As Boracay prepares to open its doors in October, tourists are ecstatically booking flights to the world-famous island. Tens of thousands of people from everywhere flock to the white sand beaches of Boracay each year. The charm of this paradise-like destination doesn't falter even during the rainy season. As a matter fact, the lean months is attracting vacationers who are out for promo flights and bargain hotel bookings.

The Aklan province has so much to offer beyond the popular beach spots. Explore cold springs, secluded coastal towns, and quaint coffee shops. Here are 7 underrated places in Boracay and Aklan you should visit on your next vacation.

Cold springs in a sleepy town

cold springs boracay

Aklan is like a magical island of breathtaking nature spots. Before heading to your hotel in Boracay, take a ride from Caticlan Port to Nabas town. This sleepy village is home to three cold springs which offer relief in the searing summer heat.

Start your cold spring adventure in Manyuko Cold Spring where chilly spring water flows from Aklan's towering peaks. Trek farther to Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring where you could have a picnic by the spring, then to the Basang Cave you can have a dip in its cold water basin.

An off-the-beaten track vacation spot

vacation spot off beaten track

About 30-minutes from Caticlan Port is an amazing destination for the adventurous: the town of Jawili. What to find in this hidden vacation spot? There's a tranquil beach, rock formations, and majestic falls. Very few people visit Jawili so you can truly relax free from the inconveniences of crowds.

Swim in Jawili Beach and take a nap under its line of coconut trees. Then head on to the Afga Wave Rock Formation where a lighthouse stands. Take a dip in the nearby Seven Basin Falls which catch icy waters from the mountains.

A solitary beach of puka shells

puka beach aklan boracay

Puka Beach is found at the northern tip of Boracay. It's named after puka shells which are in great abundance on its shores. Puka Beach is not as crowded as other swimming spots in the island. Thus, its waters are clearer but can get deep quick. The waves are also rougher than other beaches. If you're an experienced swimmer who long for a solitary dip, Puka Beach is the place for you.

Marvel at the reclusive beauty of Boracay throughout your vacation by staying at Alta Vista de Boracay. This premier condotel sits on top of a peak, overlooking the serenity of Puka Beach.

A faraway beach for a romantic vacation

Bulabog Beach is one of the hidden gems of Boracay. It lies on the northeast part of the island, undeniably stunning, but often overlooked by tourists. One of the reasons why few people visit is its secluded location. It's quite far from the pier. However, you can easily reach this charming beach from Alta Vista de Boracay in the neighboring Puka Beach.

Bulabog Beach is for those who want to get away from huge crowds of fellow vacationers. You can have a lunch picnic or share a nice bottle of wine with your companion. This place is perfect for a romantic sunset-viewing with your significant other.

A gem of a resto in a quiet beach destination

pasta in boracay aklan

Boracay is like a kingdom of cuisines. Whether you're craving for authentic Italian pasta or Korean BBQ, the island has an almost endless selection for you. There are ice cream parlors, fruit shake stands, and coffee shops everywhere. Food is a popular tourist attraction in Boracay.

Amid the sea of restaurants, there's a quaint diner in one of the least-visited places in Boracay. Sea Green Cafe in Bulabog Beach is getting rave reviews for its mouthwatering fusion of eastern and western cuisines. Enjoy Fried Quesong Puti Sticks, Spicy Seafood Marinara, and Greek Rocket Salad. Want something lighter? What about Grilled Cheese Sandwich served with vegetable chips?

A remote scene for your adventurous spirit

Thirsting for an extreme sports adventure in Boracay's hidden locations? Head on to the magnificently uninhabited Ilig-Iligan Beach. You may opt to request Alta Vista de Boracay’s shuttle service going here. Don't be fooled by its seemingly calm vibe. This destination has rough waves and deep waters that may be risky for casual swimmers. If you're planning to surf, snorkel, and go parasailing, Ilig-Iligan Beach is a recommended spot. Also, there are coves and caves for your spelunking and trekking adventures, and untamed basins of clear and cold waters.

There are few restaurants in this secluded beach so bring food if you're staying long. Don't forget to bring your garbage with you. Keep Boracay unpolluted.

A diving destination like no other

Do you know that there's a beach destination in Boracay that disappears on a full moon? That's not a myth. Balinghai Beach is a tiny yet dazzling beach that disappears under water during high tide. Balinghai is a private beach in the northern tip of the island. You can explore it for a minimal entrance fee. You can swim, take photos or simply marvel at the spectacular view.

Balinghai is a recommended diving spot. It features a rare parallel wall that serves as home to diverse marine life. There are beautiful corals of various sizes and colors, sponges, gorgonians, and different plant species. Try night diving to discover the amazing variety of nocturnal marine species.

In only a couple of months, Boracay will again welcome tourists from all over the world. Wherever you may choose to visit, remember to do your share in keeping the surroundings litter-free. Bring a trash bag if you're having a picnic in secluded spots. Never throw plastic and styro products in the water. It's advisable to have a water jug and refill it with drinking water instead of buying bottled beverage. Keep Boracay unpolluted while you explore its many wonders.

Stay in a top-rated hotel that's safe and comfortable. Alta Vista de Boracay features well-equipped rooms overlooking the beauty of the island. Its location in the northern tip of Boracay ensures a quiet and relaxing environment. Book a room today for your 2018 Boracay vacation.