08 FEBRUARY, 2019


It finally came - the realization that the holiday season is over and summer is slowly owning the spotlight. Sadly, memories of the past festivities may still be reflecting in your belly. Will you be able to get back your beach body in time for summer? Is losing fats possible within a short timeframe so you can be Boracay ready this 2019? Don’t fret! Here are some beach body workouts and tips you can try this year to hit your fitness goals this summer!

Treadmill Madness

Photo courtesy of milyoung23 via Pixabay

The treadmill has been an iconic part of fitness regimens for quite some time now. However, with new trends coming out every year, the treadmill has slowly lost the limelight.

This 2019, treadmills are making a comeback. In fact, a study has reported an 82% increase in classes incorporating treadmills last year compared to 2017. With this sudden popularity, it’s surely going to continue being a trend this 2019.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to enroll in any treadmill class. There are several apps like Gold’s Amp, #BEACTIVE, Motion Traxx, and Aaptiv that offer audio coaching and motivation that you can download and use as you hop on the treadmill.

The Year for Yoga

Photo courtesy of  Burst via Pexels

You’ve heard it before, yoga is a good exercise. But is it enough to burn off the calories you have consumed throughout the holiday season? Is it finally the year to try yoga and see for yourself?

While Yoga is undeniably popular, many people are still unsure about trying it. They fear the poses they see online and think to themselves “No way my body is going to let me do that”.

But for people looking for tips on how to get a beach body in 2 months, Yoga is a great contender. Just make sure to pick the type of yoga that consists of continuous motions like Power Yoga, Bikram, and Vinyasa to burn up to 594 calories in one hour.


Photo courtesy of Alturas Homes via Pexels

High-Intensity Interval Training made some noise in the fitness space a couple of years ago. However, even after all the rave about it online slowly toned down, it still continues to be a favorite among people looking for fit body workouts. In fact, it even reached the #1 spot for 2018 according to a survey.

There’s a reason why this is popular. High-intensity interval training is notorious for burning a large number of calories in a short span of time and improves the overall physical fitness of participants.

After indulging yourself a bit last Christmas and now you’re wondering how to get an amazing body, it’s your chance to burn it off.

Swim Your Way to a Beach Body

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Swimming exercises to make you look good when you swim for fun? Sounds ironic, but swimming can actually help you lose weight!

So before you swim on the beach this summer, consider swimming exercises that are designed to help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and temporarily free your bones and muscles from the forces of gravity.

This fit body exercise can also be your training ground for when you finally hit the beach.

Fly High With Aerial Fitness

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexel

We’ve already mentioned yoga earlier, but this one is different - because it’s yoga on air.

Aerial Yoga has changed the way yoga can help you burn calories and trim your belly fat.

With this workout, you will be using a hammock where you will be suspended while doing yoga poses. This type of yoga helps alleviate pressure from your spine, legs, and neck and allow you to do more poses with ease while still providing the weight loss benefits of a regular intense yoga session if not more.

For those checking out how to get a beach body for girls - and even for boys - this is an exciting option.

Pumping Iron

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Want to know how to get a beach body for boys that will make your biceps, chest, and abs noticeable?

You can get back to your old trusted gym and lift weights. Pick a program for bulking up or for toning your muscles to give you a head turner body this summer.

But take note - weight lifting is not just for men. There are weight lifting programs designed for women to help burn off calories without buffing up.

Lift Your Body

Photo courtesy of Nathan Cowley via Pexels

You can’t take the gym with you wherever you go, but you surely can bring the weights - your body that is.

Body weight exercises allow you to have a quick workout session anywhere without having to go to the gym. You can save time to work on your other goals, as well as money that you would otherwise spend on gyms or fitness classes.

The best part is, it’s certainly effective for both men and women looking to lose weight and build muscles.

Pole Dancing

Photo courtesy of ivanovgood via Pixabay

Pole dancing used to be reserved for erotic entertainment. However, it has gained popularity as a fitness exercise and is now being offered by fitness gyms and dance studios.

Not only will pole dancing help you sweat heavily and lose weight, it will also allow you to gain flexibility and full body strength.

But don’t be intimidated - while this may look difficult (and it is), there are classes designed for first-timers so you can join the bandwagon.

Kick It

Photo courtesy of xusenru via Pixabay

Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing - these are few of the martial arts you can try today as a workout routine.

Mixed Martial Arts has gained popularity in the past few years and is still making a roar in the fitness scene. With many fitness gyms offering classes for these types of sport to help you lose weight, you can easily find one near you without looking further.

The rigorous training you will go through will include pain, heavy sweating, and strength building activities. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun.

Roll With It

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Cycling began making noises in the country a few years back for hobbyist and sports enthusiasts. This year, you can join the fun and get on your bike to ride your way to a fit and beach ready body.

Cycling will allow you to get the benefits of running but without too much stress in your knees and ankles. If you don’t have a bike and would rather do it in a safer environment, you can also use stationary bikes at your local gym — though it may not be as fun as real cycling.

All these tips will help you lose weight, but remember, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So stick to a calorie-deficit diet and stick with a fitness program to lose weight in time for your summer getaway.

Lastly, none of these will be effective if you don’t take action. So pick yourself up and start sweating!