Whatever day of the week it is, it’s always considered a Friday if you’re game for a Boracay nightlife. It is the perfect time to leave behind all the worries and troubles of life and just have fun after the sunset. Whatever type of partygoer or drinker you are, you’ll find your vibe on this island paradise. 

The island is filled with beach clubs you can party all night long in with friends and strangers-turned-friends. Or, if you prefer solitude or an intimate party for yourself or with friends, you can experience that kind of nightlife in Boracay, too. 

A Boracay first-timer? Here’s the ultimate beach guide to help you out. Planning to have the ultimate nightlife? This is the Boracay nightlife guide of where to go and what to do that will make your epic nightlife dream come true.

A word of caution: since its re-opening, Boracay put new rules in place that all visitors are expected to adhere to. One of which is a total ban on drinking alcohol and smoking on the beaches. So, yeah, it’s a no-no to drink your booze on the beach. That's not the only kind of fun available on the island, though. Below are nine other things you can do and places to visit when the moon’s out in Boracay.

1. Bar-hopping at Boracay Pub Crawl

Photo courtesy of Isabella Mendez via Pexels

In terms of the Boracay nightlife, the famous Boracay Pub Crawl shouldn’t be missed by any adventurous partygoer on the island. Joining this pub crawl will let you experience the undisputed Boracay beach party. 

Whether you're traveling solo or with a company, you are sure to gain new friends, as this pub crawl’s mission is to “turn strangers into friends.” Everyone in your group with a minimum of 40-50 up to 216 people can hop to five different bars a night partying, drinking, and playing games together while wearing the iconic yellow Pub Crawl shirt.

The fee to join this pub crawl is Php990. You can also avail of the early bird discount of Php690 for the first 30 girls, and Php790 for the first 20 guys. The fee includes the yellow Pub Crawl shirt, 10 free shooters, and special drinks at every stop.

2. Accomplish the Strong Beer Challenge at Los Indios Bravos 

Photo courtesy of ELEVATE via Pexels

The famous Cocomangas bar closed in 2018, taking with it is the “Still Standing After 15 Shots” challenge. If, however, you’re looking for a challenge to make your Boracay beach nightlife epic, head to Los Indios Bravos located at White House Boracay, Station 1. This bar offers the largest selection of Philippine Craft Beer on the island. 

Challenge yourself and your friends to accomplish the Strong Beer Challenge. Drink seven strong craft beers within five minutes. Each beer costs Php200 or a total of Php1400. Should you win, though, you’ll only pay half the price (Php700), get your name included on the distinguished Strong Beer Drinker wall, and get your very own Strong Beer Drinker white shirt!

If you want a chill nightlife in Boracay with a cold beer in hand, try their DIPA Engkanto Double IPA and De Puta Madre Crows XXIPA both priced at Php215 per glass. These strong craft beers are best paired with Roxas fresh oysters which they only serve at night at eight pieces for Php320. There are also a lot of sumptuous meals to devour at this pub; so you are sure to get your beer and food fix when you go here after sunset.

3. Romanian buffet and Moonlight Party at Levantin 

Photo courtesy of via Pexels

Is your nightlife in Boracay scheduled on a Thursday? If so, head over to Levantin located on Bulabog Beach. Every Thursday night, they host the famous Romanian Buffet where you can feast like a king and satisfy the desires of your taste buds and stomach. 

The Levantin also hosts a Moonlight Party where everyone is encouraged to dress based on the theme they choose. If you’re creative or daring enough in your costume, you can win prizes and other freebies. Joining this party is a sure way to showcase your creativity and party spirit. A must order from their drinks menu are the Godfather (Php140) and Mojito with fresh mint leaves (Php160).

4. A posh rum-and-cocktails-all-you-want night at the Prisma

Photo courtesy of ahmad syahrir via Pexels

Looking for a party at and enjoy cocktails crafted with premium spirits, ingredients, and amazing bartending techniques? Plan your night out at the Prisma located at Station X, Hue Hotels & Resorts Boracay at Station 2.

This modern tropical bar houses the largest rum collection in the country. What keeps people from coming back to this hotel is that aside from an upper bar, they also have a sunken lower bar where guests can relax on the pool while enjoying their drinks. Indeed, a fancy way to celebrate Boracay nightlife.

5. Dance-'til-you-drop party night 

Photo courtesy of Matan Segev via Pexels

Boracay nightlife won’t be complete if you don't dance 'til you drop! If dancing is your thing, there are a lot of Boracay beach clubs to choose from.

Epic, located at Station 2 beside the D’Mall, is considered the EPICenter of Boracay island’s nightlife. This club offers a safe and classy atmosphere for its customers. The music their DJs play each night is sure to make you go to the dance floor. When you are tired and hungry from all the dancing, order some crispy cauliflower florets and jalapeño chicken quesadillas; or ask their staff for their other bestsellers you can order on the side with your beer buckets.

If you want some rock and reggae music and barefoot dancing for your Boracay nightlife, go to the famous Exit Bar in Station 2. The staff at this bar remember their customers by name; so you’ll always feel at home in a hippie-like atmosphere with a bamboo painted interior that your eyes can’t miss. They have live tribal drum performances on weekends. Don't forget to order some pita bread with mayo, mangoes, and chili dips for only Php30 when you buy buckets of beers or cocktail glasses.

Another club not to miss if you love dancing is the Club Paraw located at Station 1 near the iconic Willy’s Rock. They have a number of resident DJs who play different songs across all genres; so that you can show off your dance moves in every genre. If you want a private beach island nightlife, you can opt to book their VIP area on the second floor.

6. Swig-and-sing night 

Photo courtesy of Tim Savage via Pexels

If dancing’s not your thing and singing is, there are pubs and bars in Boracay where you can drink and sing on stage or sing along from your seat.

For some live reggae and acoustic music, and the Caribbean, aboriginal vibe,  head over to the Bom Bom Bar in Station 2. This bar offers a laid back vibe, making it a perfect venue to chill at with your friends. Aside from their affordable alcoholic drinks, try their steak, sizzling sisig, and fried rice.

Another one-of-a-kind restaurant and watering hole to visit for your Boracay nightlife is the Hobbit Tavern formerly known as the Hobbit House at the D’Mall. This venue follows a "Lord of the Rings" theme with small friendly waiters attending to their guests. This is a good venue where you can drink beer, eat steaks, and listen to acoustic bands playing a mix of old and pop songs you and your friends can jam to. Don’t miss their Flaming Dragon Bones priced at Php1,500,  a platter of slow-braised and roasted ribs, flambéd on the tableside. 

7. Karaoke night at the Alta Vista de Boracay 

Photo courtesy of Suvan Chowdhury via Pexels

While going to clubs and pubs may seem like a must-do for a typical Boracay nightlife, there are other ways you can party if you prefer privacy. For example, when you choose the Alta Vista de Boracay as your worry-free accommodation during your stay on the island, you can book the Karaoke Room for your sing-your-heart-out nightlife experience. 

This room houses a complete entertainment system, an almost endless list of songs across all genres you can sing to, and comfortable sofa and chairs. This is a perfect venue to spend your nightlife in Boracay at, exclusively with everyone dear to you

8. Intimate and cosy night at the Sports Bar

Photo courtesy of Chris F via Pexels

Don’t want to leave your hotel but still want to have an amazing Boracay nightlife party? Head over to the Alta Vista De Boracay’s Sports Bar—one of the sought after facilities of the hotel. You can drink classic Boracay drinks and party non-stop with family and friends and other hotel guests without the need to leave your hotel. 

Once you’re tired and too drunk from all the partying, you just need to walk a few steps to your room to get your well-deserved rest and easily cure your hangover when you wake up.

9. Infinity pool after sunset date night 

Photo courtesy of Asad Photo Maldives via Pexels

Who says nightlife is just about parties? At the Alta Vista de Boracay, you can experience an intimate nightlife date night with your special someone. Take a dip in the infinity pool while you watch the sunset and the beauty of the island. When the moon rises, watch the starry sky.

Whatever type of partygoer you are, experiencing nightlife in Boracay first-hand the way you want is an amazing treat! Visit these places and experience the Boracay nightlife for yourself by booking at Alta Vista de Boracay.

There’s an adventure out there waiting for you each night in Boracay; so make the most out of it and always enjoy it!