Here’s a Boracay cleanup update that will surely make your day: after six long months of waiting, the ever popular tourist spot will finally be reopened this October — this according to Interior Undersecretary Epimaco Densing III in a radio interview. Set to be reopened on October 26, the island is nearly back in its former glory, thanks to the initiative of the national government to do a major overhaul of the entire island.

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Like everyone else, including us here at Alta Vista de Boracay, we’re pretty sure you’re also excited about this latest development. Who wouldn’t be? What with the island’s world-renowned powdery white sands, its pristine blue waters, not to mention the fun activities and, of course, its friendly locals.

If you’re planning a Boracay getaway when it reopens this year, here are some fun Boracay activities you might want to check out,

Island/Beach Hopping

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Aside from the main beaches (White Beach, which is four kilometers long, and Bulabog Beach, which is about two and a half kilometers and the main water sports spot in the island), Boracay actually has more to offer. Puka Beach, for instance, is a popular beach-hopping destination. Located at the northernmost part of the island, it is named after the Puka shells (used by locals to make necklaces, anklets, and bracelets) littered on its 1,300-meter long beach. If you want to go further, you can always visit the neighboring islands around Boracay: Crystal Cove and Crocodile Island being two of the most popular. With all these Boracay beaches and islands to visit, we highly recommend hiring a boat and go on a half-day tour, which, might we add, usually comes with lunch!


The closest you can get to flying a-la Superman over the waters of Boracay, Parasailing is definitely a must for thrill seekers. If you’re not the daredevil type, you would still love parasailing as you’d get to experience the best view in the island—hundreds of feet up in the air!

Food Tripping

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Nowadays, everybody’s a foodie, so I’m sure no one’s surprised that this would get in the list. Some of the most popular food in Boracay include Chorizo Burger (or what the locals call “Churi” Burger), Calamansi Muffins, and, of course, fresh seafoods!

Scuba Diving

Boracay is actually home to some of the best diving spots in the country and, yes, even the world. Said to have one of the warmest, calmest, and most visible dive sites, Boracay is rich in coral reefs full of colorful fishes, rays, tunas, and sharks. Check out the plethora of dive shops that offer rentals and lessons scattered all over White Beach and get the best deals.


Take diving a notch higher and you’d get freediving. For those who haven’t heard of this watersport, it’s basically the same as scuba diving — only this time, without the scuba gear. Yup, it’s diving underwater while holding your breath. Just imagine, you’d get to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without the restrictions of a breathing apparatus. Relaxing, right?

Cliff Diving

Conquer your fear of heights by jumping off a cliff! Sounds dangerous? Nope, not really. There’s this cliff diving spot near Boracay called Ariel’s Point and they offer five diving levels from as low as three meters to as high as fifteen meters. Located in the main island of Panay, you can get to the spot with just a 35-minute boat ride from Boracay.

ATV Riding

Feel the adrenaline rush of going off-road on an ATV. Drive to Mt. Luho, the highest peak on the island, and enjoy the exhilarating view.


Need to buy a new shirt, a bikini, flip flops, souvenirs, and pasalubongs? Head on to D’Mall located in Station 2. Actually, you can’t miss it as you’d probably pass it going to and from your hotel as it’s pretty much at the very center of the main beach. Aside from souvenir shops, you’d also get to buy most of the things you need here — from snacks to an extra bottle of sunblock — as it is literally littered with stores and restaurants.

Beach Bumming

beach bumming

Of course, one of the things you certainly have to do when you go to Boracay is to enjoy feeling its powdery white sands between your toes while appreciating the beautiful view around you. And what better way to do that than to just bum around.

With the news of the island’s successful cleanup, beach bumming will surely be good for your tired body and soul. Aside from enjoying nature in its pristine glory, you get to people-watch or maybe spot a celebrity at the same time — you never know!


Last but definitely not least, Boracay’s nightlife is arguably more vibrant than what we have here in Manila. With hundreds of bars, clubs, and events happening along the White Beach and with a wide array of themes, moods, and music to choose from, you get to pick the place you’d want to have your nightcap.

So with Boracay reopening this October, are you all set to experience or re-experience these fun activities? Definitely something to look forward to, especially when it’s already been six months since people last enjoyed Boracay’s charm.

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