Everyone is entering 2019 with a fresh set of goals, expectations, and resolutions. For most people, that includes traveling more and going on adventures. Sure traveling has its costs but there is a secret to being able to travel more: travel blogging.

Now there may be a lot of questions going on in your head such as what to prepare in travel blogging or how to start travel blogging. Don’t worry, travel blogging is actually pretty easy. In fact, the moment that you wanted to start your own travel blog is already a step in the right direction.

To help you understand the travel blogging basics, read the 10 tips you should take to heart in this complete travel blogging guide.

1: Be determined to travel

Set-up Travel Blog Determined to Travel

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The essential part of travel blogging basics is the traveling. What adventures will you be writing about if you haven’t even taken a step outside, right?

If you have been traveling for quite some time now, then go ahead to tip number 2. But if you haven’t and are scared to book that first adventure, there are a lot of guides about how you can start traveling that are available online. Any reading material about how to start travel blogging will always tell you to keep an adventurous spirit so start getting out there more.

Of course, being determined to travel still means going to a place that will allow you to take a breather and work on your blog. Plan your trip to the pristine beaches of Boracay and head on down to the travel blogger-friendly Alta Vista De Boracay. You can even look at their blog to get some inspiration!  

2: Think about your blog’s personality and blog name

Start-up Travel Blog with Name and Personality

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There are already a lot of travel blogs out there. For you to be able to stand out, the challenge is to create a travel blog that has its own distinct feel and identity.

Brainstorming your travel blog’s name and personality may look easy, but it’s actually one of the hardest steps in travel blogging. The trick? Think about what you are most comfortable writing about and stick to it. Are you the type who craves adrenaline or likes glamorous adventures? Your blog should be a reflection of your identity.

You may not be the only travel blogger out there but if you stick true to who you are, it is easier for you and your blog to stand out.

#3: Set up your blog’s hosting

Start-up Travel Blog Hosting

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After you have decided on your blog’s personality and name, you would need to register your blog’s name and get a publishing service.

A huge part of what to prepare in travel blogging goes into setting up your actual blog which is why making sure that getting your blog name registered and hosted properly is crucial.

To set up your travel blog smoothly, read up on guides about hosting since it can be complicated for some people.

4: Install Wordpress

Start-up Travel Blog Install Wordpress

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After hosting you will need to download WordPress, the world’s largest and most popular online publishing platform. WordPress will run your website and all its contents.

WordPress is not just a staple in any travel blogging basics guide, it is a staple in any blogging article. If you are new to WordPress, read this guide on how to install WordPress properly.

#5: Familiarize yourself with your blog

Start-up Travel Blog Familiarize Yourself

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Once you have gotten hosting down and had WordPress installed, the next step in this travel blogging guide is familiarizing yourself with the blog you have just set up.  

There are a lot of references available online that discuss the specifics of the WordPress dashboard. If you get intimidated with the sudden surge of different terms, take it slow and familiarize yourself with the features you would use the most such as the Posts section, Pages section, and the Appearance section. All of these are easily found at the left-hand side of your dashboard.

#6: Choose a theme

Start-up Travel Blog Choose a Theme

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Good writing should be accompanied by good design and it is this combination that most successful travel bloggers swear by.

Theme selection is a travel blogging basic that you will find fun because it is just like dressing up your own website. Do you want to go for an elegant look? How about a rustic feel? You also have the option to choose between free themes or paying for them. For free themes, you can check out different options here.

#7: Installing your plugins

Start-up Travel Blog Installing Plugins

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Staying consistent with the idea of investing in your blog’s design, installing plugins are another way for you to step up your travel blogging game.

Plugins give life to your website since they act like mini applications that provide additional functionalities. Some plugins that are used by most bloggers are Askimet which filters spam, and Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsight which allows you to track your website’s numbers.  

#8: Start writing about your adventures

Start-up Travel Blog Start Writing Your Adventures

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After all the technical stuff to set up your travel blog, you finally get to write!

Almost all travel blogging basics will include the tip of constantly writing. This is a good thing especially for those who are just starting out with their travel blog because you increase your website’s content and hopefully its traffic.

But this is not to say that you should write about everything every day. If you feel like what you are writing is off-brand or is a potentially bad entry, then don’t write. The key to travel blogging is in the wisdom to know what adventures to share and what not to share.                                       

#9: Grow your network

Start-up Travel Blog Grow Your Network

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Okay. Your website is up and running and has published several entries. What do you do next? Most step by step guides on travel blogging will say: expand your network.

It might be heartwarming to know that your friends and family are avid fans of your travel blog but if you are looking to gain a bigger following, then your travel blog should start reaching out to more people.

Social media is a great way to build your travel blog’s audience and there are many references that will help you understand how to embrace social media for your blog. Another great way is for you to start an email list.

Try and see which best fits you and your blog, and your blog will be growing in no time!

#10: Make money out of your entries

Start-up Travel Blog Make Money

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When your blog has a strong number of followers and visitors, making money out of your travel entries becomes so much easier.

You can start with the affiliate programs offered by Amazon and which will allow you to monetize clicks and purchases because of your blog’s recommendations. You can also turn your blog into an advertising space with the help of Google AdSense. With these in mind, you now know how to start a travel blog and make money.

Traveling in itself is already a life-changing experience. When you couple it with a healthy outlet for creativity and an avenue to generate some income, it becomes an income-generating creative endeavor. To kickstart your travel blogging, head on to Alta Vista De Boracay blog and check out how and what they write about.

Happy travel blogging!