Unique Boracay Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List

1 March, 2017

The world has come to know Boracay as a top destination for people who love the beach and would like to relax and have an epic time. Travelers everywhere have consistently regarded the island as among the world’s top destinations and best beaches. It was named the best getaway for relaxation in a 2013 Agoda survey and Best Island in 2012 by Travel + Leisure Magazine.

Boracay is famed for its powdery stretch of white sand and for having one of the most-photographed sunsets. Good food, the legendary party scene, and the exciting activities are also worth looking forward to. But with everything that Boracay has to offer, you shouldn’t be content with just what’s outside your hotel. Have your own beach bucket list and have the island vacation of your life.


Here are some of the Boracay activities you can’t miss.

Walk the whole stretch

Boracay Experience Whole Stretch

Photo courtesy of Bertram Nudelbach via Flickr, Creative Commons

Take time to have a leisurely walk along the White Beach. The five-kilometer stroll from Station 1 to Station 3 is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. Feeling the fine sand between your toes, basking under the morning sun, and breathing in fresh air are luxuries you don’t have in the city. At the same time, you can spot all the restaurants and stalls offering activities that would be useful during your stay.

Enjoy a 360-degree view

Boracay Experience 360-degree view

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

Boracay looks even more magnificent from the top. You can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire island from a view deck in  Alta Vista de Boracay, one of the finest hotels in Boracay. This is a good spot to get away from the crowd and the noise and just take in the beauty that is Boracay.

Experience other islands

Boracay Experience Other Island

Photo courtesy of 11x16 Design Studio via Flickr, Creative Commons

There’s more to Boracay than just the White Beach. Make sure that you go island hopping, one of the most popular activities in Boracay, via a group or private tour. Each island offers a different view and a different experience.

The Puka Beach, probably the second most popular beach in Boracay, is starting to get even more popular because of its crystal clear waters. The Ilig-Ilagan and Tambisaan beaches are great spots for snorkeling, with great limestone islets, coral gardens, and reefs that you can explore. For water activities, there’s Bulabog Beach, which is a good spot for parasailing or kiteboarding. You can also watch a gorgeous sunset from there.

Dare and go cliff diving

Boracay Experience Cliff Diving

Photo courtesy of An Mai via Flickr, Creative Commons

This is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a thrill-seeker, this is one adventure you have got to try. Head to  Ariel’s Point or Magic Island during your tour. There are spots for beginners and there are also very high points for adventure junkies. How high? 15 meters. And if you’re truly a daredevil, go on unlimited cliff diving for PHP 1,500 or USD30.

Make a friend at a party

The night life in Boracay is a tourist attraction on its own. Whether you’re a fan of parties or not, it would be fun to visit one of the bars and see what the fuss is about. If you want the night to be truly memorable, befriend a stranger. Making friends should be one of the most significant items in your beach bucket list.

Paraw-sailing at sunset

Boracay Experience Paraw-sailing

Photo courtesy of Mr. Leeds via Flickr, Creative Commons

You can watch the sunset from almost any spot in Boracay. You can watch it from the beach coast, hotel balcony, or even from a yacht. But for a genuine island-feel, go sunset sailing aboard a paraw. The paraw is a local outrigger sailboat traditionally used for fishing and transport of goods. Hopping on a paraw is one of the must-do activities for first-time visitors on the island. It is a great foreground for a postcard-like photo of the sunset.

Try “spa services” along the coast

Boracay Experience Spa Services

Photo courtesy of Gareth Williams via Flickr, Creative Commons

Sure, your hotel might have its own spa and might even offer in-room massages. But if you want a really good massage Boracay-style, approach a local massage therapist by the coast. They perform hilot, the traditional Filipino massage. It’s cheaper, plus you get a view of the beach while getting a relaxing massage.

You may also try a different hairstyle and get braids or get inked with a henna tattoo. You can avail of these services by the beach.

Feed your appetite

Boracay Experience Seafood 

Photo courtesy of I Travel Philippines via Flickr, Creative Commons

One of the best things to do in Boracay is food tripping. Whatever it is that you are craving for at the moment, you can find on the island—continental, Italian, Peruvian, etc. But a must-try for foodies is the paluto, where you get to shop for fresh seafood and ask restaurants to prepare them for you.

Hunt down Jonah

After a filling lunch, it’s time for some fresh fruit shake. The best one in Boracay is Jonah’s Fruit Shake, which can be found in Station 1. A hunt for this refreshments shop is truly worth it. Try their bestseller: fruit + milk/chocolate + nuts.

Dance with fire

Boracay Experience Fire Dance

Photo courtesy of Doun via Flickr, Creative Commons

Apart from the party scene, fire dancers also make the night come alive. Watching these poi dancers is one mesmerizing experience. And the good news is that you can try it too. But don’t you worry, you will be using UV-sensitive materials instead of fire, although you can upgrade to the real thing once you’re ready.

Mermaid for a day

If you memorize the words to A Little Mermaid’s “Part of your World,” maybe you should try being a mermaid for a day. Get lessons and earn your tails at the Mermaid Swimming Academy for only PHP2,300. That sure is a candidate for your next profile picture.

Do it in groups

Boracay Experience in Groups

Photo courtesy of Peanut dela Cruz via Flickr, Creative Commons

Boracay is a perfect travel destination for a group of friends. And one of the Boracay activities you can’t miss are the ones that you can all do together. There’s island hopping, riding the banana boat, and fly fishing. There’s a group activity for every thrill that you want.

A piece of Boracay

No, we’re not talking about the sand. Punctuate your stay in Boracay with some souvenir shopping. The D’mall is a great place for backpackers and budget travelers to buy souvenirs and other thrift items. There are plenty of boutiques there with really great finds at an affordable price.

Make sure you don’t miss out on anything on your first time (or the nth time) visit to Boracay. Do something you’ve never done before and enjoy everything that this paradise has to offer.