your long day at the beach. If you are up for a long day, getting a brunch (breakfast + lunch) may be your top priority. 

There are lots of restaurants for brunch in Boracay. One of the restaurants you should not miss is the L’Altura Restaurant in Alta Vista de Boracay. They serve the mouthwatering dishes that are definitely Instagram-worthy! Some of the best and authentic dishes you should try are their delicious braised pork soft tacos and their yummy champorado bar. Definitely, munching on the meals in this restaurant will be your best decision in the morning!

2. Catch a fantastic view of the sunrise

You should not miss watching the sunrise; it helps lift your mood and help you sleep better, which is a must if you are looking for holistic healing. You can also use this time to think about your goals in life, or where your next travel stop should be. You can even enjoy this time to talk to your fellow travelers and make new friends. Or, you can simply just watch the sunrise and appreciate it. 

But remember to find a good spot first. Alta Vista de Boracay’s Dinara View Deck is one of the best viewing spots not only for sunrise but also for sunset. 

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3. Take a stroll around your hotel or the beach 

Walking around is one of the best morning activities you should try. It may be one of the simplest exercises out there, yet walking yields lots of exercise benefits. It can lift your mood, boost your creativity, and even your brainpower. Plus, it’s the best way for you to check out your hotel’s facilities and appreciate the beauty of the beach’s surroundings. 

Take a relaxing stroll in a nearby beach hotel. Alta Vista de Boracay has good security measures enforced at all times. They have a gated entrance and exit and have a careful inspection for each visitor, so you are surely safe to relax and enjoy the benefits of walking around the hotel.  

4. Rev up for some cardio

If you are new in trying morning activities, you might not feel like getting out of your hotel room just yet. After all, who doesn’t want to stay in a relaxing and spacious room? But since you are already up, you might want to try some home cardio to ready yourself for the day’s activities.

Do some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises in your hotel room like squats and high knees. HIIT exercises are one of the most effective exercise trends out there. It only requires a short time for exercise and no gym equipment, and it lets you experience a full-body workout for strength training and cardio. Get the most of these exercise benefits in the comforts of your hotel room’s balcony at Alta Vista de Boracay. 

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5. Try yoga 

Yoga is a must-try morning activity if you are aiming for holistic healing. It does not only have physical exercise benefits but mental exercise benefits as well. It relieves stress, increases body awareness, and sharpens your concentration. 

If you are ready to try some yoga poses, don’t forget to grab a yoga mat and make sure to try yoga for beginners first. Some of the yoga poses for beginners are the mountain pose, crescent lunge, and warrior. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Boracay beach either in the comfort of your hotel room or at a breathtaking deck like the Dinara View Deck. 

6. Try some Pilates

If yoga is not your thing, you can try strength training with Pilates. Pilates helps improve your abdomen’s endurance, flexibility, and balance. It will also help you get a good body alignment, no matter what your fitness background may be. You’ll be needing a yoga mat still, plus the sunrise time to motivate you to try this relaxing core workout.

You can try simple Pilates exercises by your cozy hotel room, in a stunning view deck, or near a majestic swimming pool. You can reap the exercise benefits of Pilates by going to Alta Vista de Boracay, which provides all three amazing locations for your Pilates routine. 

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7. Get some pool warm-ups

Warm-up is an important exercise session to prepare you for strenuous exercise routines. It prepares your body for exercise by raising your heart rate and circulation and also loosening your joints. So before you take a busy day at the beach, add to your list of morning activities some pool warm-ups. 

For your pool warm-up, it’s good to pick a wide swimming pool with an excellent view. Alta Vista de Boracay’s infinity pool boasts of a relaxing view of the beach. This pool will definitely give you a stunning early morning exercise experience.

8. Check out opportunities for early morning shopping

One of the overlooked early morning activities by the beach is shopping. You can enjoy a less-crowded bazaar, plus you may get choose the souvenirs you plan to buy for yourself, and for your loved ones back home. Drop by D’Mall, Boracay’s open-air shopping mall. Wander around the area for quick bites and explore accessories, clothes, and other souvenir finds to bring home from your Boracay getaway. 

You can also check out Boracay’s local seafood market, D’ Talipapa, for a gastronomic experience. Check out the market for fresh seafood and vegetables, and buy some to be cooked at nearby restaurants. 

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

9. Volunteer

Aside from enjoying the best exercise benefits, you can also use your mornings to do some volunteer work. Volunteering is very beneficial for the improvement of Boracay. 

Sign up for coastal clean-ups to start your volunteer work. If you want, you can simply pick up trash that you see by the beach. You can ask some locals to help you, too.

10. Tour other islands

You are on a vacation, so you better maximize your time. There is more to Boracay than just your hotel room or the beach near your hotel. You can also go island hopping, either on a private tour or with a bunch of other travelers. In this way, your holistic wellness will definitely be recharged as you explore more stunning views on different islands in Boracay.

There are many islands to check out, like Magic Island, Crystal Cove, and Puka Beach. Alta Vista de Boracay offers exclusive access to Puka Beach, so you get to enjoy a more quiet time away from the crowd.

11. Plan a museum tour 

Visiting museums should always be part of any vacation. After you spend your time on the beach, you might want to try the nearby museums in Boracay. After all, visiting museums can be considered as art therapy. 

You might want to visit Museo it Akean to learn more about Aklan’s rich collection of historical art exhibits and memorabilia. You could also visit Motag Living Museum, an interactive museum that lets you catch a glimpse of the early farming practices. 

Photo by IB Wira Dyatmika on Unsplash

12. Go for a jungle tour

Perhaps you might have toured the other beaches in Boracay, and you want to explore what more Boracay has to offer. Then, maybe you can go on a jungle tour as one of your early morning activities for the next day. 

Make your way to the Nabaoy River for a jungle tour, and have a splash at the clear waters of its river. Enjoy the relaxing place as you rest in the native huts with locals offering various native dishes around the area. Refresh your day as you enjoy the lush green surroundings. The beach around sunrise in Boracay sure offers lots of opportunities for holistic healing. 

Don’t just try the nightlife in Boracay. Discover great mornings in Boracay, too!