Mastering space-saving packing hacks is a skill worth learning for Boracay backpackers. Spending most of your time outdoors for the duration of your vacation means that you need to prioritize the items you’d be carrying. Fortunately, a Boracay itinerary is typically “no frills”—with a couple of light outfits, a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen, you’re good to go!

Nevertheless, here are 10 recommended packing hacks for backpackers bound for Boracay.

First thing’s first: your itinerary!

packing hacks itinerary

How many hours (or even days) do you spend preparing for an out-of-town trip? Most likely, a bulk of your time is spent coming up with packing hacks for long trips. The first and arguably the most important thing you should consider is your Boracay itinerary guide as your packing depends on your activities. Your itinerary doesn’t need to be specific since spontaneity is the essence of backpacking. However, you should have at least an idea if you’re camping out, staying in a Boracay backpackers’ hostel or in a five-star hotel. Are you attending a dinner party after your day tour? Do you plan on visiting churches and other religious spots that may require a certain dress code? How long are you staying in Boracay?

Segregate items in resealable bags

packing hacks segregate items

You wouldn’t want your used swimwear soil your evening dresses nor your earrings getting lost in your backpack. The solution? Resealable bags! Segregate items according to type or purpose. You can also use one bag for each day’s outfit or stock shirts, shorts and swimwear in different bags. One traveler suggests using shower caps as shoe bags. Zipper-seal bags are perfect for toiletries and makeup.

Secure your laptop and other gadgets

packing hacks secure gadgets

A padded case protects your laptop or tablet from the rigors of long trips. You can opt for waterproof cases and pouches for your electronic gadgets. Several backpackers recommend packing chargers, powerbanks, and cords in sunglass cases. These shall keep your cords untangled.

Limit gadgets if you can

Save for your mobile phone and camera, it’s advisable to limit the electronic gadgets you bring on long trips. This will not only save space in your luggage, but also encourage you to truly enjoy your vacation. If you need to work while on the road, you can store your files in the cloud instead of bringing external hard drives. If you’re on purely leisure trip, consider leaving your work phone. Focus on the places and activities in your Boracay guide instead of updating your social media accounts every minute.

Roll your clothes and use Japanese paper

For tested packing hacks for travel, get practical advices from seasoned travelers. Hanna, a marketing executive, travels at least once every month as part of her job. Over the years, she has learned tricks to pack smartly. “It’s a rule of thumb to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will ensure you save space for other items in your list,” she shares. Hanna opts for cheap accommodation in Boracay that offer laundry and ironing services as her travels usually require her to attend meetings. Nevertheless, she layers blouses and formal skirts with Japanese paper to prevent creases.

Avoid overpacking by planning the outfits well

Mildred, an editor and backpacker, learned from her previous mistakes of packing too much unnecessary clothes. “On my first trip to Boracay, I brought too many clothes. I ended up using only 50% of the items I carried along. My second trip was the opposite. I packed too little and my items didn’t match that I ended up buying clothes,” she recalls. For her succeeding trips, Mildred took photos of each day’s outfit including accessories to help her pack only the things that she’d need.

Pack toiletries in small containers

Premiere hotels in Boracay have everything you need from laundry services to essential toiletries. However, some people prefer to use their own shampoo or shaving cream brands. Arthur, a freelance website developer, regularly travels to Boracay and neighboring islands, chooses to pack toiletries instead of using those handed out in hotels. “I pour a considerable amount of shampoo and conditioner in refillable tubes. Sometimes, I simply place a plastic wrap over the opening of a shampoo bottle before putting the cap. This prevents spillage.”

Use contact lens cases for creams

Samantha, a junior college student, used to spend hours figuring out how to pack light while making sure she brings everything she needs. “I don’t want to bring more than two bags, but I don’t want to leave behind essential items either,” she says. A friend gave her tips in packing makeup: use contact lens cases to store creams and resealable bags for foundation and other makeup. Instead of space-consuming makeup brushes, Samantha packs cotton buds.

Ditch umbrellas for raincoats

packing hacks raincoats

When’s the best time to visit Boracay? Many travelers associate the white sand beaches with summer, though a growing number of backpackers opt for the rainy season. The latter is also the off-peak season when traveling is a lot cheaper. For experienced backpackers, the time is of little consequence when one knows  travel booking hacks. It’s not hard to master the art of planning Boracay itinerary and expenses. If you’re flying to Boracay during the off-peak months of June to September, you should prepare for rain throughout the day. Pack a raincoat to keep you dry. This will save space than bringing an umbrella with you.

Stock up on energy bars and crackers

packing hacks energy bars

Boracay offers a wide array of affordable food choices. Fresh fruits, seafood, and other gastronomic delights are incredibly cheap. Nevertheless, stores and restaurants are not always accessible especially in secluded islands. It’s best to pack easy grubs such as crackers and power bars. These will keep you moving until your next big meal. It’s also advisable that you bring a water jug that you can refill in your hotel instead of buying bottled water several times a day.

There’s no need to stress over the items you’re bringing to Boracay. If you can’t decide which clothes to bring, sit down and start from the basics: review your itinerary and plan your outfit for each day or activity. Packing is as important as where to stay in Boracay. Light packing is not necessarily better. Similarly, cheap accommodation not always recommended. Remember: always travel smart.