Easy 15-Minute Workout Routines Before Hitting the Beach

1 June, 2018

Hitting the beach is a lot of fun, but there’s also a bit of pressure. In the time of Instagram, beach photos are fairly common. But apart from the clear waters, the fine sand, and the gorgeous sunset, people do strive to look good. And that’s not a bad thing, they can actually be very inspiring and motivational.

Fitness goals are not only for when you hit the waves, it is a lifestyle. Apart from looking good, sticking to a fitness routine also helps you feel good about yourself. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more confident about your body. And these days, with all the Internet tutorials and apps, you can customize your own quick and easy workout plan in the comfort of your home. A 15-minute exercise might not seem much, but the rewards are great. And just because you’re on a beach holiday doesn’t mean that your quest to be fit and healthy should also be on vacation.

The next time you visit the island paradise of Boracay, bring your fitness goals with you. Alta Vista de Boracay will help you achieve them by providing spaces and amenities where you can complete your quick 15-minute workout. Here are 15-minute routines you can do to keep you looking good and feeling great.

Circuit training for endurance

girl planking endurance

Heard of the circuit craze? Circuit training is a workout that aims to increase endurance by building and toning the muscles. It’s a high-intensity workout, but it’s pretty easy for beginners.

For five minutes, perform any cardio. In your own hotel room, open the drapes and put on some music then do a minute of high knees, jumping jacks, front kicks, and run in place. You can also do it outdoors by brisk walking or jogging around the secured resort of Alta Vista de Boracay. Not only will your heart be pumped, your eyes will also feast on the view of lush mountains and white sand beaches.

After cardio, do four minutes of lunges and mountain climbers. Follow this up with three minutes of push ups and tricep dips (with rest), two minutes or a minute each of regular squats and jump squats. End it with a one-minute plank.

Blast fat with HIIT workout

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sounds like a tough one, but easier versions such as 15-minute workout for beginners will also give you optimum results if you are consistent enough. HIIT is great for when you are trying to reduce belly fat, which is a priority for beach bums. It helps burn fat and boosts your metabolism.

Start with warm-up by doing 30 seconds of each: jumping jacks, inch-worm walk, forward lunges, high knees, deep squats, and push ups. Next, work on your core with 30 seconds of forearm plank, elevator plank walk up, crossbody kick, mountain climbers, one-sided clam shell, and full clam shell. Follow with two minutes of squats, side planks to triceps push ups, reaction drill (high speed running + burpees), and punch sequences. Next would be six rounds of Tabata for a total of 12 cycles: 20 seconds of burpees and 10 seconds of rest + 20 seconds of triceps presses + 10 seconds of rest. Work with your kettlebells for four minutes, then cool down. Here’s a tutorial video that will break it down for you.

Home cardio for total body workout

girl jogging cardio workout

Without using any gym equipment, you can perform a 15-minute cardio workout in your home. Do each exercise for a full minute including a 10- or 20-second rest in between: high knees, mountain climbers, jumping lunges, burpees, and lateral jumps. Do these five exercises a total of three times to complete the 15 minutes, then cool down and stretch.

Boost energy with morning yoga routine

girl yoga boost energy

Yoga fanatics are always full of energy. This is because apart from the physical benefits, yoga clears the minds and balances the body. It boosts energy faster than your cup of morning joe.

For those already familiar with the different yoga poses, you can work on this 15-minute yoga sequence: cat cow, downward facing dog, plank, down dog extensions, baby cobra, sun salutation, chair pose, warrior one, warrior two, reverse warrior, back stretch, boat pose, back bend, happy baby, spine stretch, and savasana.

It would be great to do this outdoors in the morning. Alta Vista’s Dinara view deck is perfect for this as you can breathe in fresh morning air while catching the sun rise. This is one of the health benefits of the beach life, after all — the natural high we get from the morning breeze and morning sun.

Increase muscle strength with Pilates

Another easy 15-minute workout you can do outdoors is Pilates. Apart from the view deck, you can do this pool side, too. Sounds hard core? There’s a version for beginners and all you’ll need is a yoga mat.

You need to be at least familiar with the basic pilates moves. Do these movements with 15 repetitions each. It should take you around 12 to 15 minutes to complete. The movements include: glute bridge, ab crunch, lying leg extensions, lying windshield wipers, side lying leg abduction (repeat on other side), side lying leg abduction (repeat on other side), back extension, and goal post lifts.

Burn calories in the pool

guy swimmer burn calories

Swimming is a total body workout. Your whole body is involved and your breathing is improved. Lap swimming for an hour can burn around 476 calories, but you don’t need an entire hour. Even just swimming for 15 minutes can help you burn calories and get pumped up for a whole day of beach bumming.

Before hitting the beach in the morning, take a few laps at the infinity pool of Alta Vista de Boracay. It overlooks lush greens and turquoise waters. Apart from laps, you can also play around with a kickboard, swim fins, or foam buoys or burn calories faster with sprints or by swimming fast. By doing this, you are already revved up for more swimming at the beach.

Get pumped up by dancing

girl dancing zumba

Dancing is one of the best forms of exercises. Imagine burning fat while having fun at the same time. Put on your favorite dance music in your hotel room, or play one of those arcade type consoles, and dance like no one’s watching. You can do this for 15 minutes or more.

Breathe in fresh air outdoors

Go beyond your hotel room and the restaurant when staying at a beach resort. Enjoy the sights and the amenities. Walk or jog around the compound for a few minutes. Remember that the simple act of walking can go a long way. The few minutes can easily turn into an hour once you see the beauty around you.

Going on a beach holiday shouldn’t be a reason for your fitness goals to take a back seat. Complete your quest to healthy living by patronizing the many restaurants with vegetarian options around Boracay. Stay fit and healthy wherever you are.