A Boracay Gastronomic Guide

10 July, 2017

One of the most important items in a Boracay guide blog are the food selections. The beach destination, regarded as one of the best islands in the world, boasts local and international cuisines that suit everyone’s palate. Enjoy a large variety of fresh sea foods that you can ask restaurants to cook into your favorite dishes. There’s a complete choice of Asian, American and European cuisines available in food stalls, diners and fine dining restaurants.

Here’s a helpful travel guide on good eats in Boracay.


Aria Cucina Italiana’s Mediterranean goodness

Boracay Food Mediterranean Goodness

Photo courtesy of Appetite Philippines via Pinterest

Are you craving authentic Mediterranean dishes at reasonable prices? Aria Cucina Italiana is a modern Italian restaurant in D’Mall in Boracay. It opened in 2003 and quickly gained recognition among locals and tourists. This fine dining bistro is known for its sumptuous pastas, wood-fire oven baked pizzas, fresh salads and a selection of main courses.

Relish homemade fettucine in Sicilian red sauce or potato dumplings with pesto. Some of the oven-baked pizza choices you should try are greca, marinara and Quattro Stagioni. For desserts, you can enjoy crema catalana or caramelized custard dessert and a cocktail of fresh fruits.


Homegrown dishes at Alta Veranda

Boracay Food Homegrown Dishes

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The common tourist spots in Boracay can be overwhelmingly crowded. Tens of thousands of tourists flock the island and its neighboring towns each month. The busiest season from March to April. If you want a laidback relaxation, Alta Vista de Boracay is the place for you. It is beautifully located on one of Boracay’s highest peaks. Its homegrown café, Alta Veranda, serves a delectable menu of local and international specialties.

Recommended dishes include Filipino appetizer crispy beef ribs, deep fried marinated beef served with vinegar, and kare-kare, an oxtail dish in peanut sauce. For a quick grub, have the house specialty Alta Vista Burger.


Fresh seafood buffet at D’ Talipapa

Boracay Food Fresh Buffet

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Planning a food trip in Boracay? You should not miss D’ Talipapa Seafood Market. Many people consider this dining destination as a tourist spot in Boracay. D’ Talipapa is a mecca of fresh island seafood from gigantic shrimps to tanks of crabs. There are various species of fish such as milk fish, salmon and mackerel. Customers buy fresh seafood and vegetables from the wet market then request one of the restaurants to cook them into different dishes. This is referred to as “paluto” in Filipino. You can have grilled salmon, steamed mud crabs, and baked clams.

Before heading to the wet market, remember that the items may be overpriced. Don’t go for the first quoted price. Haggle. Some waiters in the nearby restaurants offer help in bargaining.


Halowich’s yummy cold desserts

Boracay Food Yummy Cold Desserts

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What completes a backpacking adventure in the beach? A sinfully good dessert! For must-try foods in Boracay, visit D’Mall in Station 2 which houses a long stretch of diners and restaurants. Halowich is a paradise of iced desserts including bestsellers Mangoholic Soft Ice Cream and Korean shaved ice. The cold snacks are available for as low as Php 70 (or less than US$ 2).


Dine under the sunset at Wrap ‘n Roll

Boracay Food Wrap N Roll

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You should never leave the island without marveling at the breathtaking beauty of the early evening skies. At Wrap ‘n Roll in Spider House Resort, you can enjoy a superb dinner while admiring  Boracay’s sunset. The restaurant also serves breakfast, lunch and a wide range of cocktails. Wrap n’ Roll offers Japanese dishes including sushi and sashimi made of fresh seafood. There are full rice meals for the heavy eater. “Come for a drink and experience the old Boracay vibe kept alive,” Spider House Resort in Diniwid Beach invites.


Fresh grubs at Nami Resort Restaurant

Boracay Food Fresh Grubs

Photo courtesy of Chevanon Photography via Pexels

Why go to Boracay during lean season? The rainy months of June to October are regarded as off-peak season in Philippine beaches. There are fewer visitors and prices are generally discounted. This is also a great chance for you to truly relax in the world’s most beautiful island. Rejuvenate in a secluded hotel offering succulent dishes and refreshing drinks.

Enjoy a delicious seafood meal at Nami Resort Restaurant, an in-house diner in a hilltop hotel. The resto and bar offer panoramic views of Boracay’s marvelous cliffs, clear waters and lush greenery. Try its menu of well-loved Filipino dishes, seafood delicacies, and an array of international comfort food.


Los Indios Bravos, an all-Filipino gastropub

Boracay food All-Filipino Gastropub

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For your best introduction to Filipino cuisine, visit Los Indios Bravos. This gastropub near Bulabog Beach in Boracay was named after a group of Filipino intellectuals in the late 1800s who called themselves Los indios Bravos or The Brave Natives.

This popular restaurant offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, traditional pub pies, main courses, ribs and steaks, seafood dishes and desserts in affordable prices. Try the local favorite kilawin (fresh ceviche, coconut cream, chillies and Spanish onions) and a cold seafood platter, both paired with chilled local beer. Check out special promos such as Wing Wednesday where you can eat as many chicken wings as you can for only Php 399.


A hearty breakfast at Cha-cha’s Beach Café

Boracay Food Heart Breakfast

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Make sure you have enough energy for a day of outdoor activities. Power up with a hearty breakfast at Cha-cha’s Beach Café at Coast Boracay. The breakfast buffet offers an expansive selection of bread, hashbrowns, oats, cereals and salads. There’s an egg station for your personalized omelet, a pho station, waffles and more. Coffee in various forms — hot, cold, latte, mocha, etc. — is freshly made at every order. Cha-cha’s Beach Café serves a la carte meals all day. Some recommended choices are stone-fired Hawaii Five-o pizza, Sriracha BBQ Chicken, and Grilled Chicken Satay.

Boracay is more than a beach destination. It has become a world-class food haven. The next time you visit the island, explore the dishes, desserts and drinks. Embark on a gastronomic journey!