It’s that time of the year! People are now anticipating their 13th-month pay or Christmas bonus. Have you figured out how you are going to spend yours? The year-end bonus is something you’ve earned after a long year of working hard, so make sure you use it for things that will leave an impact. Why not visit Boracay? Traveling offers many benefits that are simply worth exploring.

You could use the stress buster

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The daily demands of work can distract you from the things that you find meaningful. Taking a break will help you put things into perspective. It will give your mind the chance to relax and recharge. You’ll find yourself reflecting on your personal interests and goals. So pack your bags, and take a step back from the daily stresses of life. Traveling leads to lower cortisol levels as it takes your mind off of stressful situations. You then feel calmer and more content. And of course, you get to take care of your own health. Chronic stress is toxic to your system and could lead to serious health problems.

You get to reinvent yourself

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Taking long travels can teach you a lot about yourself. It will help you evaluate and reinvent your life. Seeing new places and experiencing new things will expand your mind. You will also pick up valuable lessons along the way.

Exploring new places is especially ideal if you are going through a major transition in life. It will help you rediscover a passion for life, giving you a fresh start. Ask any avid traveler, they’ll tell you how the experience has brought them happiness and a sense of purpose. Even the anticipation of a coming trip is enough to give people a dose of happiness.

Traveling this coming new year may just be the fresh start you need. Now that’s something you will not regret spending your 13th-month pay on.

You get a sweet escape

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You don’t deserve to be tied down in one place your whole life. There is not one thing keeping you trapped than you alone. Take the choice now. There are so many budget options for people’s traveling needs these days that there is simply no excuse not to go for it. It’s now simply about making the choice. So set your travel goals, and make it happen. You deserve the sweet escape.

You become more resilient

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Traveling to new places can make you feel excited and intimidated at the same time. Getting over whatever fear you may have about traveling will help you toughen up emotionally and mentally. You also encounter setbacks while traveling that help you build the strength of character. Solo travelers assert how their experiences have helped them become more resilient.

Encountering difficulties in an unfamiliar place and among strangers will force you to adopt a braver stance. You’ll come out of it more patient and flexible. Learning to surrender to the uncontrollable will help you become less anxious. This will then help you deal with bigger problems with grace.

You’ll get your creative juice flowing

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Traveling to a new place and immersing in a different environment increases cognitive flexibility and enhances the depth of thought. It will then feed your creativity. Moreover, extending your travels will improve your problem-solving skills and boost your productivity. Make sure you don’t overextend yourself though. Some people get stressed out when they travel for long durations. If this is the case for you, try getting shorter, more structured vacations instead. Get in touch with what makes you happy, and plan your travels accordingly. And make sure you do your travel preparations in advance so you don’t end up panicking. You travel to experience pleasant things, not to get stressed.

You get to bask in the beauty of nature

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Nature offers many splendid things that are worth exploring. The Philippines alone has countless beautiful islands just waiting to be explored. Traveling allows you to make the most out of the gifts of nature.

Beyond just an eye candy, nature is also highly beneficial to a person’s health. A recent study reveals that exposure to nature reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, stress, preterm birth, and premature death. Populations with higher levels of exposure to nature are more likely to say that they are healthy. It’s no wonder you feel healthier every time you travel to places like Alta Vista de Boracay. Its 360 view of stunning Boracay scenery, like lush mountain greens, blue seas, and white beaches, gives you the dose of nature you need to improve your health. Now you have yet another reason to spend chill days at Alta Vista de Boracay’s infinity pool.

You get to live life to the fullest

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Life is short, so make sure you live it to the fullest. What better way to do that than to travel to many different places? The benefits of experiencing new places and new things far outweigh the short-lived happiness you may get from buying material things like gadgets and makeup. Traveling offers memories that you can look back to for many years to come. Truly, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. As the modern cliche goes, “You only live once.” Make it worthwhile.

You get to experience culinary delights

If you are the type who gets excited by food, then you should definitely travel. There’s nothing like experiencing new culinary delights. Beyond treating your palates to delicious goodies, you also get to have an adventure as you try new things. This is something the in-house restaurant of Alta Vista de Boracay understands very well. Called L’Altura, the restaurant gives popular dishes an innovative twist. They have talented chefs inventing new dishes that you will not find anywhere else. Delectable dishes are simply worth exploring.

With so many awesome benefits that come with traveling, it’s easy to see why it’s worth every penny. It’s definitely a good use for your hard-earned 13th-month pay. Travel destinations are more than just Instagram-worthy gems. Start experiencing the benefits of beach traveling for yourself.