18 OCTOBER, 2018


Are you in the process of planning your next visit to Boracay? More than just putting together an adventure-filled itinerary, you also need to choose a Boracay hotel with the best resort amenities. A great hotel stay makes a Boracay vacation even more memorable. Learn about the top features to look for in a hotel.

Great location

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

To have a restful night, you should choose a hotel that is tucked away from the busier areas of Boracay. There’s a reason why loyal guests keep coming back to Alta Vista de Boracay, a hotel located on the quiet, hilly northern end of the island. Perched on one of Boracay’s highest peaks, the hotel offers an exclusive and tranquil escape. Although isolated, the hotel is  accessible to the islands’ key sites, and is located only five minutes from Puka Beach and 15 minutes from White Beach.

Beyond just offering a relaxing stay, the hotel should also offer stunning views. You are in Boracay for a vacation, might as well make the most out of it. From its vantage point on a mountain peak, Alta Vista de Boracay offers stunning views of lush mountains, blue waters, and white sand beaches.

Relaxing pool

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There are so many accommodation options in Boracay that there is simply no reason for you to settle for anything less than the best. Choose a hotel that is a vacation destination in and of itself. Some people love a beach vacation, others a mountain retreat. At Alta Vista de Boracay, you get the best of both worlds. While the beaches are only a short distance away, you would still love to linger at the hotel and enjoy its amenities. Guests at Alta Vista love to take a dip at the infinity pool, which offers wondrous views of The Fairways and Bluewater Golf Course, the verdant mountains, and the blue sea.

Comfortable viewing deck

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When in Boracay, you must take every opportunity to enjoy its many wondrous sights. It’s one of the world’s most renowned vacation destinations for a reason! 

Alta Vista de Boracay lets you do just that in its Dinara view deck, which offers a 360-degree view of the breathtaking Boracay sunset. And of course, you get to enjoy the stunning mountain and beach views.

Fun karaoke room

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What’s a vacation without a fun karaoke night? This is practically mandatory for Filipinos (and for foreigners who’d like to experience Filipinos’ idea of fun!). Guests at Alta Vista de Boracay can keep themselves preoccupied at the hotel’s well-equipped karaoke room. You won’t even have to leave the hotel for entertainment.

Well-stocked bar

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Speaking of entertainment, you can head over to the hotel’s sports bar for a night of laidback drinking. Alta Vista boasts a well-stocked bar waiting to welcome a fun-loving crowd. A Boracay vacation is almost synonymous to non-stop partying, so make the most out of the island’s nightlife scene!

Well-equipped function hall

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If you are traveling to Boracay to celebrate a special occasion, then you must choose a hotel with a well-equipped function hall. Alta Vista de Boracay has a function hall that features versatile interiors, which can be designed to match your needs. Whether you are there for a wedding reception, conference, seminar, team building, renion, debut, and other such occasions, you can count on the hotel staff to help you fix up the place for the event. The venue can hold up to 60 guests.

 Secure play room

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Traveling to Boracay with your children? Make sure you choose a hotel that has a playroom. What’s a vacation if you can’t have time to unwind? Alta Vista de Boracay has a play room to ensure that you get to make time for yourself. Every parent, no matter how devoted, deserves a little break. Alta Vista’s play room features toxic-free toys in an area designed to keep children entertained.

Welcoming reception lobby

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You know you are at the right hotel when there are friendly receptionists waiting to serve you round the clock with a smile. Alta Vista de Boracay has a concierge at the pavilion’s reception lobby. Well-trained hotel staff will assist you with your travels, luggage, transfers, and other services that will make your stay pleasant.

Choose a hotel that has a warm and competent staff. Hostile and incompetent staff can cause stress, which is the last thing you want while on vacation. Great hotels hire innately warm people who are educated in the field of hospitality. They also employ staff who are knowledgeable about the hotel’s amenities and the vicinity.

Secured entry and exit points

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While on vacation, you risk going to a place where you hardly know anyone. Staying in a hotel that offers tight security will help you have peace of mind. Alta Vista de Boracay ensures all security measures are carried out at all times. The hotel has gated entrance and secure entry points. Every visitor is subjected to go thorough inspection. This assures guests that they are protected from any unwanted intruder.

A good in-house restaurant

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

A hotel stay becomes much more memorable when the hotel offers great food. For this reason, Alta Vista de Boracay has worked with Tamayo’s Group, a trusted name in catering and food services, to open their in-house restaurant called the L’Altura. Talented chefs give popular dishes an innovative twist. Even food connoisseurs will be impressed with unique dishes like Grilled Adobo with Yogurt, Pasta Caldereta, and Filipino Dessert Sampler.

While in Boracay, choose only a hotel that offers all the items on your best hotel amenities list. Don’t settle for anything less.