10 JULY, 2015


Why is Boracay a great venue for staging birthday parties - be it a blowout or a surprise party? Having a Boracay birthday or Boracay birthday surprise takes your special day to a place where the avenues for fun are absolutely endless. Bask in the sunlight, or take a swim in the cool and clear waters, you will definitely enjoy your stay in Boracay Island. The sun, sand, and all-summer fun will make your Boracay celebration truly a memorable one.

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Now you’re all set for that special Boracay celebration, you would ask the question that everyone else would: how can people have the best celebration in Boracay? With the numerous resorts and facilities spread across the island, you definitely have more ideas to consider in drafting a creative Boracay birthday party theme. However, especially when in a budget, you should be able to narrow down and focus on Boracay birthday ideas that would serve to maximize not only your budget but also your experience in the island.

With these considerations in mind, we present 8 birthday party ideas that would help make any celebrator have the best Boracay celebration to remember.

Plan Ahead: Go for Worry-Free Accommodations

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In having that unique and memorable Boracay birthday party, it is most important that you plan how you want to spend it, and better yet, where you plan on staying. Growing popularity on the island destination means, first and foremost, that a lot of other people would have the same idea of spending their special day in Boracay.

It is imperative then that you be able to immediately book for affordable accommodation details for your  party at the onset. You should have the means to be able to immediately access hotel bookings and reserve for your special occasion, right at your fingertips if need be. Given the innate popularity of Boracay, you are in competition with other tourists for a place to stay and in your case, to celebrate your birthday party.

Today, lodging service providers provide accessible reservation avenues via their websites to give prospective vacationers the ease and convenience to book their stay in Boracay right at their fingertips. Having accessible booking details will not only help you schedule your party but also makes room for you to iron out other important details on your Boracay birthday bash. Pick up your smartphone or click on the web and make  your reservation.

Easily move from outdoor to indoor event venue


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Apart from providing ease in booking for their lodgings, you should also look into the services and facilities provided by these hotels located across Boracay. Nowadays, there are newly-discovered areas located elsewhere from the famous beaches where developers have erected exclusive vacation sites – which include beaches and indoor facilities like pools and clubhouses.

Utilize these areas and easily move your party from an outdoor to indoor setting depending on your mood. Have a beachfront party during the day and enjoy the sun, and then move into the clubhouse or go night swimming during. Utilizing these indoor and outdoor facilities surely maximizes your budget and makes your party not seem like it was scrimped at all. Also, celebrating your birthday in an exclusive area in Boracay makes it a more relaxing and intimate experience that you would want to go back to.

Have that Lively Hawaiian Surfer Luau Vibe

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After settling in on your hotel, it’s time for the fun to commence! In setting up your birthday party, you can work on with various motifs and ideas. Try having a Hawaiian-themed Luau with a bright color palette as an overall theme. Throw in some surf board cookies and a cute wave and sand – themed cake. Put out some coconut drinking cups and cool punch for the hot sunny weather. Also, give highlight to the Hawaiian print-out decorations and stationery to accent the feel of the occasion. Have your party near the beach while keeping food in the clubhouse or kiosk to make the most out of your hotel’s facilities. This party would surely impress and would be perfect for any tropical event!

Liven Up Your Celebration with Beach Party Music

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Add more life to your summer beach birthday party with upbeat and lively music. Whether it be a tropical Hawaiian-themed luau party or an under the sea adventure party for kids, incorporate lively music that everyone can relate with during the occasion. Look up luau party playlists online or make your own beach party playlist, consisting of songs you and your friends jive with. If you have a bigger budget, hire a live band or DJ to perform on your party and keep the party vibe alive. Or if you or the even celebrant are musically inclined, be the life of the party and liven up the party yourself!. Also, you can create a special video greeting for the celebrant, highlighting significant adventures and experiences during the past years to make the occasion more sentimental.

Surprise Someone Special with a Romantic Bonfire Set Up

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After all the festivities, head out into the beach with your special someone and surprise him/her with a romantic bonfire set up for two. Have wine prepared for the both of you. Pick up your guitar and serenade him/her through the night. Share stories, have drinks, and enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the special occasion. Make the most of that special someone’s day by spending its last moments together under the blanket of stars, looking forward to another year to celebrate together. However, before anything else, secure a permit for lighting a bonfire either from the hotel’s administrative services or the local safety department.

…or Have Karaoke and Game Night!

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Other alternatives for after-party leisure include having family games or singing karaoke with the rest of the family. Unwind and spend the evening bonding with each of your family and friends. Hotels and other lodgings usually offer game rooms and karaoke rooms for leisure time for their guests. For instance, in Alta Vista de Boracay, there are game rooms and karaoke rooms that guests can avail for use during their stay in Boracay.

Have a Food Trip with a Wide Selection of Cuisines

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Having all the party décor set up with party-themed desserts, what do you and your guests eat then? Filipino cuisine? Japanese? Or mixed? Boracay hosts numerous restaurants and specialty food places that can cater to everyone’s palette. Having food at your party is actually the least of your concerns. Just order or take out a party-sized order, take it to your party venue, and have fun!

Have that Traditional Boracay All-Night Party!

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Today, Boracay is known to be a destination that is well loved by people. Boracay ultimately has become a place where great memories are made and best staged. Along with the usual summer getaways the island has been popular with, it has now become more associated with the many beach parties hosted every year. Your Boracay birthday bash is incomplete without the traditional Boracay all-nighter party. Head out to the various party venues across the island at night and have an extended celebration of your birthday.

Having a birthday bash in Boracay definitely is one for the books. You can spend it in many ways to have fun while at the same time spend quality time with family and friends. To maximize your experience, you must have a set theme in mind and a budget to work on. Also, be keen and book conveniently online your accommodation details as well as function room/game room/pool reservation details with your hotel in time for the party. Carefully manage your budget while spending quality memorable times with your family and through these 8 suggestions, hopefully you can carefully plan out your perfect Boracay birthday bash.