12 JULY, 2018


Traveling has so many benefits that more and more people are taking the time off their busy schedule to engage in it. It’s simply one of the best ways to experience more joy in life. And these benefits can be amplified if you choose to head to the beach. Sure a trip to a city you’ve never been to before and a hike to new mountain peaks have their advantages. But a vacation on the beach simply has gifts you won’t get anywhere, such as the nutrient- and mineral-rich waters and cleaner and fresher air. Learn more about why it make sense for tourists to travel in droves to beaches.

The seawater can help you fight infections

Do you still remember feeling a painful sting when your open wound was exposed to the sea. What you may not be aware of is that the pain you experience is a sign that your wound is being cleansed by the salt water. Water from the sea has unique antifungal and antibacterial properties, allowing it to fight external infections.

The ocean water also has iodine that makes it great for internal infections. As a matter of fact, iodine is a great immune system booster. Not only is it a highly antiseptic agent that is used even for surgeries in hospitals, it also works effectively to improve the function of the thyroid gland.

Swimming in the sea increases iodine levels in your body

Increasing the levels of iodine in the body helps improve a person's metabolic rates and energy levels, regulates hormone levels, and enhances the growth of the hair and nails. Iodine is also considered anti-carcinogenic, and is known to help alleviate the symptoms of fibrocystic disease. People often take supplements to get a dose of iodine.

The great news is that heading to the beach does the trick! Because of the living organisms found in the ocean, iodine is naturally present in salt water. And it can be absorbed by your skin when you swim. Truly, a trip to the beach is a healing experience.

A trip to the beach can help you sleep soundly at night

Speaking of healing benefits, spending a few hours at the beach can help you get better sleep at night. This offers a natural remedy for insomnia sufferers. The beach helps improve sleep by inhibiting the following: hormonal imbalances, physical fatigue, and anxiety levels. Stepping foot on the beach can immediately make you feel relaxed, plus you get to exercise as you walk on the beach and take a swim. The lowered stress levels, combined with the benefits from sun exposure, makes it easier to get a deep sleep at night.

The sun will give you a good dose of Vitamin D

People often rely on milk to get their dose of Vitamin D. But sun exposure works more effectively, providing as much as 80 to 90 percent of the required daily dose of Vitamin D. The light from the sun interacts with a cholesterol-related compound, metabolizing into Vitamin D. According to the Harvard Medical School, getting substantial amounts of the vitamin depends on the levels of UVB that reach you. Sunscreens block the needed UVB rays to produce Vitamin D, making unprotected exposure to the sun necessary. But this will have to be limited, as you also face the danger of getting skin cancer. Most doctors prescribe “responsible sun exposure,” or about 10 to 15 minutes of exposure to the sun. While the mountains are great for its breezy atmosphere and protective shades from the sun, the beach is simply the perfect spot for sun bathing.

The beach has amazing benefits for your skin

The beach has positive effects on the overall health of the skin. For one, the sand on the beach does a great job of exfoliating the body, feet, and hands. The coarse bits of sand does not only feel good on the skin, they also help get rid of dead skin cells, leaving the skin more renewed and smooth.

You can also get detoxifying benefits from the beach. The sun opens up the pores on the skin, after which the salt water is able to go in and drive out the toxins. You then rid your skin of excess oils, uneven skin tone, and blemishes.

And as mentioned earlier, the salt water infuses your skin with iodine, warding off fungi and bacteria that cause unwanted breakouts on your skin.

The sea will help reduce pain and inflammation

Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will benefit from the minerals in the ocean, which help alleviate symptoms. A study revealed that bath salts produced from dead sea minerals helped reduce the symptoms among patients. They experienced less trouble with hand gripping and reduced morning stiffness. The dose of Vitamin D, while at the beach, adds to these benefits even more, effectively relieving symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Water aerobics is also the easiest form of aerobic activity, which helps individuals with arthritis and joint pain or those recovering from surgery. The ocean water offers high resistance to movement but without any harmful impact, even reducing the weight of a person by around ninety percent while submerged in water.

The beach will let you breathe easier

Just stepping on the beach will already make you inhale deeply. It's almost automatic, considering the quality of air you'll find on the beach. Those with COPD, asthma, and other breathing difficulties benefit greatly from this. The chest muscles around the lungs feel more relaxed once a person is on the beach, and the air by the sea is charged with negative ions which results to optimal absorption of oxygen by the lungs. These are benefits you definitely won't get if you opted to spend your vacation in the city instead.

A trip to the beach will help you unplug

Another thing you won’t be able to do in the city, at least not easily, is to completely unplug. Most often than not, there is no signal on the beach, which forces you to put aside your phone and just be in the moment. Plus, you’d be busy with a lot of beach activities you won’t want to check your phone anyway. Being constantly plugged has been seen to cause stress, sleep deprivation, and even depression. It’s important to take the time off of your smartphones and tablets and just have a technology-free relaxation time by the sea. You’ll feel more centered, and you’ll soon see why unplugging is healthy for the body, mind, and soul.

As you can see, your planned trip to Puka Beach in Boracay makes complete sense. So give in to the beach bug, and get down with the details. Pack your beach bag and your sunscreen, and give yourself some healing time!