Sure you love the city for its conveniences and pulsating energy, but even the most city-loving peeps could use an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Take the time off from the congested city and head over to Boracay Island. With its blue waters, white sands, stunning sunsets, your Boracay vacation will feel like stepping right into postcard. Learn more about why Boracay is your perfect escape from the city!

Photo courtesy of Hani-Han via Pixabay

Breathtaking sunsets

For all its night lights and flair, the city has an odd way of appearing dull and dreary. This is especially true when you have had a taste of paradise made vibrant by colors only nature could afford — the blues of the waters, the whites of the sands, and the greens of the verdant islands. And there’s Boracay’s sunsets. Probably one of the most photographed ever, the especially beautiful colors of the island’s sunset is made even more iconic by the blue and white sails of the paraws set against the orange-pink sky. This sight effectively lures romantics at heart, and keeps jaded city dwellers coming back for more.

Convenience of a city on an island

While urban dwellers like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, completely letting go of its conveniences is a totally different matter. Fortunately, Boracay provides the best of island experience with the convenience of a city. You can still have your coffee at Starbucks and dine in a fancy restaurant. ATMs are also available just about everywhere, and credit cards are accepted. While some frown upon the island’s commercialization, others love getting the best of both worlds. Who would not want a hassle-free vacation after all?

Parties in full swing

City people who love to party will feel at home in Boracay. There are parties in full swing on the island almost every night, so much so that Boracay’s nightlife has become an attraction. You will find the party scene at its liveliest during peak season, particularly from March to June. Big brands and companies are known to throw concerts and parties during summer. These events are a great way to let loose and meet new people.

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A relaxing hotel stay

Now don’t get the wrong idea. Boracay is not all party and crowds. Whether you’d like a balance between the party scene and a quieter place or a tranquil escape altogether, you will find what you need in Boracay. Simply book a room at Alta Vista de Boracay, which is located in an area that is secluded enough to offer reprieve from the crowds, but close enough to key areas to afford convenience. Perched atop one of Boracay’s highest peaks, this hotel will renew your mind and spirit with its captivating views of lush green mountains, blue waters, and white sand beaches. You will be going back to the city a lot less jaded.

The weather is good all-year round

With a pleasant weather all year round, you can escape to Boracay anytime the city gets too stifling. This is also ideal for foreign travelers who are yearning for an escape from their seasonal chilly weather, or for those who would like to get enough sun for that perfect tan. Located in a tropical country, Boracay offers temperate, if not sunny weather, all year long, so you won’t have to go chasing the “best months” to visit the island. Although the nights can be a little colder from November to February, the sun is up and shining during the day. Off-peak seasons also offer the advantage of thinner crowds, which may just be your cup of tea.

Photo courtesy of SherreenLeesy via Pixabay

A great destination for food trips

While food is good in the city, or practically anywhere in the Philippines, there is simply no match for enjoying seafood right at the beachside. Enjoying fresh sea harvest while smelling the sea breeze is an experience all on its own. Plus it’s just great to go al fresco without the polluted air of the city. Make sure you match your feast with coconut water for a complete island experience. You should also try buying fresh seafoods in the wet market, or what locals call the talipapa, and have them prepared how you want them. The Boracay locals will be more than glad to make it an experience to remember for you.

Great value for your money

To afford a more frequent escape from the city, you would need an affordable getaway. This is just what you will get in Boracay. From food and souvenirs to accomodations, you will get great value for your money. This is, in fact, one of the reasons travelers cited when they named Boracay one of the world’s best, as reported by international magazine Travel + Leisure via its 2017 survey. Where else can you enjoy the luxuries of a fine hotel at only $50 a night? Do not forget to haggle when buying souvenirs and fresh catch!

There is much to explore

A huge island, Boracay has more to offer. Make sure you hop on a boat for an exciting island hopping adventure. Do not just go to Boracay for the famous White Beach. Explore nearby beaches which are just as gorgeous. Puka Beach, for one, is an emerging destination. The Crocodile Island and Diniwid Beach are also a must-experience. One day won’t be enough to explore Boracay!

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A great destination for adventure

You won’t run out of things to do in Boracay. It’s a great destination for adventure and water sports. It’s also a great place to tick off some items on your bucket list, as it offers opportunities to try an adventure for the first time. Do not miss out on parasailing or cliff diving at Ariel’s point. You should also try helmet diving and windsurfing.

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An idyllic spot for selfies

You will find many Instagram-worthy spots in Boracay. The island’s coastline and sunset are two of the world’s most photographed tourist posts. So be ready with your best poses and bright smiles, because you are in for a treat. You will soon find that what you’ve read in reviews are all true. What better way to boost your Instagram profile than with shots of some of the best sights in the world? You’ll soon become a traveler peg for your friends — #travelgoals. Your cityscapes and Starbucks shots will have to take a backseat.

Boracay is most definitely the ultimate getaway for those who would like to take a break from the city. It is as lively as it is tranquil, and provides opportunities to enjoy island life without robbing you of the conveniences you love having in the city. Take that much needed escape now!