20 JUNE, 2019


Traveling is an amazing experience, whether you’re a child, teen, adult, or even a senior citizen. There’s always room for traveling and getting some fun memories and experiences under your belt. There will always be a sense of excitement and wonder whenever you visit a new place, eat a local delicacy, or do something you’ve never done before.

But there are certain restrictions when planning your next trip, depending on who you’re traveling with — especially if you plan to travel with your grandparents. You need to consider what they can and cannot do when you start planning your travel itinerary. Not only that, but you’ll also need to be able to anticipate their special needs, once you get to your travel destination.

If you’re planning a trip with your grandparents and you don’t know where to start, we got you covered. Here are the 10 best places to visit with elderly parents, complete with senior-friendly activities for every destination.

1. Boracay 

Photo courtesy of Asad Photo Maldives via Pexels

Boracay is one of the best places to visit with family. It’s perfect for family reunions, solo travelers, and even trips with senior citizens. When planning your travel itinerary for  Boracay with your grandparents (or parents), you can take them on an amazing island hopping adventure. The price of island hopping ranges from PhP 2,000 to PhP 4,350, depending on your group’s headcount. Visit Crystal Cove where you and your family can have a picnic by the water, and bond together by the shore. You can also visit Puka Beach if you want a picturesque Boracay beachfront without the crowds.

If your companions are still adrenaline junkies, you can arrange for something truly memorable and exhilarating. Book them a 20-minute helicopter ride around Boracay and let them view the island paradise from a completely different angle. A helicopter ride costs PhP 4,400 from Klook for a 3-4 person group.

An essential on any senior travel tips list is to always have a place to rest after a long day of Boracay adventures. Your family deserves only the best comforts whenever they travel. So book yourself and your family rooms at Alta Vista De Boracay where they can enjoy a 360-degree view of the island at the Dinara View Deck. They could also take a dip at the Infinity Pool to cool down or enjoy the best eats on the island at the L’Altura restaurant, for a truly memorable Boracay experience.

2. Palawan

Photo Courtesy of  Christian Paul Del Rosario Via Pexels

A staple entry on the senior-friendly destinations the Philippines is Palawan. Known around the world for its famous Underground River, Palawan is also one of the best places to visit with elderly parents. Make sure to visit the Underground River and be amazed at one of the new seven wonders of nature. It’s also perfect for seniors since they’ll be on a boat, and they won’t have to walk the 8.2-KM length on foot. According to TripAdvisor, a day trip to the Underground River will cost you PhP 2,300 per adult.

If you’re staying in Palawan for a few days, make sure to visit Bakers Hill and let the seniors in your group enjoy some of the best-baked treats they can get in Palawan. Bakers Hill sells crinkles, ube hopia, yema, and more. Take note that Baker’s Hill requires a lot of uphill walking; so make sure to give the seniors in your family time to rest while walking up and down the hill.

3. Bohol

Photo Courtesy of LambdaScorpii Via Pixabay

Bohol is widely known around the world for its Chocolate Hills. However, there are other activities that aren’t only fun but are also senior-friendly. Take your family members on a cruise down the Loboc River. For PhP450 per person, a live band will serenade your family while you enjoy a buffet lunch and take in the beautiful surroundings. There’s also a live performance by local artists on a floating platform, towards the end of the cruise.

Other best places to visit with elderly parents in Bohol are the Cathedral De San Jose, one of the biggest churches in Bohol — a church made of coral stone — and the Baclayon Church and Museum founded in 1596. Admission is free at the church, but there is a PhP 50 entrance fee at the museum.

4. Vigan

Photo Courtesy of eydreeyawn Via Pixabay

 The first thing that comes to mind when people think of Vigan is its famous longganisa. But there are also various other sites and areas in Vigan that’s perfect for senior citizens such as Calle Crisologo. Oozing with Spanish style motifs and houses, left and right, it’s a good place, as any, to experience what it was like to live during the Spanish times.

If your family members of your family are uncomfortable taking an 8-hour drive to Vigan, there are 1-hour flights from Manila to Laoag, followed by a  2-hour van ride to Vigan from the Laoag International Airport.

If your grandparents are interested in museums, you can take them to the Syquia Mansion Museum owned by Doña Alicia Syquia Quirino during the 1800s. It’s filled with Spanish-era memorabilia and a replica of Juan Luna’s famous painting, the Spolarium. The entrance fee to the museum costs  PhP50.00 for adults and PhP40.00 for children.


5. Cebu

Photo Courtesy of M_edwards Via Pixabay

Dubbed the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu is one of the best places to visit with friends and family. Other than the famous Sinulog Festival held every January, you can visit Cebu at any time of the year to try their amazing food and sites. Check out the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary where you can admire the different species of butterflies and moths.

If you’re fortunate enough, you and your family may be able to enter the four-meter-square breeding cage and get up close and personal with some of the fascinating butterflies. The entrance fee to the sanctuary is PhP50 for adults and PhP25 for children. If members of your family have a sensitivity to pollen, be prepared to bring anti-allergy medicine, especially for the elderly.

If you’re looking for the perfect view of the city to end your day, you can head to Tops Lookout. It offers the best view of the city at night and has cafés that open at 4:00 p.m.  Your elderly family members won’t have to walk to Tops Lookout; you can hire a taxi for PhP1,000 for a comfortable ride up to the top.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to sample authentic Cebuchon and Pusô, a kind of rice that’s wrapped in banana leaves.


6. Dumaguete

Photo Courtesy of JACKLOU-DL Via Pixabay

Dubbed the “City of Gentle People” for the locals’ trademark warmth and hospitality to visitors, Dumaguete is the capital city of Negros Oriental. Dumaguete is definitely one of the senior-friendly destinations the Philippines, you have to visit with members of your family. Together, you will surely enjoy the laid back, relaxed atmosphere of the city. You can take them for a serene morning or evening stroll at Rizal Boulevard and try out the Tempurahan or hawker-style stalls that assemble at night.

Your grandparents may also want to light a candle and offer prayers at the Belfry Tower’s grotto. Built in 1760, the Belfry Tower was used to call nearby residents to mass at the nearby Saint Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral. Not only that, but the Belfry Tower was also used to warn the people of pirate attacks during the Spanish era it’s the oldest landmark in the city with the oldest bell tower in the Visayas.

7. Zambales

Photo Courtesy of terimakasih0 Via Pixabay

Known for its beaches and surfer culture, Zambales isn’t just for people who are looking to catch some waves or enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. You can take your family here to see the Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral House which displays some of the late president’s clothes, medals, and old cars.

For your family members (especially the elderly) who love mangoes, Rosa Farms should be on your list of places to visit in Zambales. During the summer months, you can walk among the mango trees and pick mangoes that you pay for to take home. If you can’t visit during the summer months, you can still check out their Lolo David’s Country Store and buy some perfect pasalubong before you head back to Manila.

Traveling is meant for everyone, no matter what age. Take the time to bring your family to the best vacation spots in the Philippines; so that even the elderly members of your family can have a taste of the best tourist spots in the country.