If there’s anything that can ruin your holiday vacation that's clogged nose, annoying cough, and flu that will make you want to stay at home instead. This usually happens because of the colder weather in December and exposure to germs and viruses while traveling. Getting sick while out of town ruins the mood of your adventure and hinders you from enjoying activities from the fullest. That’s not the holiday you dreamed of, right?

However, you don't have to experience any of this. You can stay healthy and have fun the entire holiday vacation staying healthy while flying and on the road. Here are 10 travel health tips to keep in mind for the remaining days of your holiday.

Before the Trip: Boost your immune system

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As cliché as it may be, prevention is better than cure when it comes to your health when traveling. Being cautious and prepared may help in ensuring that you’re in shape, but staying healthy starts at home before you even leave. To make sure that you and your family are in your best mood while on vacation, it's best to prepare your body by boosting your immune system.

Take some vitamin C

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Nothing helps your body fight viruses than good 'ol vitamin C. It helps boost your immune system which defends your body from colds and flu. Oh and vitamin C also helps in producing collagen in your body which makes your skin glow. Feel good and look good during your holiday travel by making sure that you eat some fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. You may also take supplements during your travel.

Don't forget to get enough rest

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You think you can get that sleep at the airport? Or during your flight? You don't want to have a sleepy vacation so it's best to get enough sleep even before traveling. Sure, you can get a cozy slumber in your hotel room at Alta Vista De Boracay, but getting good sleep also helps in boosting your immune system. While you sleep your body produces melatonin which restores the immune system. So forget those all-nighters and get that quality shuteye so you can have the energy and health you need this holiday.

Stressed? Breathe.

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All the preparations you do for your holiday vacation plus your hectic December schedule can be stressful. According to research, your physical health is linked to the state of your mind. Emotional stress can make your immune system weak. Help relieve your stress by delegating holiday responsibilities to the rest of your family. Regular meditation also helps in clearing your mind and staying on top of your game.

Stay hydrated

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You may be too busy packing, traveling, and enjoying, but you should have time to drink plenty of water. Water flushes out the toxins in your body and oxygenates your blood. This helps in keeping your body functioning at its best. So even before you take that flight, make sure that your body is properly hydrated.

During the trip: Enjoy but be cautious

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Now that you're ready for the trip and have an adventure, you shouldn't totally forget about your health. Maintain a strong immune system, a positive mind, and an energized body with these travel health tips:

Wash your hands, always

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You don’t know where you can get germs: from door knobs to money, airplane seats, tables, and many other things that you'll inevitably touch while traveling. And what else do you touch? You eyes, mouth, and food. This is why you need to wash your hands to prevent the spreading of germs and viruses. So make sure to pack some hand soap, alcohol, or hand wipes to make sure your hands are clean.

Get some vitamin D

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If you're in Boracay, you might as well get that vitamin sunshine for your immune system. Vitamin D helps in identifying and fighting viruses and bad bacteria. It also plays an important role in keeping you in a good mood, and in fighting anxiety and depression.

Stay active

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Boracay offers a lot of activities you can enjoy this holiday season so don't miss any of that. Staying active also helps you stay in a good mood and keep your body strong. However, you don't want to overdo it by stressing yourself with too many activities. Carefully plan your itinerary to get the rest you need in between your adventures.

Feast but don't overeat

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'Tis the season to enjoy the food fa-la-la-la-la! That's correct but you shouldn't overindulge yourself and neglect the healthy diet you're maintaining throughout the year. Enjoy your vacation meals but don't forget to say no to too much sugar, fats, and cholesterol. Be sure to stuff your body with food rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins too.

Limit alcohol consumption

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Cheers to the New Year but be wary of your alcohol intake. Drinking too much alcohol may lead to dehydration and hangover. You also make yourself more prone to accidents when you become uncontrollably drunk.

After the vacation: Keep the healthy lifestyle going

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After all the merry adventures, you should still make sure that your body is healthy in order for you to go back to your daily routine as fast as you can. Here are some things to remember when you get back home.

Unpacking your clothes

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Unpack your dirty clothes, separate them from the clean ones and throw them to the washing machine as soon as possible. The clothes you used during your travel may have germs that can spread in your home. You surely don't want any of that so don't be too lazy in doing your after-travel laundry. Consider disinfecting your shoes and suitcase inside-out as well.

Going back to a healthy routine

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The change in time zones and environment can exhaust your body. So be sure to get enough rest when you reach home and continue to maintain the healthy and active habits you've had during your vacation. Rehydrate after a long ride home and eat fresh fruits and vegetables to recover from all those holiday feasts.

Refresh all the fun memories you’ve made during your vacation and start planning for your next one. Happy holidays!