Going to Boracay by air travel can be expensive, especially if you can’t catch any “piso fare” promos. If you really want to go to the beautiful island but budget is a problem, you might want to learn how to board a ferry. Here are the cool perks that you can get if you start checking the list of ferries in the Philippines now and book your ride.

It’s more affordable than flying on an airplane

Ferry is more affodable than airplane

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Philippine ferry tickets are a lot cheaper than flying on an airplane. By how much you ask? Well, buying an economy class ferry ticket from Batangas to Caticlan Jetty Port will only cost you Php1,041.99, taxes and other fees included. Add in your food and drinks for more or less an 8-

hour travel time and you’ll probably end up adding around Php1,000.

Meanwhile, taking a flight aboard an airplane to Caticlan will leave a hefty dent in your budget as it costs Php5,545.76. That doesn’t include your luggage, taxes, and other fees. Plus, you have to deal with delayed or canceled flights, taxis that ask for huge tips or sky-high parking fees at the airport if you have a car.

Sure, traveling via ferry to Caticlan will be significantly longer compared to flying, but that’s Php4,000 you can use on water sports, your accommodation, food, partying, and more.

You can bring your car with you

You can bring car in Ferry

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Isn’t it awesome if you can travel to Boracay in the safety and comfort of your own car? Wait, you can! If you’re taking a ferry, there are certain ships like the RoRo that can carry your cars all the way to Caticlan and to Boracay. In case you’re traveling with your family or friends, you can all split the fuel, toll, and ferry expenses to save on cash.

This way, you don’t have to worry about snatchers, losing your luggage, or bothering other passengers every time you need to go to the restroom. Plus, you can carry more luggage in your car without hurting your back. In addition, you can travel around Boracay and explore the island at your own pace.

Before you book that ticket though, it would be best to inquire first on how to drive onto a ferry and double check your vehicle’s insurance policy.

The food is better

The Food is better in Ferry

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In an airplane, meals for short trips going to Boracay are, more often than not, simply a pack of biscuits and a cup of coffee or water. Not much of a fulfilling snack if you ask us.

Ferry travel means better food compared to airplanes. Most ferries have their own cafeteria, which serve a wide array of food and drinks for you to choose from. It can be anything from snacks, candies, coffee, juice, water, and even full meals. Albeit, you’ll have to pay for it at a slightly higher price, but it definitely beats the biscuit or chocolate bar you get from flights, right?

If you’re bringing your own car, you can load up on some of your favorite snacks and sneak it in to save on some cash. Think of it as one of the many ferry travel tips you’ll learn along the way. Just check the guidelines of your selected shipping liner before doing so.

You can move around the ship

You can move around the ship

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Unlike airplanes, ships have plenty of room for you to move about aside from your own personal space. You can go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the spectacular view (weather permitting) or walk around inside and explore the ship. The best thing about riding a ferry is that you don’t have to bother other passengers every time you wish to visit the restroom.

Meanwhile, the best ferries in the Philippines have more expensive tickets that can get you your own room for more privacy, security, and comfort compared to the economy class. Now, you and your barkada can make all the ruckus you want without annoying other passengers or sleep without fear of losing your belongings.

Take the scenic route

Ship take the scenic route

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Nothing beats taking the relaxing way to Boracay and enjoying the scenic route. It makes you appreciate nature as it is. You can even make several stops on the way to your destination like taking the Boracay to Iloilo ferry to maximize your vacation, immerse yourself in each destination, and experience what it is to be a true traveler.

Remember that money you saved from your flight? You can use that money to buy a lot of local products on your way to Boracay and back home. Imagine all the pictures and stories you can tell on your blog, your friends, or family.

So how do you get to Boracay traveling on a ferry?

First, you’ll have to check the Caticlan Jetty port schedule this 2018 online. Compare the prices and package from each liner to see which is the most affordable and value-packed ticket you can get then buy it. Double check your ticket if it’s correct because there are a lot of ferry routes in the Philippines.

Then, you’ll have to book another ferry or boat ride from Caticlan Jetty port heading to Boracay. Do check the Caticlan to Boracay ferry schedule 2018 and book ahead of your departure to make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

Print your tickets and bring a valid ID. These will be presented at the port. Now that you have your tickets ready, it’s time to ride a bus from Cubao heading to Batangas Port. This will cost you Php175. Once you’re at the port, ask for assistance to get to your ferry and prepare cash for terminal and environmental fees if necessary. With your preparation, it should be smooth sailing from then on.

After a long trip, it would be nice to be able to rest in a nice place like Alta Vista de Boracay. It offers spacious rooms, comfy beds, and plenty posh amenities for you to experience before ticking off the things to do on your ultimate Boracay guide.