Travel is not supposed to be stressful. You go out of your way to experience it because it is pleasurable, or at least it is supposed to be. Do not forget the reasons you are on a vacation. And do not forego of the comforts that are essential, and the things you simply can’t do without. If booking at places like Alta Vista de Boracay catches the essence of what a vacation is for you, then you must include that in your itinerary. Find out the top travel essentials you simply should hold on to.


Non-negotiables Travel Luggage

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High-quality luggage is essential if you wish to have a hassle-free travel. A good luggage will be able to survive the bumps and tumbles you will put it through as you go about your journey. The last thing you need is a piece that will fall apart while you are on the road. Plus, a sturdy luggage will survive through many trips, allowing you to save money in the long run. Rely only on brands that have earned a reputation for their quality, such as Tumi and Herschel Supply Co.

Comfortable shoes

 Non-negotiables Travel Comfortable Shoes

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 Traveling is not a good time to dress to impress. You’d better leave your high-heeled shoes behind. The last thing you need is to miss out on beautiful and rare places to explore because your feet are killing you. Also, you must be ready for the possible weather in your destination. Winter boots don’t fare well in warmer places, and not having the right shoes in a very cold place can cause you real trouble. Research beforehand and be ready to go shopping if you have to.

Your vacation will most likely require a lot of walking, and flip flops and canvas slip-ons just won’t cut it. You really don’t want to end up with painful, if not bloody, feet. Be ready with a sturdy pair of closed shoes — sneakers and walking shoes are great options — and high-quality socks. With painful feet out of the way, you can walk as long as you’d like and indulge your cravings to explore far and wide. Now if you are going to a beach, then you must definitely pack up those flip flops. They are great for walking on hot sandy shores.


Non-negotiables Travel Safety

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You may be one of those people who are so used to traversing all sorts of places, even the seedier areas, that such things do not scare you anymore. Nor do questionable people make you fearful. Traveling is not a good time to be too nonchalant though. While being a worrywart won’t do you any good and is definitely not advisable, being cautious and vigilant is a must. Avoid seedy areas and sticky situations. You should also do research beforehand so you know what and who to avoid in your destination. Opt for a taxi ride, even if it will cost you more, if you feel that it is the safer choice at the moment. You can’t put a price to your safety.

Another area you can’t be too stingy with is your travel insurance. Should you find yourself in difficult situations, like a failed flight that would derail all your other arrangements, you would have your insurance to fall back on.This way, you won’t have to watch all your prior expenses go down the drain. Plus, you won’t have to feel too helpless in a strange place. It’s best to be prepared and to be armed with a reliable insurance.

Experiences and memories

Non-negotiables Travel Experiences and Memories

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Experiences and memories are what travels are made of. And you should be hoarding as many of these as possible. Many wise people would tell you that these are some of the best investments you could make. So make sure you engage in as many activities as you can, especially those that are rare or available only in the area.

The problem is that these activities can be costly. You can offset the expenses though with the right planning. You can do advance booking for your flights, and choose relatively affordable travel accommodations so you can allocate a bigger portion of your budget for things you would like to do and experience while out and about. Great memories are priceless! Also, research beforehand so you can learn about the ways you can have adventure without shelling out money. Every destination will have such a thing to offer.

Health Care

Non-negotiables Travel Health Care

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Have your health care coverage ready before traveling. The last thing you need is to go to questionable hospitals when you find yourself in a medical emergency. Never settle when it comes to your health. Go only to trusted institutions or to a private doctor. You can ask the locals for referral. Having a health insurance can help you worry less about the expenses.

You should also be prepared with the necessary pre-travel vaccinations. Learn about the prevalent diseases in your destination. Although pricey, paying for a vaccination will be well worth it as you will be spared the expenses of the treatments you will be needing should you get ill. Plus, catching diseases will ruin the whole experience and can lay waste to all the investments you made for the travel. This will definitely put you in the losing end. Being a regular at a toilet or a questionable hospital is just not worth the savings you would be making from not getting vaccinated.

Cell Phone Data

Non-negotiables Travel Cellphone Data

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Sure you can use your hotel’s Wi-Fi connection for your Internet needs, but a cell phone data can still go farther in ensuring you stay connected for longer. Plus you would need the local cell phone signal to stay connected in the area. If you are traveling abroad, you can purchase localized SIM cards that can go for as low as $10 to $15. It will be well worth the investment, as there is no telling when you would need your phone for emergency contacts. You could, after all, get easily lost in a new terrain. Plus, it will help you connect with local transpo, guides, and other such essential contacts. It can even help you stay in touch with newfound friends!

Bottled Water

Non-negotiables Travel Bottled Water

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You may be an advocate against bottled water, but you would have to make an exception when traveling. You cannot take a chance with tap water when you are in a new place, not even if the tap water is said to be safe. A different mineral composition in the water can cause an unexpected stomach upset. This can ruin your trip. Moreover, you must not try to save money by cutting down on your water intake. It is easy to get dehydrated when you are traveling, what will all the taxing activities. This is especially true if you are traveling in a place known for its warm climate. If you would really like to save money and to avoid buying too many bottled water, you can purchase large jugs of water and just use a tumbler to carry around. This will help cut down your consumption of disposable plastic bottles, reducing the garbage footprint you leave behind.

The essentials listed above may not be mentioned in your travel guide, but ask any experienced traveler and they’ll tell you just how important this list is. Now do your due diligence and have all the fun you can get when you finally get to your destination!