8 Ideas for the Most Romantic Boracay Experience

19 July, 2017

Boracay is a romantic place perfect for those who are in love. Because of the island’s breathtaking beauty, couples from all over the world consider Boracay their dream destination. What better way to enjoy this lovers’ paradise than with a romantic Boracay date? Amp up the romance factor of your Boracay itinerary with these 8 date ideas.

1. Feel the love with stunning sunset views

Romantic Boracay Stunning Sunset Views

Photo courtesy of photo-graphe via Pixabay

Sunset viewing is one of the most amazing things to do in Boracay if you’re on a budget. Boracay is known for its awe-inspiring sunsets, and watching the sunset together can be an unforgettable experience. Note that the sun sets in Boracay at different times of the year. Do a quick Google search to know the best time for sunset viewing during your visit. While White Beach is a must-see tourist spot in Boracay, it can get really crowded during sunset. Places like Alta Vista de Boracay have access to quieter beaches ideal for a romantic sunset experience.

2. Discover Boracay’s many beaches

Romantic Boracay Discover Beaches

Photo courtesy of nutraveller via Pixabay

The number one Boracay tourist spot is the beach. Did you know that Boracay has around 17 beaches? Consider Puka Beach for a quieter beach destination. It’s only 20 minutes by tricycle from the commercial center. Puka Beach likely got its name from the soft and smooth puka shells on its shoreline. Couples staying in Alta Vista de Boracay can enjoy an exclusive access to this lush and serene beach. Another spot to explore is Ilig-Iligan Beach. Not many tourists know about this area, but it’s a perfect gateway to two secret beaches worth visiting.

 3. Plan a picnic date

Romantic Boracay Plan a Picnic Date

Photo courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr

Your Boracay itinerary and expenses can include a variety of satisfying and budget-friendly food selections, from fresh seafood to international cuisines. While dining at a beachfront restaurant is romantic, why not try a picnic date on the beach? Arranging a picnic date in Boracay is easier than you might think. Boracay has a number of wet markets and groceries. If you opt for wine, your hotel should be able to lend you glassware. A quiet location and panoramic view are essential for a romantic beach picnic. Yapak Beach, also known as Puka Beach, is a good location. The calming ambiance will help you reconnect with your partner.

 4. Hold hands as you stroll on the beach

Romantic Boracay Stroll on the Beach

Photo courtesy of sasint via Pixabay

Hold your partner’s hand as you stroll on Boracay’s world-famous white sand beaches. The powdery white sand and idyllic atmosphere abound in many tourist spots in Boracay. A pleasant walk on the beach with your partner lets you enjoy the simple joys of the island life. Daydream together and feel the romance as you enjoy the tropical vibe. The last thing you want, however, is getting sunburned after frolicking on the beach. While relishing each other’s company, it’s important to protect yourselves from the sun. Prevent skin and hair damage to fully enjoy your time together.

 5. Explore the island’s clear waters

Romantic Boracay Explore Clear Waters

Photo courtesy of GREGOR via Pixabay

 Boracay’s clear waters and diverse marine life are ideal for exciting water activities. Couples are in for a romantic treat, whether it’s swimming or helmet-diving. There are many diving and swimming spots around the island. Snorkeling is one of the most popular water activities the island offers. It’s also one of the easiest ways to explore under the sea with your partner. For unusual Boracay date ideas, try helmet-diving.  Guided by a dive master, helmet-diving in Boracay allows you to rendezvous underwater with colorful fishes and corals.

 6. Have a relaxing spa date on the beach

Romantic Boracay Relaxing Spa Date

Photo courtesy of heyerlein via Pixabay

 Highly recommended Boracay activities for two include a relaxing spa date. While there are many spas in Boracay, getting a massage on the beach can be a fun experience. There are massage stations on the beach while some local massage therapists will just approach you. You can also make arrangements with your hotel. The rate is usually between 300 and 400 pesos. Feel free to negotiate. The local therapists are generally skilled in different massage techniques. Try the traditional hilot to ease tired muscles, improve circulation, and revitalize the senses.

 7. Relive the thrill of falling in love with cliff diving

Romantic Boracay Love with Cliff Diving

Photo courtesy of Isabelle Bruce via Pexels

A romantic relationship involves many leaps of faith. Relive the thrill of falling in love by literally jumping with your partner into the pristine waters of Boracay. Cliff jumping is an exhilarating activity you should try. Ariel’s Point is the island’s famous spot with different jump off points ranging from 3 to 15 meters. The package can also include food and drinks. Other less known cliff jumping sites in Boracay are worth checking out. Head off to the end of Station 1 to enjoy cliff diving for free. A cliff diving spot in Magic Island allows you to do unlimited jumps for a minimal fee.

 8. Create relationship goals on the beach

Romantic Boracay Relationship Goals

Photo courtesy of Takmeomeo via Pixabay

Boracay provides an inspiring setting to dream and set goals as a couple. Relationship goals can cover various areas, such as finance, career, travel or even starting a family. When creating relationship goals, it’s important to rely on your own situation and dynamics as a couple. Avoid creating goals strictly on the basis of what you see on social media. Set new activities as a couple, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or exercise routine. Also, it’s important to support each other’s separate goals, whether it’s your partner’s career or creative interest.

With these 8 Boracay dating ideas, there should be no reason for your vacation to be anything less than romantic and fun. Many of these couple activities are budget-friendly, so enjoy without worrying. When planning your own Boracay date itinerary, bear in mind the importance of choosing the right accommodation to better appreciate the island’s serene beauty and avoid committing mistakes that may dampen your Boracay date.