25 MAY, 2020


People often experience an enervating pressure on their existence especially when they are constantly pressed and exposed to the pressure and demands of everyday life.

This is why setting aside “me time” is important for individuals. A me-time is when a person focuses on rehabilitating and recharging the self to regain mental and physical footing. One of the best ways to do me time is by traveling alone and finding respite by reconnecting with nature, preferably through hiking or going to the beach.   

This guide will help you plan your me-time while rediscovering the Philippine paradise that is Boracay, especially if this is your first time visiting the island.

1. Plan your solo travel meticulously.

Photo courtesy of Vojta KovaÅ™ík via Pexels

Traveling solo has to be planned down to the most minute detail, with safety as your priority. 

Luckily, there are tons of safe destinations in the Philippines, especially for women, who want to go on a sojourn to cleanse themselves. 

Boracay is one of these top safest places, which is the best option for first-time solo travelers. There are several reliable guides you’ll find that will assist you with how to travel solo in Boracay, so you surely won’t get lost. 

Make sure to also inform one or two people—preferably family members or close friends—about your planned itinerary. While me-time is all about disconnecting as much as possible, letting someone know of your whereabouts is a safety measure in case of emergencies. 

2. Revel in the silence. 

Photo courtesy of Timo Wagner via Unsplash

You might think Boracay wouldn’t be an option when you’re looking for a refuge of silence or alone time, considering the influx of tourists. However, you can choose to visit the world-famous beach by wisely knowing when is the best month to travel to Boracay depending on your purpose of visit. Rainy seasons tend to have the least volume of tourists.

While Boracay is known for its vibrant culture and teeming nightlife, you may find silence by staying and pampering yourself in one of its premier hotels such as Alta Vista de Boracay where you could go on a spa day or binge in eating galore with their wide selection of local cuisines.

If you’re not feeling any of this, who’s to judge you if you just want to stay and sleep all day on a fluffy bed with the view of Boracay’s sea laying over to the horizon from your window? After all, your solo beach trip is about relaxing. 

There are indeed plenty of ways to enjoy Boracay as a solo traveler without conforming to the usual expectation of going to the beach or attending wild raves and parties. 

3. Read a good book.

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

There is nothing like a good book to keep you grounded and in touch with the world. Imagine reading a book in your alone time under a palm tree, listening to the rolling waves of the sea as it meets the white-sand earth that stretches before you. 

There are plenty of books you may choose to read for your me-time.

If you’re into self-help books that aim to rejuvenate both mind and body, try checking out the New York Time’s list of Advice and Self-Help books. James Clear’s Atomic Habits, for instance, talks about the large impact of the most minute things in life that will help you appreciate the beauty and value of the seemingly irrelevant.

Your range of selection of fiction and non-fiction books that fit the theme of solo traveling is equally as diverse. From Cheryll Strayed’s Wild to Ocean Vuong's On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. These books explore the sensitive topic of trauma and finding ways to heal from the debacles of the past. 

After basking under the sun or staying in your hotel with the book, enjoy an exquisite and quaint dinner at a nearby restaurant, then cap off the night with a glass of wine. 

4. Stroll along the white-sands at sunset.

Photo courtesy of Jill Wellington via Pexels

Most of the time, not doing anything ends up as the most productive thing you do all day especially when you travel solo.

Strolling along the white-sand shore of Boracay with the sinking sun beyond the horizon is a perfect way to let go of the mundane and reconnecting one with nature. 

As you walk, meditate, reflect, and remind yourself why you went on this solo trip. me-time is all about loving yourself. Self-love is detaching yourself from abrasive thoughts concerning work, school, or a recent upsetting event such as heartbreak. Listen to the melody of nature surrounding you. 

Take photos of the island as a memento, or build sand castles to reconnect with the child within you. Remember that your me time is a chance for you to heal yourself. Become fluid like the sea and let go of your daily constraints. 

5. Rediscover your body with yoga.

Photo courtesy of Max Rovensky via Unsplash

Help your body recover from its daily beating by resetting it in a healthy way with yoga. One of the benefits of yoga is that it unlocks and encourages you to become one with your body again, which is a perfect activity for your me time.

Several events and groups offer yoga sessions in Boracay. Consider checking out Boracay Yoga, which holds classes for beginners and experienced individuals. They even have yoga classes specifically designed for adventurers preparing to try on adrenaline-pumping activities such as kite and windsurfing. 

A good yoga session is a definite way to restabilize and regain the lost equilibrium of your body due to stress.

6. Go on photowalks or paint nature.

Photo courtesy of Susn Dybvik via Pexels

Me times are designed for you to return to your passions that you had to let go for a time due to the exhausting demands of your daily tasks. 

Boracay’s scenic view offers artists like you to reconnect with your creative mind. Explore the local culture and activities by capturing moments with your camera. Make a photo diary or photo essay by compiling these photographs and reflecting on the reason why you chose to take a photo of a particular subject. Afterward, you can post these on your personal blog or let the world read your thoughts by posting it on social media.

Spending your me time in Boracay encourages you to tap on those creative juices you thought you were gone or you never had.

7. Go on island hopping

Photo courtesy of april_kim via Pixabay

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may join island hopping tours to bring yourself to places you’ve never been before. 

Island hopping in Boracay provides you an opportunity to visit other places in Boracay aside from the White Beach. For example, there is the Crocodile Beach which acquired its name from its distinctive shape similar to a crocodile’s head.

Visit the Crystal Cove, a private resort you explore by paying a measly amount of 200 PHP to experience kayaking and trekking.

Finally, if you want to push yourself to the extreme, visit Bulabog Beach where you’ll get the opportunity to try out extreme sports such as parasailing and kite surfing. me time is after all, not just about healing, but also doing and experiencing something new for your personal growth.

Boracay is indeed the best place to give yourself me time. From the various activities and places you can try out and visit, the island provides you a chance not only to reconnect with yourself but also with nature. 

Rediscover the Philippines while you rediscover yourself by going on a me time in Boracay.