11 Wedding Color Palettes for a Memorable Ceremony This December

26 December, 2017

December is festive not only because of the holidays, but it is also that time of the year for weddings. The weather is chilly and everyone’s bursting with love. While it is winter and snowing in other parts of the world, temperatures in tropical Philippines dropped only a bit. For engaged couples, this only means they can have a beach wedding in December in one of the world’s best beaches, Boracay.

But forget the White Beach. There’s more to Boracay than the tourist-packed White Beach. For a calm, scenic, and dreamy wedding, head on over to Puka Beach for the ceremony of your dreams. For the perfect reception venue, there is the Alta Vista de Boracay, a four hectare property that is perched in one of Boracay’s highest peaks, and with exclusive access to the Puka beach. It would also be the ideal, hassle-free Boracay accommodation for your entourage and guests.

After the venue for the ceremony and reception have been determined, it is now time to visualize the event in your head. Among them of course is the wedding theme and the wedding color palette that will go with its every detail.

Make the one special day of your life extra special with the most romantic and dreamy color palettes for a Boracay beach wedding.


Ivory + Beige + Silver

December Wedding Color Paletter Ivory Beige Silver

Photo courtesy of apolianaoliveira via Pixabay

If you want a wedding that is clean, pure, and elegant, you can’t go wrong with shades of white. Ivory and beige are neutral colors that would be a perfect backdrop as it would make even the most subtle accents pop. The drapes where you’ll say your “I Do’s,” flowers, table set-up, cake, etc. will look very neat and stylish in beige or ivory. For a touch of elegance, you may add silver accents to the reception such as glass centerpieces and silver candle holders for an evening party.


Powder Blue + Ivory + Green

The reason beach weddings are timeless is because they are so easy and so light on the eyes. If your Boracay wedding theme is about breezy oceans and refreshing hues, powder or sea glass blue and green would be a perfect combo. Add a touch of ivory to balance the two forceful colors of nature. This would work best for informal and casual weddings, but for added sophistication, paly it up with some sparkle.


Yellow + Tangerine + Pink

December Wedding Color Paletter Yellow Tangerine Pink

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

In achieving a semblance of summer in December, you would need brighter and more vibrant colors. For an early morning wedding, stunning pinks and oranges would surely be a feast for the senses. It’s like the color of the skies as the sun rises. Try playing up the yellow, tangerine, and peach trio. Peach or blush pink could be your main color as it is the softest and most neutral, while yellow and tangerine could be the secondary hues.


Aqua + Pink + Ivory

What’s a beach wedding without the color of the ocean? The blue or aqua family is a surefire hit for a beach wedding ceremony. It is a refreshing, but still calm and pure hue perfect for early morning weddings. For a wistful and soft touch, pair up aqua with pink and ivory. Your guests would definitely feel like walking on cotton candy.


Teal + Purple + Green

For beach vibe in the evening, make aqua stronger and go for teal, another easy favorite for outdoor and beach weddings. Teal complements the waters very well, as if creating a seamless and endless scenery. Adding green and purple to the wedding color palette would enhance the tropical vibe, but you can go for softer tones if you feel these colors are a bit too strong.


Coral + Mint + Beige

December Wedding Color Palette Coral Mint Beige

Photo courtesy of escapesTD via Pixabay

One of the wedding color palettes to try this December is the coral, mint, and gray blend. Coral is a lighter fuchsia and tangerine but a stronger pink, making it just the perfect hue for a bright but tranquil ceremony. An interesting secondary color to coral is mint, which is as soft as it is vibrant. You can add a touch of beige, gray or silver for accent.


Gold + Blush Pink + Ivory

For a truly elegant evening ceremony and reception at a Boracay hotel, a gold and pink blush combo is perfect. Imagine your gold tiffany chairs accentuated with pink blush ribbons or your bridesmaids in pink dresses with gold accessories. This combo would go very well with the reception’s chandelier and other glass pieces. Ivory or any neutral color could harmonize the color combo just fine.


Turquoise + Coral + Mint

This wedding color palette is strong, vibrant, and beautiful. It is perfect for couples who are spontaneous, fun, and adventurous. Turquoise complements the sea, while coral matches the sunset --- two of the most famed assets of Boracay Island. Mint, beige, or silver would be a great addition to add some softness to the color combo.


Gray + Blush Pink + Silver

December Wedding Color Palette Gray Blush Pink Silver

Photo courtesy of Student_Studio via Flickr   

Rustic is among the most popular wedding themes. It is also a great theme for a beach wedding because it also depicts nature and the outdoors. For couples who love to go rustic on their wedding day, a gray and blush pink combo is perfect. Light gray is a good base color because it is neutral, while pink would add a layer of softness. It is very feminine, and provides a fine contrast to the rustic theme that is a little bit raw and country. Silver accents would take care of the sparkle.


Navy blue + Ivory + Coral

December Wedding Color Palette Navy Blue Ivory Coral

Photo courtesy of @fotondeluz via Flickr

Dark navy blue has always been an elegant color. It is deep and romantic. It provides the perfect contrast to the white sand and crystal blue waters. The sight of bridesmaids in long, mermaid navy blue gowns is absolutely stunning. And the bride, in her flowy, ivory gown, would definitely stand out. White or ivory is the perfect pair, while a bit of coral accents in the dinner table will give a striking and exciting balance.


Red + Aqua + White

December Wedding Color Palette Red Aqua White

Photo courtesy of 821292 via Pixabay

Who says you can’t use red for a beach wedding? Red is passionate, elegant, and a timeless classic. Line up the sandy aisle with red rose petals and give the bride a gorgeous red bouquet. Accentuate the white drapes in the ceremonial altar with red roses. For the reception, a long-stemmed rose would look really classy in an aqua-stained glass. Accents of white such as shells and sad are a great addition to the theme.

A Boracay wedding is what dreams are made of. The sand, sun, and the sea --- nature coming together for the best day of your life. The color palette for the ceremony and reception would also make everything more beautiful and memorable. So mix and match the colors, and see what works best.