Summer is upon us again, Boracay backpackers! Are you ready to hit the road for another epic trip? This year, why not do something differently? If you’re used to traveling with companions, it’s time to try backpacking alone. There’s a lot of benefits in going solo. There’s the liberty of doing things your way. You can stop in as many places as you want. Moreover, you’ll be the master of your time. No need to worry about inconveniencing others. You can enjoy much-needed solitude, a truly effective way of recharging your energy.

Boracay backpackers, whether traveling alone or in groups, are offered a wide range of accommodations. There are hotels, travelers’ inns, bed-and-breakfast, and even camping sites. Boracay has got you covered!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight today. Here are 10 reasons to travel alone for this year’s Boracay adventure.

Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to meditate

Backpacking On Your Own Meditate

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Do you know that spending time alone is good for your well-being? Since time immemorial, meditation is used as therapy for the mind and body. Stanford University’s Dr. Emma Seppälä says that meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety by improving one’s ability to permanently regulate emotions in the brain. Meditation is essentially clearing the brain of constant mental clutter. Traveling in solitude allows time to quiet down.

Traveling alone is an antidepressant

Backpacking On Your Own Antidepressant

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Why is solo backpacking good for you? Studies show that being in solitude helps people suffering from depression. A particular research on adolescents suggests that solitude has “a more constructive role in daily life as a strategic retreat that complements social experience.” The impact of traveling solo on adults is no different. Visiting new places, being closer to nature, and taking the opportunity to clear your mind of worries are better than any session with a shrink.

Backpacking on your own boosts your self-confidence

Backpacking On Your Own Boost Self-confidence

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Solo backpacking teaches you to be independent. You rely on nobody but yourself (and Google Maps). You also get the chance to improvise and use your people skills. You can hone your communication skills, even during small talks. These will boost your self-confidence.

Better money management for solo spender

Backpacking On Your Own Solo Spender

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In every group, there’s always someone who’d try to outsmart his/her way to a free meal or free fare. These freeloaders can be a pain for backpackers who want to keep things in order, including the group’s budgeting. You can skip the headache of dealing with these people by traveling solo. You’ll have more flexibility in shifting expenses, such as indulging in a lunch buffet and eating light in the evening.

Your itinerary, your rules

Backpacking On Your Own Your Rules

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What to do in Boracay? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about exploring a secluded island or trying a native delicacy you saw on TV. If you’re traveling with a companion, you’re obliged to consult others about the items in your Boracay itinerary. If you don’t get enough votes for an island hopping escapade, you’d need to postpone your plans.  Travel alone and you won’t need to use your lobbying skills. Go wherever your time and money allows you.

Relaxation without inconveniences

Backpacking On Your Own Without Inconvenience

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Some of us take time to get things done, including taking a shower, drinking morning coffee, and deciding where to have lunch. Traveling in a group with mixed perceptions about time and priorities can be a pain. Hassles defeat the purpose of a vacation regardless of whether you’re the cause of the inconvenience or the person at the receiving end. Travel on your own and move at your own pace. Take time in the bathroom, shop for hours, and enjoy your “me” time.

Improvising is much easier when you’re alone

Backpacking On Your Own Improvising

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The plan-as-you-go mantra doesn’t always fit travels with companions. The other person may frown upon your suggestion of sleeping on a couch. Improvising is less of a challenge when you don’t have to mind anybody’s views on a matter. Choosing where to sleep or what to eat becomes a simpler task.

Traveling on your own creates new connections

Backpacking On Your Own New Connections

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One of the most compelling reasons to go backpacking alone is to create new social connections. “Although it can be often more enjoyable to make memories with friends and family, taking off alone is a great way to foster new connections with people you otherwise may not have met,” according to an article in Huffington Post. You may have heard of real stories about backpackers who found their future partners on the road. If you think about it, it’s easier to get to know an acquaintance without your nosy friends tagging along.

A time to take off the mask

Backpacking On Your Own Off The Mask

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You want to sleep in a onesie or watch the sunset and cry for no reason at all. Nobody knows these but you. While we’re our true self with family and close friends, there’s always a part of us that stays private. People around us expect us to live up to our role as a parent, child, sibling or friend. Traveling alone allows us to shed these roles and just be ourselves without fear of judgment. Doing the moonwalk while partying in Boracay is not exactly something your kids would love to see.

Spend time alone, know yourself more

Backpacking On Your Own Know Yourself

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Being with people most of your waking hours can be harmful to your mental health. The roles that we have to play at home, in the office and within our social circle can blur our sense of identity. Going on a solo backpacking adventure will let you explore yourself as you discover new places. Without our nametags, we’re able to see ourselves as who we truly are. As Lao Tzu once said, “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”

You haven’t tried traveling alone? Well, there’s a first time for everything. It’s better to try solo backpacking sooner than later.