A pre-Boracay planning could help sort things out for you. One of the benefits of vacation planning you can gain is a reduced cost due to having ample time to canvass for the best vacation deals.

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It Pays To Do Really Good Research

Although vacations are set to drive our minds to rest, it is still a crucial move to plan that awesome vacation ahead of time. showed a great example of the advantage of a pre-organized travel around the world. Such examples could be a lot helpful even on a short-term vacation in Boracay. A little tap on your tablets or smartphones for research won't hurt for the time you can save on planning for your vacation. Simply remember that on every vacation, time is always essential.


boracay planning accommodation research

Nothing beats early planning and budgeting for an optimal vacation.  

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With the string of hotels that have sprung up in the place, perhaps the real challenge to any traveller is finding the best affordable accommodation in Boracay.  This could be one that combines affordability and relaxation with the end goal of getting value for your money after spending that much awaited vacation with your love ones. So read on to find out what could make a best affordable accommodation in Boracay.

Oneness With Nature

After some period of long, hard work, you want a quiet escape from the busy city by searching for that private island getaway. This is why Boracay is special and considerable place for making unforgettable moments for worthy personal vacation, or a romantic escape with your loved ones.

Other than the price, you should see the perks of the place you are going to stay.  It is a plus if your hotel promises an access to nature with their world-class amenities like a 360-degrees viewing area located at Boracay's highest peak, hillside location. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to miss opportunities to bask with nature’s gifts for free.



Get a catch of beautiful Boracay sunset and landscapes at Dinara View Deck.

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Private Beach Time

When you go to Boracay, you simply couldn’t get enough of its world famous pristine clear waters and white sandy beaches. Beach bumming alone presents unwinding events. You can spend time sunbathing, watching people pass by, strolling the shore, building sandcastles or plain chatting with friends while munching on some snacks and refreshments. If you’re the type who really love the waters and yearn to have a full load sampling of it, you can also opt for various fun and daring water activities.

Imagine if you could do all these in Boracay’s other unexplored and less dense areas, wouldn’t you have the beach all to yourself, or perhaps, with just a few others?  This could be possible when you have exclusive access to the unspoiled Puka Beach, which guarantees some piece of quiet that is absent from White Beach’s long, open stretch.

Family Fun and Adventure

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Be up for some great adventure with the family.

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Though Boracay is also known for its dazzling nightlife popular to singles and party-goers, there are still lots of fun activities everyone in the whole family can enjoy. You and your family could really be up for some great adventure, especially when your hotel offers  island concierge services for access to various water and land sports. These can be  island-hopping, para-sailing, reef walking, horseback riding, golf and zip line. When travelling with children, check out what your hotel have for kid-friendly fun activities, such as relaxing in a playroom.

No-Frills Online Booking

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Get the most benefits from your hotel’s direct, online booking site.

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It’s very appreciable when your choice hotel allows online booking directly at their website.  Laudable not only for the convenience, discounts and promo packages you could take advantage of, but an online booking actually allows you to know and discern more the hotel of your inkling.  Surfing through their online booking page accords you a gauge and feel on their transparency meter for computation procedures and policies such as on cancellation and booking modification. Actual going-through with the computation at the online booking page such as that of Altavista De Boracay also gives you a window on other possible perks such as easy payment scheme with minimal reservation, balance upon check-in arrangement; something which you may not uncover when just reading through their website.

Mobility To The Max

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Inquire about  free shuttle services to ‘D Mall or White Beach.  

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It’s a bonus if your hotel offers utmost mobility to some places within Boracay.  Some hotels have lodging accommodations with regular schedule of shuttle services to Boracay's frequently visited spots such as 'D Mall for your shopping needs and White Beach for your party needs.  Round-trip airport transfer services with minimal fee is also available by request making your travel in Boracay hassle-free.

The choice for the best affordable accommodation in Boracay will absolutely vary among vacationers. This will depend on one’s preference for location, definition of fun and vacation, and of course, budget considerations. One thing definitely stays after doing your vacation planning - you should decide on one which promises the most value for your money. Simply put, your hotel choice shouldn’t just be one that you could afford, but it must also provide you roof for getting the best out of your dream Boracay vacation.