These past few days must have been really stressful. With all the workload in your hands, plus the terrible traffic in the Metro, you would do anything at this point just to take a break from all this chaos.

You have probably found yourself spacing out in the office more than usual - it’s probably time to file for a vacation leave and give yourself a much-needed break from reality. A vacation isn’t just an escape from reality. In fact, there are many benefits a person can get when going on a trip. Yes, going to your favorite beach has its benefits. 

Many studies across the world have supported the idea of vacations being beneficial to a person’s well-being. Here are some of the great benefits of traveling.

1. The Great De-Stressor

It’s actually common knowledge that taking a vacation helps relieve a person’s stress.  According to a study, a person becomes well-rested, less anxious, and is in a better mood three days after a vacation. These effects tend to stay in a person’s body in the long term. 

“The stress of work and daily demands can distract us from what we find to be actually meaningful and interesting,” Dr. Tamara Greenberg said in a Forbes mental health article, adding that taking a break from the usual routine will help a person’s mind relax and recharge. This is why many opt to quickly escape their current realities with a quick trip to the beach or their favorite city or country.

2. An Immune System Booster

Photo by martythelewis of Pixabay

Apparently, traveling can help your body’s immune system improve. Of course, this includes physical activities, like swimming, hiking, and running, help strengthen your body. But it’s more than that. 

Going on a vacation means you’re basically exposed to a series of antibodies that your body isn’t familiar with. A study has shown that being exposed to a few dirt and minor illnesses keep the body stronger. Going on a tour gives the physical body the opportunity to adapt to new bacteria, thus, making it stronger.  

3. Traveling Improves Mental Health

Our mental health is the first victim of stress when not taken care of - which is why taking a break every now and then is necessary for your well-being. Traveling has become a great shield from depression. According to a study from Marshfield Clinic says that women who go on vacation twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression.

Traveling also makes people generally happier. “Even the act of planning a trip gives me something to look forward to and brings me happiness,” travel expert Valerie Wilson told Forbes. A Cornell University study supported this claim with their study stating that the anticipation brought upon an upcoming trip can increase a person’s happiness. 

4. Traveling Helps You Learn More

Photo by Maria Sias of Pixabay

When traveling, you don’t just get to escape reality, but you get to experience the reality of others. Going on a vacation in another city or country exposes you to their culture. It allows you to learn about their daily lives and gives you a better understanding of the world. 

Your awareness, therefore, is strengthened during your vacation. Traveling lets you meet new people and adapt to various instances you have never experienced before. It keeps your mind sharp as you get to learn new things every time you travel. 

5. Traveling Helps Improve Creativity

Ever got that sudden hit of inspiration while watching the sunrise on your favorite beach? That's your creative box thanking you for going on a vacation and letting it generate more juice. Scientists have said that traveling helps improve a person’s creativity. 

Traveling abroad, according to Columbia Business School Professor Adam Galinsky can help improve the brain’s cognitive flexibility - or the mind’s ability to jump between different ideas. This means that new experiences trigger the brain, and the possibility to revitalize increases.

6. Traveling Is a Self-Improvement Program

Photo by Spencer Selover of Pexels

There’s no perfect vacation and troubles will come along the way no matter how much you avoid it. Going to a place you’re unfamiliar with will help strengthen your mental and emotional stability. Basically, going on an excursion brings you out of your comfort zone, makes you decide on things you’ve never done before, and improves your patience. 

Observe yourself after traveling alone to a different country. Prior to your vacation, you feel very anxious and scared of what’s about to unfold. But afterward, you feel some sort of self-achievement, and your confidence has improved a lot. 

7. Traveling Exposes Your Tastebuds to Different Food

Photo by Design n Print of Pixabay

When a Filipino travels, they would always eat the ‘best-seller’ in the area. Sure, food made from home is great. But being able to eat authentic food in a country or city gives a whole new experience. As they say, you haven’t tasted real ramen if you haven’t been to Japan. 

Traveling exposes you to different food items across the globe. You’ll come to realize the difference of your country among others when it comes to eating fried chicken. Basically, it’s about understanding their culture, too. Who knows, you may just find a new favorite food on your next vacation. 

8. Faith in Humanity Still Exists 

Some people might think that humans are no longer human today. But that perspective will change when you travel. You’ll realize that many people still lend a helping hand and are very genuine and friendly. 

When a tourist is lost and is seeking help from locals, you’ll notice how some of them willingly helped the person (and made friends with them, too!). Going on vacation will help you realize that the world is still a good place, and there are still angels disguised as humans. 

Overall, traveling helps us become a better person physically, emotionally, and mentally. You’ll realize that heading for a vacation today isn’t just about escaping reality, but also going on an adventure that improves your state of mind and helps you learn many things about this world. 

These are just some of the benefits of traveling. Going on a vacation does help you a lot. So the next time someone suggests that vacations are a waste of time, show them this article to prove them wrong.