There are places that we keep coming back to, and every time we do, it is like seeing it for the first time. Everything looks familiar but fresh. These are the places that make our souls calm, but at the same time feel alive.

Boracay, one of the world’s best islands, is one of these places. No matter how many times you’ve been to Boracay, the tropical paradise still manages to make you feel like everything’s new, and that is why Boracay is one of the best tourist spots in the world.

On April 26, 2018, the temporary total closure of Boracay began and will run for six months. The shutdown was the Philippine government’s way to revive and heal the island, and hopefully bring it back to its original state. Boracay draws millions of tourists every year, hitting a record 2.1 million arrivals in 2017, subjecting the island to degradation and a lot of environmental issues.

If the timelines are met, Boracay will re-open to the public on October 26, 2018. Judging by the photos that give a sneak peek of the ongoing rehabilitation, it looks like Boracay is off to another fresh, beautiful start. And here are the reasons why you are sure to come back:

Finest white sand

boracay clean white sand

The quality of the white sand of Boracay is unlike any other beach or island. It almost feels like you are walking on talcum powder. After the Boracay clean-up, and after the coasts are cleared, expect Boracay’s world-famous stretch of white sand to pleasure your senses even more.

Crystal clear waters

clear water boracay

The waters of Boracay are clear, and its marine life is even more impressive. Even when the influx of tourists kept the beach busy, and green algae starts turning up at the coast, tourists still marveled at how clear the water is.

Gorgeous sunsets

beautiful sunsets in boracay

Apart from the stretch of white sand, the gorgeous sunset is among the most photographed attractions in Boracay. The warm orange hue is not only breathtaking, but also comforting. It’s impossible to not stop for a while when the sun starts to go down.

Accommodations for every budget

alta vista de boraday room

Whether you are a backpacker or a luxurious traveler, there’s a perfect accommodation for you in Boracay. This would depend on your priorities when traveling, such as its proximity to the beach, hotel amenities, accessibility to restaurants, etc. If you are looking for world-class amenities, family-friendly rooms, and exclusivity, Alta Vista De Boracay is a great choice. Its exclusivity, and stunning views from atop the island’s highest peaks suggest luxury that won’t actually hurt your budget. It also has special access to Puka Beach, one of the most pristine beaches in Boracay apart from the famous White Beach.

Fresh island food

fresh seafood in boracay

Boracay is home to a very wide array of food options, and even people on a special diet will find something they really like. You can go continental, Italian, French, Persian, Mediterranean, Thai, Vietnamese, vegetarian, and anything it is you are in the mood for. There’s also fresh seafood available that you can ask restaurants to prepare. Local delicacies such as calamansi muffin and famous fruit juices and shakes are also worth a try, and the prices are very reasonable.

Vibrant nightlife

fire dance in boracay

Happy hour in Boracay typically starts at 5 PM, or some even 4 PM. The party goes on till the wee hours of the morning. The diversity of the Boracay crowd makes the party scene even more legendary, and bars more creative in their promos and gimmicks. But it is not all loud parties, there are also acoustic bands playing in some bars, and you can watch fire dancers too.

Beyond the White Beach

There’s more to Boracay than the world-famous White Beach. In an island hopping trip, ask your boatman to take you to islands that are less crowded and more serene but still promise to give you an adventure of a lifetime. Bulabog Beach is perfect for water and kite activities, Tambisaan Beach for snorkeling, and Puka Beach for swimming.

Epic adventures

guy jumping for diving

With so many water activities and adventures to choose from, it is impossible to try everything if you are just going there for the weekend. You can try kitesurfing, cliff diving, parasailing, freediving, reverse bungy, and a bunch of land-based activities. Don’t leave Boracay without doing something for the first time.

Relaxing by the beach

In Boracay, you can enjoy a one-hour full body massage for just Php300, and the best part is that you can have this by the beach. The local massage, hilot, will surely take your body pains away and soothe your sore muscles. Apart from this, locals also offer henna tattoo and hair braiding to complete the island life experience. And of course, nothing can beat a good book and a cold bottle of beer (or fresh juice) while lounging by the beach.

Feel the local love

Filipinos are some of the friendliest and warmest people on the planet. They smile and greet everyone. Tourists keep coming back because the people who prepare their meals, the boat man who takes them island hopping, the hotel staff that make them feel at home, and the kids who sell them souvenirs are all very friendly.

Now that the island is recovering, tourists can expect only a better Boracay really soon. The beauty and the vibe that set it apart will still be there, and it will make visitors keep coming back for more.