Ahhh... summer! Just a mere mention of the sunniest time of the year immediately draws in your mind a beautiful vision of dreamy escapes like cool crystal-clear waters, fine white-sand beaches, nature's breath-taking views, fun yet thrill-packed land or water activities, and so on.

Your wandering thoughts about that one perfect summer could take you to the small but multi-awarded island paradise of Boracay. Being a premier tourist destination, But while Boracay travel indeed bodes well for one unforgettable trip to look forward to, you must also bear in mind common mistakes couple travelers make to achieve your ultimate, worry-free vacation getaway.

Boracay boasts of a string of hotel accommodations you could surely choose from to match your preferences. Below are considerations when looking for a hotel in Boracay.

1. Location

Boracay island has become world famous for its long stretch of pristine, white-sand beaches which every tourist couldn't get enough of. Any visitor expectant to experience the allure of Boracay certainly yearns for loads of water fun and wants the most share of it.

Though booking a hotel with beach-front location definitely arises as the chief consideration as this offers the best vantage point going to and from the beach, booking in the secluded and luxurious accommodations in Boracay is another essential travel tips you should consider as well. Aside from the 4-kilometer shoreline of White Beach, exclusive access to Boracay's Puka Shell Beach also promises an undeniably unforgettable experience of the island's crystal-like waters.

2. Value-For-Money

Apart from location, budget considerations when looking for hotels take the upper hand. There could be several fixes on hotel booking mistakes towards getting lower room rates. You could request for a breakdown of hotel charges to itemize costs and pay up for only those that are mandatory.

Be on the lookout for ambiguous phrases in your hotel statement of account such as "Other Applicable Charges May Apply" or protective terms and conditions for additional fees in case of cancellation. Likewise, consider the factors that influence hotel rates such as crowd density from conventions and seasonality. Lastly, it is wisest to compare at least three separate price quotes for a single hotel.

At the end of the day however, you shouldn't be overly concerned about getting the lowest price, but instead go for the most worth of your money. It appears prudent to assess room rates alongside basic hotel amenities and added luxury facilities. Just a case in point, you get more value for money with a hotel that offers in-house island concierge services at the same rate versus another with lesser amenities. It's a welcome bonus when your hotel could provide additional perks like welcome snacks and drinks upon arrival or complimentary breakfast all throughout your stay.

3. Room Accommodation Options

Whether vacationing as a couple or family, you definitely desire more leg room for relaxing other than just on your bed. Booking a hotel with more room options such as studio or loft will not put a cap on your choice for your ideal private space.

Reader's Digest Travel suggests you ask instead for a corner room which usually has excess cut area or especially designated room for handicapped to trick your way towards having more generous space in your room without paying additional. Meanwhile, it wouldn't hurt you a bit by being friendly to hotel staff as they know the better room locations and can offer you a free upgrade if they see you as a familiar face in the hotel.

4. Food Variety

When in Boracay, eat like in Boracay! And obviously, seafood comes as no surprise to being the food staple in the house. Aside from the favorite seafood platter in Boracay, booking a hotel that offers additional menu variety also stands appealing as you will never know when your craving for Pinoy-famous adobo or appetite for good old hamburgers and french fries will strike you. Better yet, variety in meal options offers a safe fallback for those sudden and fortuitous food allergies that may bother you.

5. Security

Even on vacation, it pays to be secured with both your tiny valuables and heavy belongings as you will spend most of the time outdoors enjoying what nature has to offer. Gated hotels in Boracay offer the security for an exclusive break and guarded privacy.

6. Cleanliness

Undoubtedly, hotels present the best of themselves in pictures posted on the website. Lucky for you if this really holds true when you finally go straight to your booked hotel for check-in. But otherwise, do not hesitate to cancel and walk out from it! You wouldn't want to be left with unwashed towels or old bed covers with others' filth during your stay, would you? Hence, keeping a list of three to five hotel options serves as brilliant back-up in case the first one fouls out.

clean elegant boracay hotel

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7. Friendly and Efficient Customer Service

boracay hotel customer service

A friendly customer service or housekeeping staff could turn your hotel suddenly homey.

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When out on vacation, you also want to feel just right at home. In your hotel, it's the people around you who can set up the homey atmosphere away from home. You are most assured that you can be safe and well taken care of when you feel the friendly and efficient customer service extended to your needs and requests on time and with a warm smile. Especially for beach and pool vacation venues, the presence of capable lifeguards creates an aura of safety and concern for hotel guests.

8. Availability of Payment Options

During travelling, it's good to have available payment options at hand. You never know when your cash or debit card may get lost or your credit card may unexpectedly turn inaccessible. Credit cards, depending on what type, can offer a lot of travel benefits such as free night accommodations, airline miles, and instant refunds for wrong charges. But unlike cash, it may also face up to additional fees such as foreign fund transactions when vacationing overseas.

Hence, prudent handling of your finances by weighing the pros and cons of each available payment option you have at hand could translate to the biggest savings you may get. Just for instance, you may decide to settle full amount of room billing in cash to get 10% discount but opt to pay via credit card at the in-house hotel cafeteria for your meals due to additional reward points.

Before you finally book a hotel, you might want to ask yourself first whether these factors above compliment the hotel you've found online or accommodations you are looking into. Remember always go for a travel accommodation that is most worth of your money and you can never go weary and wrong.