Christmas and the new year are coming. As we bid goodbye to 2020, we should remember the people we are grateful for and the beautiful things they did for us this year. During the yuletide season, what better way to celebrate than through gift-giving?

This year, as many of us couldn’t fulfill our #TravelGoals, some good Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones could be something that would remind them of the good times you’ve spent together while traveling.

Below are a few ideas for Christmas gifts that are reminiscent of our favorite local travel destinations:

1. Native bags from Ilocos.

Photo courtesy of Artem Beliaikin via Pexels

Price: PhP400-700

Ilocos’ cultural heritage is one of their greatest pride. They have managed to preserve most Spanish cultural influences which appeal to and attracts both foreign and local tourists. Aside from their delicacies, like empanada and bagnet, they are also known for their native hand-woven handbags.

This is a perfect Christmas gift for your fashionable loved ones and, with the advent of technology, you can easily buy beautiful, handcrafted souvenirs from Ilocos. By simply searching Facebook pages that sell native Ilokano handbags, you can shop for these accessories in the comforts of your own home.

2. Strawberry jam from Baguio.

Photo courtesy of RitaE via Pixabay

Price: PhP295

Baguio is known for its cold weather that we surely miss during summer. Because of their weather, that’s considered unique in the tropical country of the Philippines, they are the source of strawberries best grown in cold weather. Aside from their strawberry jams, they are also known for other preserved goods like ube (yam) jams and pili nuts.

Give your loved ones preserved delicacies from Baguio to remind them of the good times you’ve shared together in the summer capital of the Philippines. Thinking where to buy these goodies?

Good Shepherd, also known as a pasalubong haven, is one message away to help you find the perfect gift. Their strawberry jams only cost PhP295 per bottle. You can reach out to them on their Facebook page.

3. Ati Tribe’s hand soap from Boracay.

Photo courtesy of theresaharris10 via Pixabay

Price: PhP40 for a bath soap; PhP3.50 for hand soap

We know you must have really missed Boracay; its crystal clear waters and white sands. But did you know that aside from the establishments found on the island, there is a community that handcrafts soaps?

The Ati tribe is one of the indigenous peoples who are native inhabitants of the island. Along with the Tumandok tribe, the Ati were displaced due to the massive urbanization of Aklan. To help preserve and sustain their heritage, members of the tribe have embarked on soap-making and other livelihood projects.

Products made and sold through these livelihood projects help provide support to their families residing in the Ati Village in Barangay Manoc-Manoc. These hand soaps are not only a perfect gift for your friends and family, but also for the families of these indigenous people.

To know more about their products, you may reach out to them at the Ati Village Livelihood Center in Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay via +62 36 2882623.

4. Cebu’s hand-made guitars.

Photo courtesy of Tim Mossholder via Pexels

Price: PhP2,500

Missing the laid-back afternoons on the beach while singing along with your friends?

Cebu is believed to have first manufactured guitars in the country during the Spanish occupation. During that time, friars commissioned the townspeople in Mactan to repair their broken guitars instead of sending them back to Mexico. Thus, the guitar production industry in Cebu started.

The province’s guitars and ukuleles are one of a kind. They come in colorful varieties – a trademark of these instruments – and are sometimes embellished with shells. For the musically-inclined, this would be a perfect gift that will help them explore their talents while supporting local businesses.

5. Barrel Man from Ifugao.

Price: PhP100-250

The Barrel Man is a classic and fun souvenir doll to give to your friends to make them laugh. This is also popular with foreign tourists who may be surprised the first time they encounter this gift and lift up the barrel. When the barrel is taken off, a phallic protrusion can be seen in the lower part of the male figure in the barrel.

Aside from its comedic nature, another good thing about this gift is that it can be found in a lot of shops because of its popularity. Online shopping websites, like Shopee and Lazada, offer the Barrel Man and can be delivered to your doorsteps in no time.

6. Shell crafts from Capiz.

Photo courtesy of Brett Sayles via Pexels

Price: PhP1,000-5,000

The Philippines is rich in marine resources and there is no doubt that we make one of the best handicrafts using these. Capiz’ seashells are more than just a souvenir. It’s widely used for home decor and designs that give homes a rich cultural vibe. These shells are also used in jewelry-making and fashion; give them as a necklace to mom as a glamorous Christmas gift.

The best gift we can receive this Christmas is the gift of family and friends. Let them know you appreciate them by remembering them this holiday season. Gifts do not need to be expensive, it should come from the heart. Give this gift to your loved ones while supporting local businesses; so they can also give back to their families.