Boracay is a beloved travel haven for everyone, especially during the summer. Thousands of people visit the beautiful white beaches at this time of the year—from local visitors to international tourists. When you think about the best place to stay at in Boracay, you might automatically consider its main island, the White Beach. Did you know, though, that the less popular destinations of the region are just as good, if not better?

Photo courtesy of Laurentiu Morariu via Unsplash

The truth is that if you want to have a fun and relaxing Boracay escape, the best places to stay at in Boracay are the places less traveled. Below are 11 reasons why you should go off the beaten path for your ideal beach vacation:

1. It's relatively more affordable

There are many ways for you to save more in your Boracay trip. To find affordable places to stay at in Boracay, though, avoid the tourist-heavy areas of the island, and go for the less busy areas instead.

You get the same beautiful experience in a more intimate and worry-free setting. When you book a hotel in the less busy area of this destination, you can still visit the rest of the tourist spots there. You save money, and you get to enjoy the quiet of nature, too, when you book a room in the less saturated parts of this beach destination.

2. There are fewer people

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Hanging out in less visited areas means there’ll be fewer people to interrupt your vacation's fun time. Even if you’re an extrovert who wants to meet other tourists, too many people can still be a problem. For instance, you’ll have to wait in line for things and you won’t get to relax as much as you’d like to. The best area to stay at in Boracay is usually the least busy one. So why not visit the less busy areas of this vacation destination to make the most out of your trip?

One great place to check out is the Punta Bunga Beach. An exclusive beach, it’s accessible only through some private resorts, unless you call beforehand for a reservation. Try all the fun water sports without competing with other tourists. Enjoy the clean and fresh air without other people getting in the way.

If you’re staying at the Alta Vista de Boracay during your vacation, then you’re in luck. The hotel’s staff can bring you there for free, as long as you arrange for it ahead of time. Find time to check out the secret places of the island and avoid those huge crowds of people.

3. It's quieter and calmer

Even if you’re an adventure-seeking tourist, you’ll need some peace and quiet when looking for places to stay at in Boracay. As a visitor, you should go to the less busy areas of this destination so that you can find quiet and calm during your exciting vacation.

Why not check out the Diniwid Island? It’s like the quiet sister of the main island. It’s not the top-of-mind beach for most visitors, which is why it’s the best location to stay at in Boracay. It’s quieter and more intimate, with the same blue waters and white sands. Enjoy the quiet and calm of the Diniwid Island, whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or a wild adventure.

4. You get to live like a local

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This dream destination may seem like a party place for most; but in the less-visited parts of the region, locals go on with their everyday lives. These are some of the best areas to stay at in Boracay. So why not drop by these less visited areas and get a chance to live like a local?

One place you can check out is Tulubhan. It may not have much of a tourist appeal, at first, but it’s a great place to go for local fare. You can check out the local villages along the beach, the boats docked on the shore, and the local fishermen when they come in with their fresh catch. There are also a few places where you can hang out there, if you want to get away from the busy and crowded White Beach. Enjoy Boracay like a local, and hang out in less busy places like Tulubhan!

5. You can have more quality time with your loved ones

Photo courtesy of BARBARA RIBEIRO via Pexels

Having a stress-free vacation away from busier places means you get to enjoy more quality time with your loved ones. Whether you’re with your family or with your significant other, you know you’d want to enjoy your trip with them. Leave the large crowds behind and find private places to stay at in Boracay with the people you love.

Why not book exclusive hotels in this dream destination? Hotels such as the Alta Vista de Boracay have great amenities and exclusive access to private beaches and locations all over. Avoid the more crowded areas of the island, and make the most out of your dream vacation with the people you love.

6. You can find unique ways to pamper yourself

Photo courtesy of GaPeppy1 via Pexels

There’s more to your vacation than the main island. The region of Aklan itself is like a magical wonderland of breathtaking spots. Find the time to drop by Nabas Town. This quiet village is home to three cold springs that will offer you relief in the searing summer heat. The cold springs in Nabas Town are a great way to pamper yourself in a unique way, and it’s not in a place that tourists will often visit.

Start off your cold spring adventure at the Manyuko Cold Spring. After that, trek a little farther to the Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring. You can have a picnic there while you pamper yourself. Lastly, visit the Basang Cave for a quick dip in the cold water basin. The best place to stay in Boracay may just be the place you're not expecting, but that’s what you find when you go off the beaten path.

7. You can discover rare flora and fauna

Photo courtesy of mchimaya via Pixabay

There are tons of attractions beyond the sand and the sea in this vacation destination. Did you know that this region has some of the most unique flora and fauna in the country? You’ll only find these best areas to stay at in Boracay if you keep an open mind on less visited areas.

Take the time to visit the Dead Forest. Also known as the “Sunken Forest,” this strange attraction stands out against the colorful character of the island. This grove used to be a healthy patch of lovely mangrove trees, but when the ecosystem changed because of a nearby dam break, the mangrove trees all died. They’re commemorated by a collection of eerie stumps sticking out of the still waters. This eerie place isn’t meant to be exuberant or luxurious; but it’s rare, creepy, and fascinating to check out.

You should also check out the infamous bat caves. Filled to the brim with unique fauna, you can visit this tourist spot via boat. The boat will bring you across the water that traverses the caves of the region’s fruit bats, with wingspans longer than most human arms! Some of the most interesting places to stay at in Boracay are the ones that aren’t visited by hordes of tourists.

8. You can take more Insta-worthy photos

Photo courtesy of Ramon Kagie via Unsplash

One of the important reasons why you should go to the less busy places to stay in Boracay is because you can take much nicer photos in places with fewer people. Don’t underestimate the beauty of a good photo, especially in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

You won’t be competing with crowds of people for the perfect swimsuit photo. You can make time for the sunset, and take all the pictures you want without the distraction of other tourists. Go to the less visited areas of the region, take more Insta-worthy photos, and make more beautiful memories, too.

9. You can attend unique festivals

Photo courtesy of Hani_Han via Pixabay

When you check out the less congested but best areas to stay at in Boracay, you get the chance to attend festivals with fewer people. Go to Ibajay, also known as the “Paradise in Seclusion”. This cultural hub of a town can be found a little bit before the island itself. It doesn’t have a beachfront area, but it hosts festivals and other parties like none you’ve seen before. 

Make the most out of your off-the-beaten-path trip by attending the Ati-Atihan Festival in Ibajay. Check out their selection of native crafts, bamboo, and pottery. Discover new things when you go to the less congested areas of this vacation destination.

10. You can go on a one-of-a-kind food trip

Photo courtesy of ASHISH SHARMA via Pexels

This vacation destination is a kingdom of different cuisines. Whether you want home-made Filipino food or authentic Italian pasta, this island has an endless selection for you. Make sure to check out the food stops in the less busy areas of the island for a one-of-a-kind food trip. 

For example, there's a small but delicious diner called Sea Green Cafe in Bulabog Beach, one of the less-visited places to stay in Boracay. Enjoy a yummy fusion of different cuisines in this quaint little restaurant. Always try to check out the food in less busy places on the island for your unique foodie experience.

11. You can drink champagne on the beach

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

You can’t drink on the beach—or can you? When you’re on the Diniwid Island, you can. One thing you can do on this quieter sister island is to drink champagne by the shore. Check out the Nami Restaurant, and go for a Php650.00 champagne brunch to cap off your day in a luxurious way. You won’t get to do this on the White Beach because of all the people, but you can definitely do it in the less busy location to stay at in Boracay.

Photo courtesy of Oleg Magni via Pexels

Boracay is one of the best islands in the world; and with more than a dozen beaches all over, people from everywhere flock to it every summer. This summertime, go for the less busy sides of this vacation destination for the best place to stay at in Boracay. Get the most out of the benefits of the beach, and have a stress-free vacation this April.

For a great vacation, book a hotel that's quiet and comfortable. Book at the Alta Vista de Boracay this April. Alta Vista has an ongoing summer promo you can take advantage of, to make the most out of your dream vacation. Check their website, and book a room today for the best 2020 summer vacation!