When someone plans a Boracay vacation, the top activity that is usually on his list is to spend all day relaxing or partying on the powdery white sand of the breathtaking beaches. While this is a must, considering that the beaches in Boracay are often recognized as the best in the world, one who aims to enjoy the best of what this spectacular island has to offer should also include other Boracay activities on his to-do list.


There's more to do in Boracay other than sunbathing and partying at the beach. Those who want a peaceful and relaxing vacation should get away from the crowds and parties and stay at top-notch accommodations that are situated far from the island's party scene. From there, it's easy to get transported to the different activity spots that will surely make your Boracay getaway truly unforgettable.

Do you want to make every minute of your Boracay vacation to be as fun and memorable as possible? Check out the following activities that you will surely enjoy, whether you plan to travel in Boracay alone or go with your better half, friends or family.

1. Loads of water fun

If you plan to stay in Boracay for several days, you don't need to spend all your precious minutes staying at your Boracay hotel or taking swimsuit photos. Having fun underwater in Boracay means you can learn how to swim like a mermaid or test your balance with standup paddling.

Mermaid swimming is the best activity for those who want to indulge their inner Ariel or Dyesebel. You get to have fins... sort of. Take mermaid swimming lessons with the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, in which you can wear monofins or mermaid tails. It's a fun activity and great exercise for people of all ages and it's open to both men and women. Lessons will be closely supervised by professional instructors. Guardians are required to be present to assist minors who are taking the classes.

If you don't have enough guts to try surfing just yet, here's a great alternative. Learn how to use the stand-up paddle board in shallow and placid waters of White Beach. You can paddle from one station to another or if you're feeling brave enough, you can paddle all the way to Diniwid Beach.

If you want to experience fun-filled water activities in a convenient setup, why not try Alta Vista De Boracay's line-up of water activities? Being a guest at the hotel means you have access to above-the-water adventures such as speed boating, water skiing, and parasailing. The friendly concierge can hook you up with the activities you want to try, saving you the time and effort in calling up contact persons for booking and reservations.

2. Testing your inner daredevil

There's something about the vibrant air in the island that will make you want to try stuff you normally don't have the guts for. Get your heart rate up and try diving from the cliff or going underwater wearing just a helmet.

If extreme thrill is what you seek, then try the five levels of cliff diving in Boracay. You can also swim, snorkel, or paddle a canoe.

Take a look at your friends' Boracay vacation photos and chances are you'll see pictures of them in glass helmets while getting soaked underwater. Helmet diving is a staple in the list of activities to do in Boracay. Drowning is the least of your worries since the helmet (which is filled with compressed air) is perfectly safe for everyone to wear. After you don the helmet, the expert divers will take you underwater for reef walking. Make sure to have your picture taken before you go to the surface.

If daring land adventures are more your thing, Alta Vista De Boracay offers land sports and other land-based activities like island hopping, horseback riding, zip line, and golf. Since the hotel will take care of booking these activities for the guest's convenience, this means you won't have to deal with haggling with merchants for fair rates. Since these activities are offered as part of guest privileges, you can have peace of mind knowing that these activities are guaranteed to be safe and enjoyable.

3. Getting chummy with the locals

Because the locals are used to tourists staying in their island, you will have no problem getting friendly with most of them. They can help you find things to do if you get bored of sitting around the beach. For instance, you can befriend the local kids and learn skimboarding from them. These kids can effortlessly skim the edge of the water in those little boards.

You can approach them and ask them to teach you how to skimboard. If you're lucky, they'll let you borrow their boards for free. If not, you can just rent one for only PHP 100. You may not get it perfect after several hours of sliding and fumbling but hey, at least you get to try it.

If you want to get some strenuous exercise while enjoying the magnificent Boracay view, why not rent a bike from one of the locals and pedal around the island? Give your legs a challenging workout by treading up and down the sloping roads in the hills. You don't have to be afraid of getting lost since the locals will gladly give you directions to where you want to go.

4. Chilling without distraction

If you already experienced the pulsating energy of White Beach or if you're a first-timer who just prefer a more peaceful vacation, then the lesser known beaches in the island are worth checking out. The quieter side of Boracay allows you to just bask in the sounds of the waves, the birds, and the trees without distraction.

One of which is Puka Shell Beach. Here you can enjoy the company of a handful of tourists who also want to avoid the crowds at White Beach.

Book a stay at Alta Vista De Boracay and get exclusive access to this white sand paradise. As a guest, you don't have to get lost trying to find this beautiful slice of serene beauty so you can chill without worries.

5. Comfortable, hassle-free stay at great accommodations

On the hills of Boracay lay beautiful sanctuaries made for those who are looking for total comfort and convenience. Rest assured that the extra cash you'll spare for hotel-like services and world-class amenities will be worth every hard-earned penny. Alta Vista De Boracay offers perfect venues for intimate gatherings such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Don't miss the chance to impress your guests with the breathtaking, 360-degree view of the best sunset in the world courtesy of the hotel's Dinara View Deck.

Boracay is more than just an expanse of powdery white sand where sunbathers and partygoers can laze around all day. In order to create a true Boracay getaway, you must spend the better part of your vacation discovering the other delights that the island has to offer. Staying at the right hotel can make a big difference in fulfilling your vacation plans. If you want to start your vacation on the right foot, make sure to book your rooms in advance so you can take advantage of affordable hotels in Boracay that will complement your budget.