Summer is officially over, but this doesn’t mean that your out-of-town escapade should wait another year. Boracay and its neighboring islands offer a multitude of vacation ideas for any season. An ideal Boracay guide offers more than lounging on white sands and partying all night. The travel website Lonely Planet described the world-renowned island as “a place where you can find whatever you want if you know where to look.” Whether you’re a party animal or a laidback vacationer, there is a tourist spot in Boracay and its surrounding islands for you.

Here is a 9-point travel guide for Boracay visitors.

A historical journey in Kalibo

explore aklan and boracay kalibo

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Travel guides on how to go to Boracay will point you the provincial capital of Kalibo. The Kalibo International Airport is the main gateway for both domestic and international flights. Before heading to your beach destination, you can explore the unique wonders of Kalibo. The Bakhawan Ecopark, which is a 15-minute tricycle ride from the airport, is a mangrove reforestation project that houses Museo It Akean. The museum highlights the rich history of Aklan province and its people. The Tigayon Hill keeps artifacts that date back as early as 400 BC to 800 AD. Archeologists recently excavated shards of potteries probably from the Metal Age, Chinese ceramic wares, and Indian carnelian bead.

Outdoor fun outside Boracay

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The towns adjacent to Kalibo all offer outdoor fun for nature-loving backpackers. You can try wild river bamboo rafting in Libacao, swim in the clear waters of Timbaban River, and hike to the famous Liktinon White Rocks Formation in Madalag. Enjoy juicy fruits such as lanzones, rambutan and marang, and shop for quality products made of acacia, mahogany and narra.

Get in touch with nature in New Washington

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Aklan Province is well endowed with natural resources. It is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna. You can spend half a day in New Washington, the same place where the Blood Compact between Spanish conquistadors and natives was celebrated. Isla Kapispisan is a mangrove forest that houses various species of birds, marine life and other fauna. You can also cruise the Lagatik River and explore the coastal villages of Pinamuk-an Island and Tinagong Dagat in Batan.

Seafood galore

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Paluto restaurants are Boracay tourist spots in themselves. You can buy (super) fresh fish, lobsters, clams and other seafood, as well as veggies, and have one of the nearby restaurants cook them into your chosen dish. You can have grilled mackerel, roasted clams and buttered lobsters on top of hot, white rice. The fun starts at the wet market where you are offered a wide variety of seafood delights not typically available in city groceries. Flex your haggling skills. Don’t go with the first price quoted right away as this is usually overpriced. Seek assistance from trusted locals if you must.

A melting pot of cuisines

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What is the most popular Boracay tourist spot? White Beach, regarded as the center of action in the islands, is where most visitors stay. It is bustling in the morning and raving at night. If you love chilling out in crowds, you’d have a grand time at the White Beach. Savor local and international cuisines served in fine dining restaurants and food stalls. There’s Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Italian andAmerican cuisines. TripAdvisor reviewers recommend these top Boracay gastronomic go-to’s: Cha Cha’s, The Pig Out Bistro, Aplaya, Dos Mestizos and Tilapia ‘N Chips.

Champagne-filled parties

There’s a multitude of hidden spots to uncover in Boracay. If you’re after serious partying, check out the Kama Beach Club. It’s an open-air spa at day and a champagne-filled party place at night. The 5-hectare luxury beach club is 15 minutes away from White Beach, and is becoming the favorite hideout of celebrities and rich millennials. On its first New Year celebration this year, DJs from Paris, Miami and Brazil spun their own records for an international crowd. Kama Beach Club is not simply one of the luxury tourist spots in Boracay, “It’s also an artists’ colony. We want to create an environment for creative people,” says co-owner Scott Weismann.

A cool hideout for the collected traveler

alta vista de boracay

Are you the type of traveler who’s not too fond of dancing to blaring music? There are tourist spots to uncover in Boracay for the laidback vacationer. Marvel at the natural beauty of the island from Alta Vista de Boracay. The premier accommodation is perched on one of Boracay’s highest peaks, overlooking the white sands, blue seas and the greenery. Relax in the infinity pool and enjoy the amazing view of a golf course, sip fresh fruit juices on the view deck, and meet new people at the sports bar while enjoying rounds of cocktails. You can have all of these away from raving beach crowds.

Relax in the cold waters of Nabas

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Feeling sluggish after a night of dancing on the beach? You can visit the nearby town of Nabas and relax in its stunning tourist spots. Cool down in Laserna Cold Springs where cold and clear water stream from rock formations. You can also explore the Basang Cave, which is regarded as the longest cave in the country. Don’t leave Nabas without visiting the Tagororoc Ecotourism where you can marvel at lush landscapes and water forms.

Sweet solitude in Carabao Island

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If you need to get away from Boracay’s tourist spots, you can take a boat and visit the Carabao Island in Romblon. Also known as Hambil, the island is surrounded by quiet coastal villages and nearly uninhabited beaches. It is one of the top diving spots in the province, thanks to its rich marine life. Most diving packages include it in its stops. You can also bring a tent and a good book, and relish the sweet solitude in Carabao Island.

Looking for spots to uncover on your next trip to Boracay? Discover food destinations, secret beach clubs, and secluded hotels. You can scour travel blogs or ask the locals. Explore towns and islands surrounding the island, and you’ll never run out of things to do!