16 MARCH, 2017


American author and psychiatrist David Viscott offered a heartwarming definition of a marriage: “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” Marriage is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. It’s a contract that binds not only you and your partner but also your families and friends. Hold a beach wedding at Alta Vista de Boracay and enjoy the picturesque island as you say your vows in front of your loved ones.

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Here are 15 wedding accents for Boracay weddings.

A touch of humor makes everything a lot better

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Put a touch of humor in your beach wedding theme. Cassandra, a 32-year-old interior designer, was thrilled that her huge family would be coming together for her big day. She and her fiancé Patrick wrote down marriage-related quotes from grandparents, aunts, and cousins on cue cards displayed on guests’ tables. The cards drew in laughter even after the event.


Refreshing fruit juices with a hint of summer

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“Why did I choose a beach wedding? Albert and I love the sun, sand, and seas. We wanted to exchange vows under the summer sun,” said 25-year-old Anika. Make sure your guests are refreshed and hydrated with chilled fruit and vegetable juices.

Wedding guestbook, beach-style

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Need ideas for your guest book? Vincent and Lucille ensured that every detail of their beach wedding at Alta Vista de Boracay is faithful to their coastal theme. They asked each guest to write their names and messages in pieces of papers that were dropped into a glass bottle. They plan to read the “messages in the bottle” on their first month as a couple.


Tropical fruits for your tropical beach wedding

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Beach wedding motifs are probably the most flexible as you can explore a lot of ideas. “A wedding can be a tense occasion. We wanted a laidback atmosphere when our families come together. A beach wedding was just perfect,” exclaimed Ronan. Have lots of tropical fruits in the menu. Instead of porcelain, use coconut husks as salad bowls.


Mismatched mumus for your wedding entourage

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Your entourage would need outfits that will fit the solemnity of your wedding but gear them for a beach party afterwards. “I initially asked my entourage about ideas for their outfits. Since we couldn’t agree on a style, I decided to let them choose the style for their mumus as long as they use the same fabric,” Priscilla said. The 30-year-old architect, however, gave her bridesmaids the liberty to decide their floral head wreaths.


Go bold with your wedding bouquet

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 Have an organically elegant wedding bouquet. How? Instead of cutting off the beautiful leaves of the flowers, let it flow with the entire piece. The greens will also let the colors of the petals pop out.  


Nature’s hues in your wedding bouquet

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Combine the colors of nature in your wedding bouquet. Instead of the traditional roses and tulips, why not have a bundle of orchids, callas, and plumerias in coral orange and turquoise teal? Let your bouquet reflect stunning shades of the seas and the sunset.


Coastal-colored ropes to tie the knot

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Tying the knot is an essential part of a wedding ceremony. The fisherman’s knot symbolizes the joining of two lives, and signifies hopes for a strong marriage ahead. Choose ropes with colors that fit your beach wedding theme. White, teal, navy blue, and coral are perfect shades to consider.


An underwater-inspired wedding cake

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In choosing the best accents for a beach wedding at Alta Vista de Boracay, don’t forget an important element of the ceremony:the cake. The cutting of the cake symbolizes the couple’s promise to provide for each other. “We were planning to get a sea-inspired cake for our beach wedding. We thought of coral-shaped icing around a simple four-layered cake,” shared newlywed Emil.


Lots of sugary shells on your wedding cake

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“I’ve always dreamt of getting married by the ocean. It’s simple and romantic,” said 27-year-old chemist Andrea. There are ways of having a cost-conscious yet elegant wedding ceremony. You don’t need a towering wedding cake. A two-layer chiffon covered with icing and designed with sugar shells and corals would do.


Go as fresh as you can

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Fruit juice, you say? Ditch the glasses. Let your guests taste the freshness of tropical fruits straight from the fruit itself! Put plastic straws on a coconut or pineapple and you’re done.

Nautical boutonnieres for your groomsmen

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Having a hard time thinking of beach-inspired outfits for your groomsmen? A nautical boutonniere will do the trick. You can purchase ship’s wheels or anchor pendants in specialty stores.


A coastal-inspired table setting

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Have a coastal-inspired table setting for your wedding reception. How? “We simply used table napkins, plates, and décor that reminds us of the beach,” 32-year-old Jake shared. Don’t forget the sea shells!

Charming beach waves for the sea bride

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Let your hair down on your wedding day. Gorgeous beach waves or a loose French braid will suit you on your beach-inspired nuptials. Add a charming head wreath and you’ll feel like a sea queen.


Get creative with your wedding invites

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Make sure your family and friends enjoy Boracay’s white sands by wearing comfy footwear. What about sandal-inspired wedding invitations as a suggestion for their outfit? Be creative with your wedding invitations as it will guide your guests on how to dress up and what to expect during the reception.

There are 101 reasons to celebrate your wedding in Boracay. The island is stunning,  romantic, and fun. Exchange vows before the sunset and your loved ones, then party under the stars. Let the heavens and the seas be your witnesses as you write a new chapter in your life.