Boracay is an island paradise. Let’s stop the debate right there. No “world’s best beaches” list can be complete without Boracay and its white, powdery sand and stunning sunset. It’s not all hype and fuss. After all, that’s not enough to lure travelers to keep coming back but the charm, the fun, and the romance certainly do.

Most travelers and tourists ask about the best time to visit Boracay. Expect slight changes in weather and the number of people depending on season but expect to fall in love just the same, over and over again. Setting foot in Boracay is like staring at a postcard --- it is just unbelievably majestic. It is true that it is not unspoiled and isolated but Boracay has a way to make you feel idyllic and calm. These are just a few of the myriad of reasons why you should see Boracay at least once in your life and if those are not enough to make you book that flight, then maybe these 11 other tourist-friendly reasons will.

Locals are super nice


Photo courtesy of David Lazar via Flickr

Filipinos are probably the warmest and nicest people you’ll ever meet. Nothing is more welcoming than a kind, sincere smile that locals so generously give. Traveler and blogger Sabrina Lovino who wrote about her visit to Boracay in 2012 only has praises for the island and its beautiful people who “turned out as faithful, kind, and caring friends.” She even wrote that most of her Facebook friends now are Filipinos.

And they speak English, too

Don’t be surprised if a local tries to sell you something in very good English. Foreign tourists will be glad to know that English is a medium of instruction in most schools nationwide, making it the second language for most Filipinos. When you visit the Philippines, there is absolutely no need to worry about ordering food in a restaurant or asking for directions. And because the Philippines is home to many foreigners, some can even speak Chinese and Korean.

Convenience of a city in an island…

city in na island

Photo from kitakitts via Flickr

Here’s a Boracay guide for first timers: yes, there are ATMs everywhere and credit cards are accepted. Talk about best of both worlds, Boracay gives you the island experience with the convenience of a city. You can dine in a fancy restaurant or have coffee at Starbucks. Some frown upon this commercialization but others surely welcome the convenience and the hassle-free vacation.

A luxurious hotel stay...


Whether you want a beachside hotel or a more private and exclusive one atop the high peaks, Boracay has it all for you. Getting a Boracay accommodation is as easy as booking a hotel in the city because most can be booked online. If you want the ultimate island getaway, a few things on your Boracay accommodation guide must include a view, airport and boat transfers, world-class amenities, exclusive tour packages, and of course a reliable wi-fi connection because part of the fun is sharing the experience in your social network.

And parties in full swing

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

Almost every night, there is a party going on in Boracay. The night life in the island has become an attraction and it is surely a great way to meet new friends. The party scene is in full blast during peak season in Boracay, usually between March to June. Big companies are known to throw parties and concerts during summer.

The weather is good all-year round


Photo courtesy of Maxim Melnikov via Flickr

Travelers who are used to chilly, cold weather will love the Boracay sun. Getting the perfect tan is easy. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, there is no such thing as “the best time to visit Boracay is only between these months” as would be the case in some beaches. Off-peak season in Boracay is as good as any season, only with a thinner crowd. The nights may be a little bit chiller from November to February but the sun is mighty throughout the day.

Hungry? The food is really good

Food is good anywhere in the Philippines. And just like anywhere in the world, the best way to blend with locals is by trying out their food. In Boracay, that’s a fairly easy, not to mention, mouth-watering task. You can buy fresh seafood in the talipapa or wet market and have it prepared in whichever way you like. Lechon or suckling pig is also a must-try. And for the refreshments, coconut water is sold everywhere. You want the best fruit shake in the island to beat the heat? Try Jonah’s fruit shake and it will certainly be a highlight of the trip.

Not to mention great value for money

Most people travel on a budget. And this is probably the best thing about Boracay --- from accommodation to food and souvenirs, you will find great value for your money. This is among the top reasons travelers named it the best island in 2012 in a survey by international magazine Travel + Leisure. Where else can you stay at a fine hotel at $50 a night? And when buying fresh catch or souvenirs, you can definitely haggle and locals are likely to give in.

Did we mention Boracay is huge?

You can’t probably explore it in one day. You see, Boracay is huge and it is a must to go on a boat ride for island-hopping. There are other beaches nearby and all are equally exquisite. For one, Puka beach is an emerging destination. Diniwid beach and the crocodile island are also worth exploring.

It’s also a perfect “selfie spot”

Every spot in Boracay is a good spot for taking “selfies.” Its coastline and the sunset are two of the most photographed tourist spots in the world and when you see them for yourself, you’ll understand why. What you have read in most reviews about the white, fine sand are all true. Ditch those flip flops because there is nothing like walking barefoot on the shores. And while beach sunsets are generally all charming, most describe staring at Boracay’s sunset with a tone of reverence. Seeing the sails of paraws slowly turning black against the orange sky is just breathtaking. Jump shot, anyone?

And a good place for adventure

You will never run out of things to do in Boracay. Boracay is the perfect place for water sports and adventure. Chances are you will probably get to try one adventure here for the first time in your life. Try cliff diving at Ariel’s point or parasailing when the sun is about to go down. You can also try windsurfing and helmet diving.

Everything you’ll ever look for in an ultimate island getaway is in Boracay. It is charming and majestic as much as it is fun and convenient. Book that flight now and have the time of your life.