26 JANUARY, 2018


Hunting for a genuine vegan restaurant in this meat-loving country can be challenging. Majority of Filipinos are huge fans of lechon, sisig and kaldereta, which are widely popular in tourist destinations. Lucky for you, Boracay has a wide range of gastronomic choices that include authentic vegan food. In Alta Vista de Boracay, you can savor fresh fruits and veggies prepared to satisfy your healthy palate. Traveling with meat-eating friends? No need to dine separately. This five-star hotel accommodation serves meat-rich local and foreign cuisine.

The dining recommendations below offer dishes that can suit various types of veganism such as non-eaters of animal products or by-products, lacto-vegetarians who limit their consumption of animal by-products to dairy products, and pollotarians who restrict their meat consumption to poultry and fowl only. Explore vegetarian-friendly food stops in D'Mall, Puka Beach and other parts of Boracay.

Appetizing grain bowls at Nonie's

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Among the vegan food options in Boracay, one place stands out: Nonie's. This highly-recommended food stop is owned by couple Shria and Patrick Florencio who aims to “bring delicious and healthy food options to a culinary landscape that is seriously lacking.” Nonie's purpose of improving Boracay's munch options is on point. If you look around the island, there's no shortage of greasy burgers, processed meats and sugary drinks. Nonie's is both for vegans and meat lovers. They offer tasty and healthy grain bowls such as Vegan Chorizo and Tuna Tataki. If you want something lighter, go for pumpkin soup and tofu salad. You can have cold press juices and fresh smoothies as better alternatives to sodas.

Thai-style vegan delights at Thai Basil Boracay

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The Thai cuisine is known for its lightly prepared dishes, spicy flavor and aromatic herbs. Their dishes offer both fortification and medicinal benefits. The Thai typically cooks with lime (fruit and leaves), lemongrass, basil, cilantro and cloves. For a Thai-style vegan dining, the place to be is Thai Basil Boracay. Thai Chef Tamawat Itthipornwithool brings his country's gastronomic delights with authentic ingredients. Try the well-loved pomelo salad Yum Som-O and the stir-fried Vegetable Fried Rice (this includes fish, FYI). You cannot leave this resto without ordering Pad Thai, a rice noodle dish cooked with tofu, peanuts, eggs and bean sprouts.

A vegetarian-friendly Italian resto

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Are you a lacto or ovo vegetarian? For non-vegan readers, a lacto vegetarian doesn't eat meat (red or white), seafood and eggs. However, they can indulge in dairy products such as cheese and milk. An ovo vegetarian doesn't consume meat, fish and dairy products but eats egg products. If you're either, you can visit Trattoria Stella. This Italian restaurant offers home-cooked pasta such as ravioli, gnocchi and fettuccine. Try Penne All' Arrabbiata, a delectable penne dish in red tomato sauce, topped with Italian aromatic herbs. You can never go wrong with Jumbo Vegetarian Homelette, an all-day breakfast favorite.

A hearty vegetarian-friendly buffet at Alta Veranda

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Having a hard time looking for a strictly vegetarian-diet diner? Don't fret. There's a long list of vegetarian-friendly restos in Boracay. Alta Veranda, Alta Vista de Boracay's homegrown cafe, has got you covered. The hearty breakfast buffet is perfect for your vegetarian palate. There are fruit and veggies salad, soups, and various types of bread. Indulge in pasta and herb sauces, pastries and different tea leaves. Enjoy amazing comfort food while relaxing under Boracay skies. The mango crepe, which is drizzled in chocolate syrup and topped with ice cream, is a must-try for every Boracay foodie (vegetarian or not).

All-Filipino vegetarian menu at Subo Boracay

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“Cuisines with no borders,” is one of Chef Sunny de Ocampo's guiding principles in his culinary endeavours. Together with visionary Boyet Sacdalan, he opened Subo Boracay, a Filipino cuisine restaurant in a charming colonial house. Your vegetarian group can share mouth-watering local favorites including Adobo Tofu, Ginataang Gulay or Crispy Pansit Canton. For the sides, you can have steamed white or red rice, steamed saba (banana) or stir-fried morning glory. The food is not the only reason you should visit Subo. There are cultural performances such as traditional dances and music for a truly Filipino experience.

The original calamansi muffin at Real Coffee & Tea Cafe

Photo courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons

Calamansi is a staple in many Filipino dishes. It's a citrus fruit, commonly regarded as the “Filipino lime.” In Real Coffee & Tea, calamansi is enjoyed as a fluffy pastry. Say hello to the Calamansi Muffin. Other varieties include Banana Walnut, Carrot Raisin and the “Ultimate,” a combination of banana, carrot, pineapple, walnuts and raisin ingredients. There are also brownies and cookies you can enjoy with homegrown coffee or tea. Too hot for steaming coffee? Have fresh fruit juices instead. Oh, and don't forget to try the pancakes served with fresh fruits and honey.

Guilt-free dessert at Coco Mama

Coco Mama at D'Mall in Boracay has only one offering: a heavenly ensemble of dairy-free coconut ice cream, mango fruit, pinipig (pounded rice grains) and sticky rice. These are served in dainty coconut shells. The ice cream is certified lactose-free. It's made of coconut milk (cheers for vegans!). “Sweet, creamy coconut ice cream nestled in a coconut half with sticky rice and sweet-sour Filipino mango slices. What a great find! Place is a little tricky to find, but worth hunting down. Vegan guests were crazy for it,” a customer raved at TripAdvisor. This guiltless dessert is best enjoyed by the white sand shores under a coconut tree.

Boracay is definitely a haven of the best things on earth — pristine beaches, majestic landscapes, friendly crowds and mouth-watering food choices. This island is also a dream venue for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. The cinematic view makes for a picture-perfect event worth remembering for years. Moreover, Boracay now hosts a number of premier accommodations that suit special celebrations. Alta Vista de Boracay, which sits atop one of Boracay's peaks, is a favored location for weddings. Imagine exchanging vows by the sea and under the crimson sunset. As for your lavish wedding buffet, Alta Vista de Boracay will deliver your money's worth.