13 APRIL, 2020


Because the Philippines is a predominantly Roman Catholic country, many Filipinos make the most out of the long Holy Week vacation by relaxing at quiet spots. Some even travel to different places of retreat in the Philippines during their Holy Week break. Traveling allows them to visit different churches for their “Visita Iglesia” and to observe and participate in other Holy Week activities.

Whatever your Holy Week preference might be, going to a quiet place for personal reflection or a family retreat from April 5 to 11 will definitely rejuvenate you. Spending time in an ideal retreat place this 2020 will help you revisit your spiritual values. Hopefully, this will also prompt you to reflect on all the blessings you have received and show love for your special loved ones by way of imitating Christ.

Looking for a quiet spot to have fun and strengthen your faith? Spend your Holy Week vacation in Boracay. Though there’s only one church on the island—Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish--the local government has arranged a church procession of images and statues showing the passion of Christ which tourists and locals can watch and join.

A true testament to the fact that you should be in Boracay is the increase in tourist arrivals in Boracay during the 2019 Holy Week. For sure, tourists won’t be flocking to Boracay island and the white beach if this location is not best for a Holy Week retreat. If you’re planning to spend your Holy Week vacation in Boracay whether alone or with loved ones, this article will help you discover the quietest spots for a perfect Boracay beach retreat.

1. Boracay Station 3 

Photo courtesy of Tirachard Kumtanom via Pexels

Station 2 is the busiest station at the White Beach. In observance of the Holy Week, though, the local government encourages everyone to tone down the party vibe a bit. If you want a less crowded and quiet place, head over to Station 3.

If you’re an early riser, leave your accommodation early, and enjoy alone time on the beach to pause and reflect, as you wait for the sun to rise. To relax your muscles and enjoy some private time with your family, wade in the shallow, pristine part of Boracay beach. When other tourists start to flock to the beach, then you and your company can take your leave and go back to your hotel for a quiet time.

2. Diniwid Beach 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The Diniwid Beach is the neighbor of the White Beach in the north—only smaller, quieter, and more secluded. A small carved footpath at the edge of the cliff connects these two beaches. Because Diniwid is less crowded compared to other beaches, snorkeling is a popular activity here, as most fish prefer swimming in its waters.

There’s relatively few Boracay beach resorts and hotels in Diniwid; so relatively few tourists stay here, making it one of the most peaceful spots for a Boracay Holy Week retreat. To enjoy your vacation in Boracay, don’t miss the chance to snorkel and discover the lush marine life under the blue waters.

3. Ilig-Iligan Beach and its nearby secret beach 

Photo courtesy of Fabian Wiktor via Pexels

If you want to visit secluded spots in Boracay island, Philippines, one of the Holy Week retreat ideas to include in your itinerary is discovering the secret places and beaches found in Boracay.

Ilig-Iligan Beach in itself is a quiet spot that feels rugged and wild. If, however, you’re a confident swimmer looking forward to encountering nature that is completely untouched, ask the locals how to go to the secret beach close to Ilig-Iligan Beach. According to tourists, this secret beach is best for swimming.

4. Tambisaan Beach and its nearby secret beach

Photo courtesy of Nejc Košir via Pexels

This beach is situated farther south of the Bulabog Beach and has limited accommodations, making it one of the quietest places in Boracay. Tourists go there to snorkel and dive. One reason to visit this destination, though, is the tourist spot waiting to be discovered near it: another secret beach! According to locals and tourists who’ve been there, you will walk through a beautiful small forest that lets you see the beauty of the secret beach from a high point.

5. Balinghai Beach 

Photo courtesy of Asad Photo Maldives via Pexels

Another favorite secluded Boracay beach resort is Balinghai Beach. This private beach bordered by rocks can only be reached via Balinghai Beach Resort. During high tide, this gem is submerged in water, but during low tide, it is a perfect place for reflection and relaxation. If you’re not booked at this resort, you only have to pay PhP500 to enjoy this quiet spot. 

Tourists with families enjoy eating, drinking, and relaxing on the sunbeds and in the cottages provided at this beach. To cap off your quiet time in this secluded spot, enjoy quietly watching the sunset while holding hands with your loved ones. 

6. Puka Beach 

Photo courtesy of Simon Stolzenbach via Pexels

When planning your Boracay vacation, don’t forget to visit Puka Beach. This is the second-best known and third longest beach in Boracay island. Puka shells abound on its shores; and unlike other beaches, its clear waters can get deep quickly, making it a perfect quiet spot for experienced swimmers who want to swim solo or with family and friends instead of strangers.

As you swim, activate all your senses. Doing so will make you feel more alive and more appreciative of how and what you’re made of.

7. Alta Vista de Boracay view deck

Also located at Puka Beach is a Boracay hotel that offers a worry-free escape: the Alta Vista de Boracay. Pay a visit at the Dinara View Deck in this hotel to witness a breathtaking 360-degree view of Boracay and its golden sunset. This quiet spot is a perfect place to meditate and appreciate the beauty of life and its surprises and blessings. After your relaxing meditation, swim with your family at the beach’s infinity pool.

All months are the best months to travel to the Philippines, especially to the island paradise of Boracay. Though people think that Boracay is a place for play and party, this island still offers quiet spots perfect for Holy Week—whether you go solo or with family. So don’t look elsewhere, plan your vacation in Boracay now.